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    When I was a young boy, I was stuck in a world of darkness. I was constantly covered by a blanket of despair, consistently caught in a world of misery. Escaping was but a pitiful dream. No matter what I did, my actions were always concealed by the shade. Even the very words I spoke erupted in a billowing, murky puff of dark gray. It seemed as though I would never be released from this affliction. However, one day, I saw it. As I sat on the gravel pathways of the ground, I saw something. It seeped out from underneath a thorny rose bush. Originally, I thought it to be an illusion, a fabrication of reality, cooked up from too many years of obscure existence. Nonetheless, under further inspection, I found it to be true. I saw a beam of light. The radiant beam crept onto my shoulder and I felt a soft heat. It hugged me and I felt its adoration. No longer was I in darkness; the beam of light showed me the way out. I followed my new found friend far into the distance, until we reached a towering castle on the side of a hill. The hill was very old. I could feel, as we climbed the castle’s staircase, that it wasn’t going to remain stationary for much longer. Upon arriving at the top, the beam left me for a short time, entering rooms, appearing to be searching for its end. After much exploration, it stopped in front of a desolate bedroom door. There were no pictures on the door, no windows to view inside, and no knobs to open it. The only thing that I knew was that the light began in this room; I could tell because the beam’s tail hid on the other side. I reached my hand out to push the door ajar, but I stopped half-way through the motion. The door opened of its own accord and I viewed the most immaculate being I had ever seen in all of my years. That day, that very day, I grew from a young boy to something more, the reason being, the angel that stood in front of me. “What happened after the darkness,” you ask? After the darkness, I found my love, and I now call her Naomi. And we will be together as long as the light continues to shine.

    -That Guy