• Little silk wings floated around me, careful not to wake the small cat sleeping next to me. They could be so bothersome when I'm trying to mend the their clothes, but I have always enjoyed their company since I was little. Even now, I wouldn't have them gone. The countryside doesn't have many children around anymore, and cause of my odd looks, and behavior, I was rejected by the others kids when I was younger. I was the farie child.

    I finished the little, pair of pants I was working on, and looked out past the orchid, it was nearing sunset. I knew better than to be out past sun down. I packed up my stuff and placed the little, sleeping, kitten in my basket, and stood up. the little creatures that were encircling me, wanted to play more. But I had to go, I gave a small bow goodbye to my friends, and started down the hill towards home. I still had to collect carrots, for mother, for tonight's dinner.

    The elves of the oak were at it again, making such a huge fuss in the forest that I couldn't sleep. I couldn't really blame them it was nearing mid-summer. I awoke to a small cat leaping through my room then crashing into my stomach, her sharp claws pircing my belly. Awake, I slowly moved over to my mirror and grabed my brush. My long, red hair was in tangles, and knots, eventually I was able to tame the mess and make two, neat, braids both pulled up into buns with a little help from the flower pot in my window, wich had unusualy long vines with little finger like flowers. I thanked it, and went into the kichen for a glass of water, brought it back to my room, and the flowers were happy with their breakfast. Maybe if I find some worms in the garden today I'd bring them back for them.

    The morning routine was slow, the cows didn't want to be milked and chickens were refusing to hold still while I fed them. The sheep had broken the fence during the night from fear of the elves, who may have needed a sacrifice for the moon ritual, but no sheep were missing, and I'd tell father later that the sheep might need extra protection in the nights to come. I nailed back up the old wooden fence and headed to the garden for weeding. The vegtible garden was pretty bad with morning glories but I shooed them back to the wall were they joined the others. But the little herb garden was not as bad with just a few with were still sleepy but with a little cooeing they picked up their roots and slowly moved into bursh of the others that had made my bedroom wall their home along with a wild rose bush on the far north side, said my good mornings to them all and bowed, then headed into the kitchen to prepare the potatos for breakfast.

    I went back to the north pasture to check on the cows, we were one of the richest families in the area but we still kept a simple life. Grandfather had told me before he past away "If you settle for plesures now you will have nothing later" both mother and father lived like this too, I loved this life and hope it will never change. When I marry, if anyone would want to marry me, I wish I could inheiret this farm, but it will go to my older brother, Kailen , who works in the city, when mother and father pass.

    Heartnet, my cat was chasing butterflies by my feet while I sat on the fence watching the cows graze. I had just noticed the one of my buns was coming lose, I was too tired to redo my hair, so I pulled it all down letting it enjoy the midsummer breeze. Somthing caught my eye in the forest beyond, something bigger than a normal tree sprit. I got off the fenced and bowed in respect, I had picked up bowing when I was a child. The little fae used to do it to the older trees and spirits. I naturally got the habit of it too.

    It was late after noon when I returned to the hill of the fae, they were waitng for me. I pulled out my needle and tread from my basket, wich I picked up from the house, and set to work on a shirt made from moss. I would have to collect more string soon, my spiders tread was running out. I told the little winged imps around me, and a few dashed into the forest. Heartnet jumped around, trying to catch the small translusent things, as they glided about, getting tangled in my hair, and sitting on my hands to watch me work. I noticed that some of the girls dresses were starting to wither, and since the mid summer dance was soon I would ask the rose bush to spare some of its petals tonight, so I could surprise them tomarrow, also if I had enough left of the spiders tread then I could weave little shawls, along with basil hats, they would be so cute.

    The roses were reluctant but I promiced that I would give them fresh manure in the morning if I could have the largest, most colorful petals on it's brush. And the basil was happy to comply it was getting full and needed new buds, but the morning glories were jeleous that I was taking petals and leaves fron the herbs and roses but not them. So now I can make small indigo and lavender bags for all of the faries I worked all night listining to the elves run amuck, but tonight they wielded flutes and drums. Soon I was lured into a subconsince sleep I would have stayed that way happily forever untill I pricked myself. Stunned awake I looked down at the tiny droplet of blood on my finger then up to the mysterious figure in my room.