• The police were investigating the fire. The only way the house would of caught on fire is another fire. The only other fires in the house were the stove and the chimney. The weird thing was when the only thing standing when they got to the house was the chimney. No smoke was coming out of the chimney. The doors to it were closed. The stove wasnt on. They found the body of the dad but they didn't find her mom's body.that made Utada feel better.there was a possibility she could find her mom alive."Sorry.I need to go!"Utada said."Why?"The officer asked."Personal reasons."she said.

    "Everything is useless."Utada said.She was at what was left of her house.She made her friend come with her."Utada.If you need clues you shouldn't look in the ruins of something that has nothing inside of it."her friend said."Jake!your just making the situation worse!By being negative you won't solve anything!"Utada exclaimed."Come on.We're just getting dirty for nothing."Jake said."Okay but tomorrow im still gonna be here."Utada said.She was determined to find her mother.

    "What's this?"She asked."I dont know.I just wanna go home and rest.Last night was pretty tiring.My feet still hurt from standing."Jake said."One sec.Someones calling me."Utada said.She answered her phone."Hello.Oh yeah.I know.Oh my god, Sure!Totally!""Who was that?"Jake asked."My friend Ryan."she answered."I have great news!He likes me!"She said.Jake didn't have time tio say how he felt about her.He loved her to."I was just about to say....say...say"he said."Say what?she said."Say the same thing."Jake said."Oh no.My parents are gone and now this.Its to hard to turn down either of you.What should I do?"Utada said.She thought and thought.