• I always knew it would come to this.

    I always knew, even when this first began, that my choices would result in my death. How could they not? I made every mistake. I fell into every carefully-laid trap, every pitfall, and all I could be, all I was smart enough to think, was that I was grateful. Grateful because as surely as I knew I was sealing my own fate, I knew I was happy. For once in my life really, truly happy . How pathetic. How utterly disgusting and how well I played into his hands.

    His voice beckons, that sweet, sweet voice of silver and gold calling my name so enticingly. I close my eyes, and I can't tell if it's to ward off the fear of his coming, or to savor the sound of my name on his lips.
    "Hayln" He murmurs, footsteps echoing slowly on the marbled floor. I bite my tongue, slight pain blossoming but I ignore it. When he's with me, I ignore everything.
    "Brighteyes" he tries next, my secret name a sensual whisper, a beckoning I can't deny.
    Drunkenly I sway towards the sound of his voice. The footsteps pause, as if he knows how his voice intoxicates me, clouding my mind and taking control of my body. Then again, he's always known me so very well. Always he would know what I would say, what I would do, simply because I was his. I would always be his.
    "Brighteyes, come to me." That soft, pleading tone of his... I try to muster up hatred, I really do. After all he's done to me, I have the right to hate him. Don't I?
    The footsteps begin again, growing louder with each echoing clap.
    Leaning against the thick gray pillar, I try to gather my scattered senses. My head tilts backwards, my eyes close and my lips part as I breathe in soft, shallow pants. Everything in me aches fiercely to be with him, to answer his summons and at least die happy. But something in me can't let go, can't give up so easily. He always said it was my worst trait.

    On the other side of the pillar, the footsteps halt. "Halyn."
    Sighing gently, I open my eyes.

    I always knew it would end like this.
    I always knew that it would be my own body, my own heart, that led to my death.

    And somehow, I can't bring myself to wish that I had been wrong.