• How does that make you happy?
    I thought you loved me.
    You always said you did.
    But you love that more, don’t you?
    You love what it can give you
    That I cannot.
    I tried so hard,
    I loved you with every beat of my tiny heart.
    But it never made any difference, did it?
    I never really made a pulse on the surface
    Of what you call emotions.
    You can’t claim to love me,
    When you keep doing this to me,
    To yourself.
    I asked you once,
    Do I make you happy, do I make you proud?
    You answered that I did,
    But I don’t believe you.
    If I truly made you happy,
    If I truly made you proud,
    You wouldn’t need this addiction to make you happy.
    Is this really what you want?
    To be alone with your only true happiness?
    The happiness I can’t give you,
    The happiness without effort,
    Without love.