• Stan laid down on his stained, tattered, mattress in the boarded down poor excuse for a shack in the middle of nowhere thinking to himself, how long do I have until my final can of food runs out? Or how long do I have until I go crazy with loneliness and run like a freshly cut headless chicken into that dangerous, suicidal, barren wasteland? "No" Stan cried aloud. "They will find me soon and save me from doing anything ill regret, all I have to do is wait"...

    It has been three months every since Stan and his girlfriend ran through the urban streets of Longridge City from the Suriv Virus infected, blood thirsty humans towards the outskirts of this once populated, thriving city. Stan and his girlfriend Laura just made it through the barrier as it was closing with the infected close behind them. Stan could still recall the safety and the comfort he felt as those large Steel reinforced gates closed, just in time, trapping the infected inside ready to be quarantined. Although the feeling Stan felt would fade away soon enough.

    Somehow the infected found a way out of Longridge City and one after another. Infected, destitute citizens began to spread the disease. Stan can still remember the blood-curdling screams that filled his ears as he was running from the once safe shelter while the infected ate and gnawed at defenceless humans. Stan watched as this unfortunate young lady got ripped to shreds as the poisoned humans masticated her neck and limbs. Sure, the armed marines killed many of the infected, but unfortunately it wasn't enough. The infected swam in massive groups and don't stop until everyone is infected with the deadly Suriv Virus.

    Stan closed his eyes slightly and winced as he memorialised that one dreadful day.

    Stan and his beautiful jet black haired, slim, tanned, hour glassed figure girlfriend fled the hazardous shelter, into the green, thick, bushy area that covered the outskirts of Longridge City, away from the cannibalistic environment that would no doubt follow them soon.

    As the adrenaline filled twosome scampered as fast as they could, they abruptly heard the growling and roars of the brutish infected coming up close behind them. Suddenly Laura tripped and came to level with the muddy covered undergrowth. As Laura tried to rise, she winced. "Stan I think I sprained my ankle!" she cried, "leave me, I’ll just slow you down!”
    "No Laura, I’m not leaving you!" Stan wailed.
    "Stan! No, leave me" Laura yelled. "I'll find my own way, trust me, we will meet again my love". Laura's eyes started to water, "Please Stan one last kiss before we depart". Stan without warning passionately kissed his beautiful girlfriend. All of a sudden Laura saw the shadows of the active, hungry, undead becoming closer by the moment, and at this point Laura pushed Stan away and yelled, "Go now! We will see each other again I promise! I love you and always will".
    Stan lost for words turned away from his attachment and ran, not looking back, as tears began to fill his eyes.

    Stan ran all day and all night not looking back, until he stumbled upon an eerie, abandoned shack, which thankfully was filled with canned supplies, probably a cabin in its earlier days. For three long-filled days Stan built as much protection around his familiar as he could, and took refuge inside, hoping to be reclaimed by society once again.

    As Stan turned over on his disgusting mattress, he thought to himself. His thoughts were of running away from his safe haven as fast as he could and not stop until he found someone or something that would help him survive. He stumbled out of his sleeping quarters and made his way towards the cupboard where his supplies were kept. Stan sighed deeply as he held his last can of baked beans in his hands. An even greater sigh burst out and Stan realised that he had a quater of water left in his final water bottle.

    Slowly Stan ate. Savouring his mouthfuls as if it was his last. Softly Stan said, "I bet this is my last". After his last ration was finished, Stan stood in the middle of the shack thinking about what he should do next. He remembered his girlfriend Laura and wondered if she was still alive. Stan grabbed his only knife and walked towards the barricaded door. Without warning Stan began ripping down the old two by four planks one by one.