• Prologue: Ghost of You
    tab I’ve done a lot of bad things in my life, but I’ve probably done the worse thing to a thirteen-year old girl… I got her pregnant and ran away… I didn’t do it on purpose, I got scared. I was only fifteen. What else could I do?
    tab One night, when I came home from buying Amy her anniversary present. My dad was out but the front door was opened. Who’s here. She was in my room sitting on my bed… holding her stomach tightly. Her head hung down. I stood in silence as tiny tears fell onto her lap. She looked up at me, with those sad-aqua eyes of hers. The most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen were filled with pain. Her long, black hair lost its shine. Her clear, smooth skin was pale. Wondering what was wrong, all I could do was ask, “ What’s wrong Amy?” with a quiver in my voice.
    tab “ Nothing.” She quietly said wiping her tears. “But I have to tell you something.” Never in my time with Amy, had I’ve seen her so sad. In fact, I‘ve never seen her sad at all. She stood up and walked towards me. Resting her arms upon my shoulders, she whispered, “ I’m… I’m pregnant.” I slightly pushed her away.
    tab “ Your what?” I asked, trying not to yell.
    tab “ I’m having your baby.” She replied with a faint smile.
    tab “ H-how do you know it’s mine?” I panicked.
    tab “ Jake, I’m not a whore. You’re the only one I’ve ever had sex with.” She calmly said with confused eyes. Amy sighed and took her arms off my shoulders “ But I still need to tell my mom!” she exclaimed as she plopped onto my bed. “ Oh, Jake, can you please come tomorrow night for dinner, so we can both tell my mom. I’m sure if she knows you’re fully committed to the baby, then she wont be as mad. What do you say? ‘Cuz I’m not getting an abortion.”
    tab I didn’t know what to say. But surely, I couldn’t let her see I was scared.
    tab “ Don-don’t worry bab-” I stopped myself from saying the ‘B’ word, “err …Amy… I’ll be there.”
    tab Her eyes widen with relief as she jumped up and hugged me so tight, despite just find out she was pregnant, Amy joked, “ Oops! Watch the baby!” From then and on, I shivered every time the ‘B’ word was mentioned.

    Then, tomorrow came.
    tab I didn’t show up. I couldn’t possibly imagine the pain in her heart to know that the father of her baby left her to face her mother all by herself while he ran away. I called my friend, Mikey, that day saying I was going to need a place to stay. That I was running away. My father wouldn’t notice anyway, he’s barely home. He didn’t want me either. So I stuffed my backpack as much as I could and took 75 dollars for the trip. I grabbed Amy’s present and took off. Making my way to the bus stop, I looked up at the gray sky and thought to myself, You ******** idiot scream ! What are you thinking? Leaving Amy? I have to see her one more time. I boarded to bus and took a out a piece of paper to write her a letter, reading:

    tab Amy,
    I’m so sorry Amy. I just didn’t know what to do. I’m only 15. I cant be a father. I already screwed up ur life; I don’t want to screw your kid’s life. So I’ve decided to leave. Don’t call me, Cuz I wont answer. Don’t go to my house cuz I wont be home. Don’t try to find me cuz u wont ever see me. Never. I know, Amy, dat u’ll find the one who will love u and ur baby, but it’s not me. I would have ended this letter saying ‘I love you’ but I wont because that would just make me a lair. But I will say, I’ll miss you. Sorry and goodbye.

    tab When I finished writing the letter I put it in Amy’s gift. The pervious night, I had bought her a custom Nightmare Before Christmas Music Box, since it was her favorite movie. It came with a necklace that opens it, in shape of a black heart on wings. Engraved on it was Demolition Lovers. That was the title of the song I wrote for her. The song that would play every time she open her box. The song that would remind her of our love heart .

    tab I stopped by her house and climbed up the tree we planted by her window. It was already raining. Looking through her window, I saw she was sleeping. Silently opening her window, I came through. I left the music box on her side stand. As I put Amy’s necklace around her neck, I noticed her gentle face stained with tears. Out of nowhere, I kissed her. She let out a soft moan, and that was my cue to leave. I jumped out the window, right before she woke up. Slamming the window, climbing down the tree, all I could is her innocent voice cry “JAKE! JAKE! WHY JAKE?!” She rush out the window and down the tree. She ran after me screaming “Jake! Stop! Wait!” I ran in the rain, blocking out her voice, trying not to trip. Faster and faster, running through streets, I was far ahead from Amy. Stopping for a breath of air in an alleyway, I heard “JAKE!” then silence.
    tab It echoed in my head. I stopped to think what would happen if I left. Then I thought about what would happen if I stayed. From that moment, I was no longer Jake. I became Gerard. And my life had become a lie. emo