• Life in the dark may seem pointless, but it is worth a try .People don't understand what I am able to do to
    them.For example I can bend them to do my killing, my drug runs, and some other things.They bring me back
    the body or a living human so I drain them. If your not careful you'll see what I mean.
    So you want to know when I became this? Okay I'll tell you, if you tell anyone this story when I'm done you'll be
    next for dinner. It all started this night 500 years ago...


    "Lilly! Where are you? Said James, "I can't see a thing its to dark out here". I was following him
    around waiting for the right moment...
    James screamed when I jumped on his back. "HEHEHEHEHEHE, I got you" I said.
    "Yeah now get off!" James said grunt trying to dump me off. "You were scared!"
    "Was not." said James.
    "Okay you two stop or I'll come out and solve your problems with a stick." said Helena.
    Helena was my mother the perfect women with the perfect man. My father. His name is Matthew Higgins.
    He lead the slaves to freedom in Louisiana to New York and he also forged letters from there masters but half of them died in the long walk. Everyone but the kids under 8 years, they rode in the wagon. Since I was 11, I walked and help the slaves if they got a injure or need some water. The walk took two years and then we moved to the outside of town. Father made some friends that helped make our house.
    I met James in the school house and my mother was the new school teacher with Ms. Charles. James was the trouble maker of the town before we moved there. His mother and mine straightened out his act.
    It's been 5 years now since then.
    "Yes ma'am" we both said.
    "Tomorrow is my birthday," I said. "And isn't it yours, too?"
    "Right a-" James said before my mother interrupted him.
    "James! Time for you to go home" Said Helena. "May I walk James home mother? please?"
    She laughed and said "Of course but just hurry dear."
    "Lets go," said I. As we walked away he started saying what he was going to say.
    "Like I was going to say right after school tomorrow will you come to my home for two hours?"
    "Yes, but may I ask why?"
    "Its a surprise" said James.
    Ten minutes later
    "Well this is my stop. Thanks for walking with me."
    "Yeah bye." Then James kissed me on the cheek and went inside. Three minutes later
    I saw James older brothers walking very fast toward the house and me. When they past me one grabbed me
    and throw me over his shoulder and started running for the house.
    I yelled "put me down!" and the other one and as they both ran slapped me in the face and said "keep quite"
    when we got to the house James sister opened the door and they slowed down a little. Once we were inside he
    dropped me. James came flying down the stairs yelling "What are you people doing? I said tomorrow".
    "James? What going on" I said as my heart pounded so hard it felt like it was going to fly out of my chest .
    "I'm sorry about all this" said James walking over to me, "I didn't want it to happen like this".
    As I sat there on the floor Mr. Littlefield and Mrs. Littlefield came out of the kitchen and they both looked worried.
    "What are you kids doing? Get her up now!" said Mrs Littlefield. Mr. Littlefield walked over to me and lead me to the couch. "What the hell is going on?" I demanded.
    James walked over and sat next to and put his arm around me "We are vampires, and I wanted to share all this with you tomorrow, but my brothers wanted to do it tonight." The shock of all this shot through me right then
    "And your parents and sister?". 'We wanted to wait till tomorrow to tell you dear" said Mrs. Littlefield. " Is this what you truly want?" I asked with no fear, "There are two reasons I wanted to do this one is that: I have loved you for five years now, and I can't stay away from you any longer and second: I can't tell what this would mean to me, what are you thing right now?" James said. "I'm thinking I'll do this for you because I love you too and can we do this now?" I said to them all.
    They all agreed and so I laid down on they floor and James kissed me one more time in my human form.
    Mrs Littlefield gave me a shot that knocked me out, and as I was going out, I felt the pain of James teeth on my wrist.
    When I awoke I found myself to be home in my night clothes. It all seemed like a dream, so I cheeked my wrist to my amazement I found nothing there! When I went down stairs and I smelt a strange and delicious aroma of. I knew it was not the meats or eggs, I just couldn't put my finger on it. "Good morning dear" said Helena, as my mother went to hug me I knew she was the smell. "Good morning mother are you wearing a new perfume?" I said and she looked at me funny and said "No, it's the same one as always." As we sat there eating we were also talking. "Lilly do you remember what happened last night?" asked mother. "No, what did happen?"
    I asked with my mouth full. "You were found two hours later, when you left James house in the meadow and was found by William and Kayla."
    William is the older brother of James, Kayla, and Jacob. "Mother.. where is father?" I asked. "He's out looking for the person that put you in the meadow. Now hurry and go put your school clothes on!"Mother said. As I was changing, I felt the presence of someone one nearby, so I hurried and got dressed. When I was done dressing there was a knock on
    the door. "I got it! " yelled mother from the den and all may have guessed it was Peter; the mailman. Yet I still
    rushed to the door "Good morning, Peter", I said. "And happy Birthday to you, Lilly" said Peter.


    "Someone has sent young Lilly a present.", said Peter. I could just smell the delicious aroma it was giving
    off. So I just took the package and said thank you and went to open it. I found three kinds of meat and a pigs
    head. " Please do tell Jeffery the Butcher thank you very much for me?" I said as I dashed out the door for school. "oops
    I'm so sorry- James? What are you doing over here?" I said. "We always walk to school together."
    "But we are going to be late if we talk here any longer."
    "Oh, well I guess we better run for it then?" Said James
    "Yes, we should." I said. So we ran as fast as our legs could carry us. As we were running I felt some part of my
    body take over and I started running even faster and When I stopped I felt funny.
