• I never actually new this was going to happen. But, it did happen to all of us. You may wonder, what I'm talking about. Well, it's a complicated story, but I will do as good as I can to explain.

    To begin, I need to tell you my name. It's plain, simple. Jimmy. You won't need to know my last name. I'm pretty ashamed of it.
    Mom had this great idea. Me, Ryan and Chris where going to sleep in a tent in the woods for a weekend. She said it would get my mind of all this gaming and stuff. This was moms great idea for a perfect weekend. We had to ride our bikes a long way, walk for a hour and a half something and create a camp. You may wonder, why I would use my bicycle to get so far, and not using a car. Well, first of all, I'm 14. Even if we are just going for a small trip, mom wouldn't let me use the car. Dad would have let me, if he had been alive. He died from an accident at sea, he fell over the railways. That was three years ago. He was a nice person, he loved the sea and wanted me to join him for a trip when I was five. But, that's another story.
    I told Chris and Ryan about moms idea. By their facial expressions, it looked like they somewhat liked the idea. We planned the trip the entire day, and we met at my place later that day to discuss what we needed for our trip etc. We came up with a pretty long list. Everyone had to bring some stuff, at least what they thought they would need. I brought with me my knife, the only things I had from my father.