• The plane touched the ground pushing me down in my seat.Everyone scrambled to get off the plane.I grabbed my backpack that was sitting on the seat.The only thing i brought with me was my flute,sheet music,ipod,and important stuff(tooth brush,hairbrush,straitener,ect.)When I got off the plane I saw my twin brother andrew,my two cousins alex and mary-ruth,my aunt jane,and my uncle jake.I walked over to them.Alex and mary-ruth were fighting over a video game,aunt jane was trying to break it up,my uncle was reading the paper,and andrew,exactly like me,was listening to his ipod.
    I ran over to him.pulled one of his head phones out and asked
    "whatcha listening to"
    "what are you listening to?"he asked.we traded one headphone we were listening to the same thing all these things i hate(revolve around me)by bullet for my valentine.my brother and I are like best friends,exactly alike,we both had black hair and red contacts,we liked the same music and dressed similar.He was wearing black skinny jeans,a slipknot shirt,black converse,black fingerless gloves,he straitened his hair and he wore his black jacket.I was dressed almost the same with a few differences I wore black and red skinny jeanss,a bullet for my valentine t-shirt,black converse,black and red fingerless gloves,my hair was straitened,i wore my jacket,and my choker.
    "so hows mom"he asked.
    "In jail how do you think she's doing"I said.
    "well sorry i didn't get the full story"he said.
    "sorry"I said.
    "its okay be happy you got here on the weekend I have all your school info right here."he handy me the list of classes,school map,dress code,ect.
    "who did you get"he asked.
    "homeroom arikson,1st sarial,2nd lancen,3rd sadin,4th luty,5th alderman,6th carson,7th dampra,and 8th jones."I said.
    "wow seven out of eight classes with me and you have every class with jamie."he said.
    "jamie?"I asked.
    "my best friend"he said.
    "oh"i said.
    My aunt drove to the small town of webster.when we got there i was so tired I slept in the chair.when I woke up I smelt pancakes.
    "Here you go"my aunt said handing me a plate of chocolate pancakes.I ate them quickly.I went to Andrew's and my room.He was playing the piano in the cornor.He was playing river flows in you by yiruma.I sat and listened.We both knew how to play piano,flute,and clarinet,but he knew how to play gituar and I can't figure it out.We hung out all day.I beat him at crash nitro-cart 52 times,but he beat me in madden 2008 43 times.He grabbed the gituar.
    "wanna sing"he asked.
    "not really but i'll listen"i said.He played the night by disturbed.I ended up singing anyway"There can be no better way of knowing In a world beyond controlling Are you going to deny the savior In front of your eyes?Stare into the night Power beyond containing Are you going to remain a slave
    For the rest of your life?Give into the night"i sang.
    "Andrew jamie's here"my aunt yelled.
    "aunt jane send him in"Andrew yelled back.I walked into the bathroom and changed.I now wore my disturbed shirt and purple skinny jeans,and my slipknot gloves.I walked in to the room.
    "who's the chick in the purple skinny jeans"jamie asked andrew.
    "my sister"he said."my twin sister arial"he said.
    "oh hi"jamie said.
    "hi"I said.
    "this is the one you have all your classes with he has the same first period i don't"Andrew said.
    "so what are you guys doing"jamie asked.
    "oh we were playing the night.want to drum"Andrew asked him.
    "sure"jamie said.
    "you singing?"Andrew asked.
    "Yes"i said.
    "what are we playing"jamie asked.
    "the night"Andrew said.they started playing.
    "What has come over me?What madness taken hold of my heart?To run away, the only answer,Pulling me away, to fall upon(The night)
    The source of my recovery Sweet shadow taking hold of the light Another day has been devoured Calling me away, begging the question, why"i sang.
    "keep it down"my uncle yelled.we stoped and just played the xbox.