    "Whoa, what was that?", I asked not even tired from running, "I don't know. Come on we are almost late."
    said James. So we walked a little and to my surprise stopped behind a bush in front of the school. The bell rang and it scared a little that I let out a little yelp. Every one turned around and stared at us "My bad! The bell scared me.", I said to everyone, as we all started walking again to the school house the clouds were rolling in. " Looks like rain Lilly.", said James
    "Yeah" The other girl named Lilly said. " I think he was talking to me" I said to Lilly,
    "Well I was right next to him and your slow a** was behind him" she said to me all preppy. "Lilly sweetie, show her some manners" James whispered to me,
    "Hey b***h! What did you just say to me?", I said to Lilly. "Pardon me-", I stopped her mid sentence "Well there is her manners" I said to James and a few people chuckled still coming in. Lilly charged for me screaming and we flew off the steps. People jumped out of the way.
    James just stood there watching as if something more was to happen. Lilly tried to hit me but I stopped her before
    she tried to hit me, we flipped over an I sat right on top of her with my feet on her upper arms moving down to her tenets.
    She tried to get my feet off her arms, "Fight!" Yelled James and I looked back then down at Lilly and I felt a flow of energy go through my body and I just started attacking her. People filled in around us and I kept hitting her in the face and sides
    And James came down the steps and realized that I might do something that will be bad. When I smelled her blood I thought I was going to bite her.
    Before I did, James pulled me off of Lilly and Whispered " Remember who you are."to me next to my ear and held me tight tohim and I rested my head on his shoulder crying. James looks down at Lilly and people started helping her up, Ms. Charles walked out and down the steps "Take Lilly inside children", said Ms. Charles. " What happened?" she asked me. "You know how girls are" said James ,"I didn't ask you James. Step away from Lilly" ,she said. I held out my hands and Ms. Charles aimed for my legs with her yardstick an I stood there still with my hands out and she hit me once in the side of the face.
    Before she could hit me again James took the stick from her when she swung it back. "Ma'am stop hitting Lilly" "An if I don't?" "I'll hit you" said James to Ms. Charles. "Class is dismissed for today" said the teacher. James threw down the stick grabbed me, glanced at both the Lilly and Ms. Charles and we walked away. " I hope yes gets what's coming to her" ,said Lilly as she walked down the steps of the school.
    James had a tight grip on my wrist, "Where are we going?" I said. "You'll see soon!", "Glad to see you know where your going." Once we came out of all the brush I saw his house, we were walking very fast and the front swung open. "How did that door open by itself?" "Kayla probly threw it open", as we walked inside James let out a loud call for Kayla. From the top of the stairs I could hear someone singing: " The girl and a boy rushed into the room to find the boys sister, and she is upstairs putting flowers in a vase of gold", who was that I thought. Of course it was Kayla with her lovely voice, I could listen to her all day.
    Kayla was walking down the stairs and flicked her hand at the door an it closed "Okay that's weird"I said. "Please sit down where ever you like Lilly" said Kayla, "Thank you". "Dear, young vampires are so sweet" said William coming threw the kitchen door. "What does he mean "new vampire"? What's going on? James! Kayla?" I said. "Do you remember what happened to you last night?", James said. "N-no", I said as James walked over to a armchair and sat down, James started to tell me what happened last night "I thought that was just a dream!"I said.
    William and Kayla walked over to me and sat on both sides of me on the couch, I showed them my wrist "Nothing is there see", I said. I put my arm down and Kayla went to get a mirror while William moved my hair to the right, then left , then to both sides and I guess he found what he was looking for. Kayla approached with the mirror, I ran my fingers over the back of my neck and I jumped up from my seat and rushed over to the hanging mirror. James got up and walked over to hold the mirror up behind me, he moved moved my hair to both sides and I saw what he had done.
    "How could you! My mother is going to see this bite mark on the back of my neck", "Happy birthday?" said James with a smile.
    "You'll find that different things will happen to your body: like you will want to bite someone, jump higher, no sleep unless you are badly hurt, you can't keep down normal food that you eat this morning.", said William form across the room. "Where is jacob?" , asked James. " Why don't you go find him james to show how -" said Kayla before she was interupted by me "He's on the roof". "How did you know where I was?" asked Jacob when popped right in after I said where he was. "I could here your thoughts" I said. Everyone amazed "Thats not possible yet!" said Jacob "Why?" I said "We don't know any other vampires with any special power and we don't have any either." said William.
    " I think I should take you home now", said James with a smile so big I could see his fangs. I stepped closer to the mirror pulled back one of my cheeks to see my fangs, I touched my tooth and it was very sharp. I pulled my finger out of my mouth and said with a smile "Lets go". As we walked we kept looking for things to talk about like: tomarrow, people, plants,ect. "What is a mind reader?
    I asked James. "What am I thinking?", said James.
    Thought filled my head that were not my own. "I don't know you think alot of things." I said.
    " focus on the one that calls to you the most.",said James. "Honey is sweet, but home is better.", I tried to search for the one that was the soft one. It sounded like a woman crying. "James no! Don't kill me.". Her scream nearly make me pass out.
    "Who is that women that you killed?" I asked. "I didn't kill her. My friend killed her, he got to that lady before I did." said James. "Okay, but who was she?"
    "She was my mother, I did kill my sister."
    "Why did you kill your sister?" I asked.
    " I don't really know, it was an instinct to kill her or I would be dead."
    "What about your father? Is he dead too?"
    "No, my father John my father now. You see my father turned me because I found out he was one", said James with a straight face. Before we got back to our house we saw pete walking back to my house "Oh-no! Ms. Charles wrote a letter to my parents saying I was in a fight, you have to get it from him please james?". to be continued.....