• Theres a girl who's very mysterious but no one knows who she is. The fact that this girl is magical, brave, and can see the future through her eyes. She had died on a ship and I think its very obvious that the worst ship wreck is the RMS Titanic. She was an immigrant from Italy than she ran away from home to Southhamton England to live a better life. Her life was very hard and all she wanted was a little freedom. She wanted to spread her wings and fly. One day she saw a gigantic ship and thought where it was traveling to. She asked one of the employes and said "New York, America". She was in complete shock that is where she always dreamed of going until she stole somone ticket and money and ran off with it. She was very happy and scraed she finall would live a better life but she didn't know that the biggest ship in 1912 was gonna sink. It was something that she haden't excpected at all the 14 year old girl was going to die dramiticlly. While she was on the greatest ship she was in 3rd class a very poor class with mostly immigrants. She liked to play piano until she met a boy and fell in love with him. They enjoyed the voyage until boom iceberg straight ahead. The ship crashe into it and soon as you knew it the Titanic was sinking badly. She knew she was going to die because she couldn't speak english and couldn't read it. She tried to get to a lifeboat but it was to late. She jumped off the boat and swam than she new her dream wouldn't come true of living a good life. 2 hours later she died because the water was below 0. But her birthday was on April 15th the day the ship sank. Years later her parents had no clue where she was either dead or alive. Today there are myths that she recarnated into someones body a person who lives in Pennsylvaniya but I shall not give anynames but she is basically a sprit. I hear that in 2012 the year people think judgment day is she will come out the body who protects her soul. 100 years later after her death everyone will drown just like her and all the 1500 people died and it will all be over.
    The End

    Genevivea Portera
    Siccily, Italy