• All I did was yell, “NO! NO! NO! I’m not going in!” My aunt nodded at Victor and he held me. Emma opened the door and I closed my eyes. Victor walked me in and my eyes opened out of curiosity, and….

    I saw the walls full of movies. I patted myself, I was stunned I hadn’t fainted. Emma came over and took Victor’s arm off me and hugged me. We hugged each other and jumped. Emma let go of me and I walked around. I let my arms out as if a little girl was dancing in a snowfall. I fell to my knees and felt the carpet. I sat there for a moment and then realized they had brought me here for a reason. I stood up and asked, “Why am I here?” I looked at Emma and she threw up her hands and she said, “I don’t know Im here for you…I want to know too.” That shocked me to hear Emma was so smart, straight A’s and she always tried to figure everything out. I shook my head and looked at my aunt she kept her head down and walked to my uncle’s side. Emma came over to me. I took her hand. I looked at Victor and he walked to me. Emma let go and went and sat down in a chair. Victor kissed me and held my hand. I looked at my uncle and he looked at me. He spoke after a minute, “I don’t know how to say this but…your father is alive.” I took in a deep breathe and closed my eyes. I responded, “Your drunk…he died.” I grinded my teeth. I heard a sound, it sounded like a chamber door. But there wasn’t a chamber door. I heard footsteps. I heard a voice, “Popcorn… extra butter.” It was my father’s voice, that was how we always order popcorn and how we always ate it. I whipped around and saw my father, the same age as he was. No scares. Everything was the same. All I could say was, “Daddy?” My eyes watered. He walked forward, I stepped back then ran towards him. I rapped my arms around him. He felt stiff. I backed up to Victor and asked my father, “Why haven’t you changed…at all?” He stepped forward and said, “I’m about eight centuries old…I’m immortal.” He laughed and finished, “ And I aint no blood sucking Twilight vampire…I’m an immortal. I have to eat actual food, drink fluids, and I can be in oh an accident and still live.” I was crying into Victor now. Victor held me. My father scoffed and finished, “Oh stop crying. He is one to, same with your aunt and uncle. We always thought your mother was one too. But the accident came and she died. I did love her. But I’ve loved many women and had children. You’re the first I stayed for…there is something about you.” I had registered the “he is one of us” and I backed away from Victor, my dad, my aunt, and my uncle. I went to Emma. Emma and I hugged each other. We both were terrified. Victor held out a hand stepping caustically towards me. Emma hid behind me while I stepped forward. I yelled at him, “You…you lied to me! You acted like you were normal!” He stepped towards me and said, “I’m not one of them…I don’t know what he is talking about. Please believe me.” I looked at my father and he had a smirk. I grabbed Victor’s hand and spun him towards me and Emma. I looked at my father and said, “Why did you lie?” He stepped forward and chuckled and said, “He will be. He accidentally cut his arm on my desk. He left behind blood. I tested it and it turned out to be positive, oh and so are you Jayne. I tested you when you were little.” I was stunned I looked at Victor and he looked at me. We looked at Emma. She laughed and said, “Greet am I the only one who isn’t immortal.” My father turned towards the door and said, “I’ll do you one last favor, since you’re my child. Your aunt, uncle, and I will get rid of this guy. Oh and keep the house. Its paid off. Oh you’ve got a bank account too.” He gave me a piece of paper and left. My aunt and uncle left too. I looked at the paper it read:
    Dear Jayne,
    We will meet again. You have a brother. His name is Daniel. He lives in France I’ll let him know you are alive. Your bank account password is Popcorn extra butter. Its long but you will remember it. Tell Emma she may have my study, the key is in the door knob. She can study all she wants. I saw her grow up, I know what she enjoys. Also she can keep my notes. You are left with the house, car, and bank account. See you…in time.

    I looked at the door. I gave Emma the letter. She was happy to get the study. Victor was in shock. I was oh I don’t even know how I felt. I heard a shot. I ran back to Victor. Victor grabbed me and said, “I need to tell you something. My name isn’t Victor its Damon Sleuth. I had to keep my identity safe because my mother and father are immortal too. I didn’t know I was too.” I staggered back. I didn’t know what to make of it. I opened my mouth and closed it. I shook my head and finally said, “…