• "School is dull." Angela said with a sigh. Angela was put into a group with Jessie and Madaline or Maddie for short.
    "Still school was meant to be dull. If school was fun, well nobody would skip classes and that would be awful." Madaline said.
    "Totally. Anyway me and Madaline are going to the mall after school. Want to come?" Jessie said.
    "Sorry. I got a ton of homework to do. Cya." Angela gathered up her books and left the classroom. She was walking home when Danny ran up to her.
    "Hey Angela! Whats your group doing?"
    "My group hasn't chosen a topic yet."
    "Your group has to or else the mean old stick in the mud will fail them." The mean old stick in the mud was Ms. Nadia. She believes that school should for learning and not for fun, fun fun. She also believes that teachers should give students more homework. She always gives her classes tons of homework so 'they would learn more.' Angela had always got straight As on her report card so these news surprised her.
    "Omg! Really? I don't wanna fail. My parents would kill me!" Angela's parents always expected her to get straight Bs or higher so a fail would shock them.
    "Its true. Tony told me so."
    "Oh Tony lies you know."
    "Yeah, but he's my best friend. I gotta trust him."