• Dominic’s point of view:
    I let go of Demon’s arm so I could block the blizzard he had centered on me. I threw the attack aside, completely unscathed, just cause both Demone and I acted weak when battling each other doesn’t mean that we are. And this was the first time he had actually meant to do me harm. When the blizzard ceased Demone had already left. Going after him would be pointless and, knowing how easy it is to trick him, he probably wouldn’t come back to the palace for a long time. He’d instead follow our grandfather. I knew a fight would be coming but I shook it off. Hironi then ran out of the palace.
    “Demonic, how do I defeat you?!” she demanded
    “Why should I tell you?” I asked
    “Because we both know that since demone’s gone that you’re next in line for the throne. And you don’t want it.” Smart kid. “You’re goanna go easy on me like you did with Demone right?”
    I then got my face level with hers and gave her a small smile, which is rare considering my personality. When I saw the look of hopeful joy on her face I said “not a chance!” her happiness fell.
    “Why not!?” she demanded.
    “I shouldn’t have too, and I won’t lose in battle to someone who hasn’t learned all of her abilities” yes I was getting cocky but hey, if I could then I would.
    “JERK!!!” she screamed at me, thunder and lightning clouds gathering around the palace. She still didn’t know that she could control electricity.
    “Later,” I said then took one step back and vanished in the blink of an eye. Right before lightning hit the spot I was standing in.

    Demone’s point of view:
    I reached my grandfathers prison cell, got down on one knee and bowed in respect. “You called?”
    “Demone,” greeted the powerful demon lord. His voice boomed across the prison cells, deep, dark and menacing. The other prisoners cowered in fear. Wimps. “Yes, you see I wish to leave this place, and live a quieter, more peaceful life in the human world.”
    He sounded convincing enough. “And why did you want me?” I asked, so far I played no part in his plan.
    “I need you to brake the locks of course, then both you and I will escape this place, no responsibility’s, and no one too order us around!”
    now I liked what I heard! Despite the others prisoners warnings I undid the locks and we both left the demon realm.
    Little did I know that my grandfather really wanted his powers back, and to, not only get revenge on the angle who sealed his powers: Katie, but he wanted to destroy heaven. And did I mention that he lied? I do still have responsibilities, which are mainly: kill the angle of wind/air, angelic, and capture my half-angle of fire ex-girlfriend so my grandfather can steal her powers. And someone was bossing me around: my grandfather. And “Grand” doesn’t describe him AT ALL!! You know, my life can really suck.