• "AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" i scream "get away" "eh?" "Ouch!" just anothor nightmare "whats wrong" asks my mother as she runs in the room "nightmare" i replie. i awnsered back "how many times will we go through this" she asks. "i....i dnt no" i replie "mommy?" i hear from behind me.
    "joshua go back to bed she says sweetly and u to jon !" "ok ok" i awnser back. well since i cant sleep my names jon chrisapher im about 6 yrs old. and i have a twin brother joushua. i've been getting these nightmares ever since i was told i was gonna get married in 4 monthes .... well now 2 months. ur probly thinking why the hell is a six yr old getting married well ill tell u im not human. ya... im a demon its pretty akward considering i'm marring a guy. his name is Ryoma he sounds pretty sweet i hope he is. cause i don't wanna get married for my kingdom and not b happy. sometimes i wish i was born out of royalty. but i get over it after awhile ... i hope i can last throught the wedding... *sighs* well were was i.... i also have a 2 sisters rosset and azumaria. there pretty cool and annoying. y couldnt rosset b born frist ishe could of gotten married instead. silently thing about this i slowly drift off ijn to sleep.