• A rat, dead as dead could get, was dropped into the large white room. The eagles who dropped it dived at 50 miles an hour towards the kill. The eagles screeched for their part of the kill. I moved back against the wall, watching the rat getting torn into pieces. Their talons moved with speed. Another gruesome kill an eagle said in my mind.
    "If you didn't save any for me, one of you is gonna die!" I said before moving in to take part in the disgusting dinner, taking a rat leg out from underneath the bloody mess. I guess I should introduce myself, I'm a former commander John Wright of the Bio engineering project with the C.I.A., currently being used as a test subject for the project.
    The main idea for the project was recon, but they discovered that more could be done with the chemical, CH Raging Eagle. In the most basic format, the subject could use the physical and mental abilities of the animal DNA implanted in the The subjects could be made into an eagle-monster with more intelligence then the ordinary human.
    "Bring him in," said my former assistant, Roger Cromwell, said to two restrainers. I quickly formulated how strong they were. One was a short, husky fellow who looked like he was training eagles. The other, a muscular man whose immense strength was implanted surgically. I should know. I was the one who gave him that strength. the other was tall and skinny, but something about him seemed off.Maybe it was the unusual shape of his body. whatener it was, my plan Suddenly, I slipped off out of the door, then sprinted down the hallway. I took a left turn down the Genetic Mutations hallway, and ran abruptly into Dr. Rachel Bradston.
    "What the--?! Is that you John," she whispered worryingly "What the heck did they do to you?"
    "This way!" I heard Roger yell. I turned my head around and found him standing there. I heightened my hearing to just below the eagles range
    "Aww crap!" I whispered, a pain in my shoulders growing stronger. I realized I was getting frustrated. "Rachel, you're either with me or not, but you have ten-seconds to make up your mind.”
    To late, I thought. I brushed past her, and headed for the exit. Out of nowhere, a steel blast door, used for chemical gas leaks, came down in front of the exit. i smiled to myself as i extended claws from my fingers and cut it into pieces. The stairs leading up to the top level looked long, approximately twelve miles. I concentrated on flying, soaring freedom in the sky, the updrafts, the cold spots, everything. Feathers started to come out of my arms, my finger retracted and fused with my wrist, as not to provide wind traction while flying. i judged the ceiling height as the titanium blast door to the outside world. 12 feet. enough to fly fast. I backed up just a tad and charged the stairs, flapping my wings. i was off the ground in a couple seconds, bulleting at full speed towards the exit. my tail feathers
    “For crying out loud, kill him!” I heard Rogers cry out over the speaker system.
    “Fool,” I yelled, as if he could hear me “You’re gonna kill me when I want to get killed”
    I looked back and saw this large cat,Possibly a panther, running up stairs, close behind me.
    Who in the world are you? I animal spoke in his direction. The I got back were the words kill, Kill KILL!
    I sighed. He had probably been a newbie who had probably gone full form because he was told that he would gain great power.
    How sad. By the sound of his mind voice, it sounded as if he had never used it before.
    A little background on full form, or full animal possession. if you go full form, then you’re twenty-three times stronger, faster, and smarter then just transforming one part of your body. However, there is a “small” drawback.
    you loose all human sense. then,fifteen minutes afterwords, you die.
    the panther started to try and jump up, bitting just below my tail feathers