• tab Soft wind ruffled my short cap of auburn hair. I took a deep breath before trumpeting a battle cry and charging murderously into battle. The rogue ogres stood 7 feet tall and were a sickly greenish color. I drew my sword and hacked away. I let my berserker blood take over, with only a semi-aware part of me directing my blows. Soon all the ogres were either dead or fleeing. I let my burning blood cool and I looked at my surroundings. Not many elves and humans had died. I felt saddened by all the death, even those deaths that I hadn't caused.
    tab I noticed a shimmering light on the edge of my vision then. I started towards the bright glow. No one paid me any mind. When I reached it I found a shimmering blade.
    tab Carefully prying the sword from the hands of the dead elf who'd borne it in battle, I studied it. When I'd picked it up, there hadn't been any writing on it. But before my astounded eyes, words started etching themselves into the blade. I felt my stomach flip when I saw my name. It said- After a bloody battle against ogres, a girl named Mariella will pick this blade up. Only when she picks it up will these words appear. The destiny of this girl has been foretold for ages. But will she accept her destiny?