• S. A.L.T

    If a human sees a demon or an angel, they are probably close to death and cry out.
    No consequence.
    If an angel and demon happen to be seen by or sees the other, they would call out in rage and disdain.
    But it's forbidden to be seen.
    If an angel and demon spoke to one another, it was unimaginable.
    It was punishable by banishment.
    And if the two fell in love? Well, that just didn’t happen.
    But it could mean death for the two.
    I guess I was foolish. I happened to be very young for what I was. Barely 70, my peers ages ranged around 400 to 600. I was one of the youngest angels, the last one born, in the past 100 years. My ideals of the world differed significantly from theirs. I was an infant to them, a meek, inexperienced child. But as it so happens, the younger you are, the purer your soul is. Although it was said my soul in particular was especially pure, even for my age. And I suppose that was our downfall, my pureness.
    He certainly wasn’t pure, but then of course not. There was no possible way….was there? No, he casts away darkness even now. And I would expect nothing less from a demon.
    He was young as well, older than I but still far more intelligent and adjusted to the customs of the Earth, as most demons were. They usually are, while Hell is so close to the Earth. Although he wasn’t as vain, if he was vain at all. It infuriates me, their vanity, only because Hell is barely 10 feet beneath the Earth’s crust, whereas Heaven is nearly a dimension away, so they are more comfortable taking quick trips, more adapted to human customs. This is normally the reason demons are seen as sharp, and angels as foolish bubbleheads. But just because the angels aren’t there constantly doesn’t mean we never visit.
    I believe I had just passed by my 70th birthday, still very young, when first I saw him. He was around 90. I remember a lake, shimmering, glistening with so many colors, as the autumn leaves scratched at my arms, seeming determined to catch in my black hair. I was enjoying myself. It was a cool day, and I was there to see the fireflies that would soon grace the lake that now reflected the setting sun’s cheerful glow. I looked around, hyper with excitement.
    I glanced around when I heard the smallest sound of rustling plants; saw the tiniest movement in the foliage, the shrubs’ leaves being turned amber and golden amidst the setting sun’s soft light. My mouth and my eyes could not have hidden my happiness for nothing in the world. I thought I had seen the first firefly, and squealed with pleasure as a neon yellow glow emerged from the bushes.
    And that’s when my eyes met his.