• Chapter 2: It's nice to meet you

    tab Garden woke up with the sound of her alarm clock screaming at her. She threw her legs over the bed and slowly got out of bed. Garden dragged herself to the bathroom all the way down the hall. There were plain boring white walls throughout her apartment until she got to the bathroom that was a strange baby blue color and seashell wallpaper surrounding it.
    tab Garden stared in the mirror. Man I forgot to brush my teeth last night. So she took her time brushing her teeth and then moved onto washing her face.
    tab When she was about to splash water on her face it all came back to her. Her dream of an angel that appeared at a restaurant. Then slowly she realized it wasn't a dream and she closed her eyes. It all started playing behind her eyelids.
    tab ...Chritopher.
    tab She dropped the water she had cupped in her hands and it splashed into the sink.
    tab I have a date with an angel today!!!

    to be continued....