• Kayla and Sue were finally getting in there seats, when the piolet started to go over what would happen if the plane broken or anything. When the plane took off into the sky, they knew ther journey to New York City had began.

    " I can't belive were going to New York City to go on my uncle's ship to go traveling." Said Sue

    " I Can't belive your uncle owns a huge Ship that travels around the world." Said Kayla

    "Will you stop kicking my chair!" Yelled a stranger in front of them. Niki and Sue hurried to put their arm on Issace's knee to stop him from kicking the man's chair.

    " I'm so sorry. This is his first air plane ride." said Sue

    Hours pasted, Almost everyone was asleep. Kayla and Sue were talking when Kayala heard the two men in front of them saying somthing weird.

    " Boss should we get the bomb out yet? " said the men who told Issace to stop kicking his chair.

    " No. a Couple more minutes. Go knock out the piolets." said another men next to the other. The man got up from his chair.
    " Did you hear that? asked Kayla queitly.

    "Yea." said Sue. " We better warn the others."
    It felt like the plane was going down.
    " Oh My gosh the plane is going down!!" yelled Sue right after she saw out in her window. By that almost everyone was a wake. Everyone was sheirking and yelling. Andy told Kayla they had to jump off the plane if they wanted to live. Sue grabbed Issace's little hand. One by one Jessie then Andy then Lily then Troy then Sky Then Kim then Cail and Shaybay and Niki at once then Issace with Sue on one side and Hulu on the other side , Jump off. Joshua and Theresa and Kayla were the last to go...

    Right when Kayla hit the water , the plane Crashed into the water and blew up with hundreds of people in the plane.

    Lily and Troy were the only surrivers. Well that's what they thought. Troy all a sudden saw some fog. Lily and Troy felt dizy . Then they passed out. When the woke up Sky and Kim were staring at them.

    " We thought we were the only surrivers but you guys surrived too. Isn't it a lucky day?" said Kim

    " Not really I think we lost some others." Said Sky

    "What happen? When the fog came I felt dizy and then I passed out." said Troy. The others noded to agree that this happend to them too.....

    Sue saw Niki swim up. But she didn't move she felt like as if she was sinking. Then she saw Shaybay swiming towards her. Shaybay Grabed Sue's and togher they swam up. When they got to surface Sue could see a island near by. Niki was swimming to it. with some help from Shaybay Sue swam to the island. When she was almost to the island she realize IIssace wasn'y with her. Sue scream. Niki told her to calm down. When they got to the island Issace was in a ball crying.

    "Issace! I will never ever lose you again I prosime Auntie to keep you safe." Said Sue trying to calm Issace down. By patting his back gently.

    "When let's she who surrived" said Sue.

    " Shaybay?"







    " Sky?"




    " Jessie?"




    Shaybay Bursted into tears and ran off.... They didn't get to finsh asking names.

    " Oh my gosh. You guys are here too? " yell Kayla who was behind them. They turned to see that Kayla was behind them .Lily kinda jump.
    " I've found a few others want to go get them? asked Kayla. They nodded, so Kayla took them into a clearing. Andy and Jessie were there. As Kayla was about to sit on the ground next to them. She heard a sheirk.

    " Who was that?" asked Kim. No one said anything.
    " Mabey that was Hulu or someone. It sounded like Hulu." said Kayla. After that she ran off. And the rest followed. When Kayla caught up, It was Hulu.
    " Hulu? Hello?" asked Kayla. Hulu didn't say a thing instead she pointed at a brige. Kayla gasped. The brige looked old but on the other side was a another island. A beatiful island. When the others caught up Kayla asked
    " See that brige I think others might have swam there after the crash" said Hulu who finally spoke.

    Sue took a another ten step or so it seem far away from the others. Soon, she saw fog. It was so hard for her to breathe, and then she fainted.
    ” Sue, Sue wake up wake up.”
    Sue freaked out and knocked the person who was calling her name over the bridge.

    But lucky she caught the person’s hand. Sue looked down, Kayla was there.
    ” Kayla is that you?”

    "Who do you think I am? Just pull me up. “Answered Kayla. Sue grabbed her other hand. Sue had a little trouble pulling Kayla up. Because Kayla kept looking down and screamed. When Sue finally pulled Kayla up, They carefully walked over to the side where Shaybay was crying. Then one by one the rest came over.
    ” Are you alright?” they kept asking Kayla.
    ” I’m fine really.” Said Kayla. " I think the plane went the other way because how could we have landed in the water.” said Troy.

    "Where are we going to sleep tonight?”asked Andy. "Well it’s still enough time to build little houses with the sticks and logs all over the ground.” Said Sky
    ” Why don’t the girls go pick some berries to eat?” said Niki

    Kayla found a big patch of berries and took her time there. All a sudden she felt a tap on her back. She turned to see that it was Theresa. Kayla gave Theresa a big hug. Then said
    ”I thought you were dead." “Some how I survived” said Theresa.
    ”Let’s get you to the camp.” Said Kayla. They walked to the site. When they got there the boys had a hut started.
    ” Look who I found.” Said Kayla.
    ” I guess it’s our lucky day” said Joshua.
    ” Joshua?” asked Kayla.
    " They other girls found me floating on a piece of wood." said Joshua.
    " Guess it is a lucky day." said Theresa.

    By the end of the day the boys almost had a hut finished. They made a fire and slept by the fire that night. In the morning they ate the left over berries the girls had picked.

    Five months later. They had buit seven huts. Joshau was walking along side the beach when he saw a crew ship. He ran to the others and yelled,

    " I saw a crew ship. Start the fire signal." He tried to make a spark after a couple tries he made one. The ship saw the signal and head towards the island. When the ship got close, they saw alot of passengers on the ship. Two men arrived at the island in a little boat.

    " Uncle Jason?" asked Sue

    " Sue! Oh my we all thought we losted all of you. The news said that a plane crashed and we realzise that you and your friends were on the plane. Since no one showed up. " said Uncle Jason.
    " Please call me Jason " said Jason to the others.
    " Can you take us home?" asked Sue.
    " Of course. And this is Grant." Grant gave a shy smile and got off the boat. And helped us in. The boys stayed behind and said there wasn't space for them. The girls got off at the ship with Issace. Then Grant went back for the boys. Then the boys were on the ship, the sun was setting and a couple of birds flew in the sky.

    In these five months, they learned to like and help each other. They grew into a team.
    " I justed had a trip that I will remeber my whole life." said Kayla to everyone.