• I dashed to the end of the ally only to be faced with a solid wall and a few rusty trash cans. Above me I made out the faint outline of a black fire escape. Quickly my hands rushed to the trash cans. Hands so unsteady the cans rattled forcing me to pause. No one was coming I stacked the cans and raced up the fire escape. Horrified at what the other end of the wall contained. Nothing, no floor, no other half of the building, no shops or people. It was pitch black. My heat raced to leave my chest.
    “I got to get out of here, the roof that’s it!” I ran up to the roof like a clumsy kangaroo my ribs would thank me later. I was so not looking forward to that. But it was time to think. I reached the roof looking out around the city scared and horrified me. Black has consumed everything. Everywhere I looked the city has vanished, the people and even the fire escape. The roof was floating in an eerie black space. I was alone. Suddenly there was a high pitched ringing. I clapped me hands over my ears, closed my eyes, and braced myself for my inevitable death. Red lights blinded and blasted me with a cool air.
    “So Rob how was the simulation?”
    “Who are you? How do you know me?”
    “Rob I’m your friend Cal don’t you remember this is your simulation test?”
    “I’m in no damn simulation. I’m dead I was engulfed in the black hole now tell me were I am.”