• Choices...

    Chapter One: The Journey Begins

    Surrounded by black, I let out a sigh of boredom, and anger. I couldn't stand it anymore, I got out of the uncomfortable box called a bed, and turned on the lights.
    “Why her? Why must SHE go everywhere and I have to stay home...” I said looking into the mirror. My black hair a tangled mess. Grunting I grabbed a brush and got out the tangles.
    My footsteps were loud, louder than my father's,which if you knew him, were pretty damn loud. I stomped my way into the kitchen and grabbed a few things I thought I may need. Some drinks, leftover sandwiches from Way2Sub, and a lunchbox to hold them in. I shoved them into the backpack I grabbed out of the closet.
    I swung it over my shoulder and walked back up to my room. Actually, more like running, but anyways, I looked around checking to see if they were back. No one, good. Under the mattresses I grabbed two books. A blue fat book titled, “The Golden Army.” and a black one, which was a bunch of maps, notes, and doodles. I shoved them into the backpack as well as some bathroom essentials.
    “That should do,” I said looking around the room, “if I need anything else I can probably by it at the Troll Market.”
    I started down the stairs when I heard some laughter outside the door.
    “Oh s**t, they're home!” I said to myself. I ran back up stairs, opened up my window and jumped. Sure it was a two story house, but as long as u know how to land it, you're good. I looked back at my house, then ran.


    “Too.....hot!” I said to myself wiping the sweat off my forehead. “Who would have thought...that a field with just a bunch of rock would be so hot?!” I yelled getting up to look around.
    I looked down at the map, I was in the right spot. Now I just had to find the entrance.
    “Hello?!” I yelled hoping for an answer.
    “What?!” came a scraping voice from behind a rock. “What do u want?”
    “Um, is this where I can find....” I said looking at the little troll figure.
    “Find....what? I don't got all day missy.” The troll said crossing his arms.
    I looked around making sure no one was there to hear this. I leaned over to get closer to him.
    “...Prince Nuada's grave.” I whispered to him.
    He stared at me blankly, laughed then said something in Troll, I have no clue what.
    “Yea it is. I don't want to know why, but this way.” He said rolling his little cart that held his body. The nearest rock moved. Then sat up, yes, it was alive. A door way opened up in the rock man's chest. There was a stair case leading down to a dark cavern.
    “We changed up the insides a bit, so just walk down the stairs and follow the lamps.” He said rolling away.
    “Uh, ok? Thank You!” I told him walking down the stairway.
    The darkness went away with the lamps up ahead. Soon I would be there...


    “I hope this won't take to long...” I said reaching for my backpack.
    I stood in front of the gold casket, then opened my notebook.
    “Where is it...” I said to myself flipping frantically threw the pages, “Ah! Found it.”
    I stared at the page and read the words aloud....

    “Spirits of Darkness! Listen to my plea, a man, a prince, lie here before me.
    Remove this curse, release this spell, but give his sister no remorse.
    Prince Nuada Silverlance, here you go, your second chance!”

    As I finished the inscription an ear-piercing scream ran threw the building. I covered my ears but the sound kept coming through. As a wind picked up I fell to knees, I couldn't hear myself think anymore. I decided to look up, a light was shining threw the cracks of the casket. A deep voice filled my ears...
    “We the Spirits of Darkness....have heard your pleaaa....
    Give us an item, and it will beee.....”

    “…. But I brought nothing! Is there something in particular you seek?” I replied.
    “There is oneee.....
    give usss.....
    an emotion...”

    “An..emotion?” I said to myself, “Do a have a time limit, I may need to think this through.” I asked them.
    “We will give you...
    one hour to decide...”

    “One hour?!” I yelled, “Fine, Thank you. How do I call you back?” I asked.
    “We shall come to youuu...
    Now go, think hard and true...”

    “Thank you great Spirits.” I said bowing to the air.
    I stared at the casket, it would be a while before the Prince realized he was alive. I had enough time to this threw.
    “Hmm, one of my emotions? There's so many to choose from...” I thought to myself.
    “Maybe I wrote them in my book.” I asked myself.
    I flipped threw the pages of the book looking for what I wanted. About 50 pages in, I found them..

    I scanned over the list and then.....I found one.

    “Spirits, if you are still there, I have the item you seek.” I yelled out.
    There a wind again, but no sound this time.
    “Which emotion shall you gift ussss?"

    I yelled out proudly, “Hatred...” There was a silence then they spoke.
    Thank you, your plea has been hearddd...”

    “Heh, You're Welcome.” I said turning the casket. The lid was moving...he was rising...