• ---enter dark plain concrete room. center room is a boy,15, with black wings. laying on the floor on his stomach. torn black jeans.no shirt. wings outstretched but laying limp at each side. boy appears unconscious. chains connected to steel restraints on his ankles, neck, and wrists.---

    ---boy moans and wakes up confused---

    "ugh. what the ********....."

    --- boy relises he is being restrained and panics. he thrashes and pulls at the chains until his wristes are bloody from the effort. he finally relaxes a bit, breathing hard.---

    --whispered to himself-- "ok,tyler,calm down. you can get out of this."

    ---takes a deep breath and looks about his surroundings. floor: concrete-pale blue, Wall behind: plain white cinder block,9 feet high, 9 feet wide. Wall to left: same block, black reflective frame in center of wall. wall to right: a clock, like the ones in his high school, caged,like i seem to be, he thought, read 12:34, though am or pm he couldnt tell. wall in front: plain steel door, beside it an aluminum folding chair.
    he looked around once more. he relized what the black frame was. he had seen them in interigation rooms countless times. but this was no interigation room. he was being watched. he consentrated on the glass. he could faintly here words of two men talking behind it.---

    " has the subject woken up yet?'


    "should we try talking to him now?"

    "no i think its best to wait. let him calm down a bit. Dont want him ripping off your head the moment you walk in, now do we?"

    "not with thos restraints. re-enforced titanium. no way that little demons getting out of those"

    --the boy menacingly-- "we'll just see about that."

    -----TO BE CONTINUED----