• on the floor was the most pathetic being,
    pathetic for the simply reasons of being.
    passerbyes are simply that, passers.
    on lookers, not bothering to help. with no intentions of being seen with her perhaps? no one really knows. all with their different reasons 'need to get home' or 'not my problem' they pass by. somehow the low depressed alone girl manages to get up
    on her feet, what the modivation is? do we know? passerbys become followers, curious for the change. as she walks to him. places a hand on each cheek and kisses his nose.
    she had been waiting on him her entire life. she messes with his ear, then his lips each movement gentle in its own way. the love in her eyes for him... its more obvious than anything in the world and the twinkle in his big brown eye. its only found when he looks at her
    she kisses his nose again and smiles, a smile you can only find from a girl looking into the eyes of her horse. a love that can never be broken or stepped on. a bond so strong that nothing but distance can hurt them. all she needed was him. he saved her. and he always will