• Destiny Meets Malachi


    At the age of eighteen, I had officially done what no teenage girl had done before; skinny dip in Lake Tantolo after taking a tequila shot, and then chugging a bottle of vodka underwater before resurfacing from the 45 ft lake in less than five minutes. Me, Kristina (Kristi) Michelin Destiny Deviant. No one thought that I, of all people would be able to pull this off because I was the straight A+ student from Pepperidge Academy, the prestigious Boarding school whose students became some of the most powerful and successful people on the entire planet.

    Bookworm from the small town of Steege, Liptuta here on scholarship and with the wiry dingy glasses, was the first to pull off the task and not die. I wanted to do something daring, seeing as how I was the least daring person on the entire planet. I missed prom to study for finals, and never stayed out later then five because that’s when the Library closed. I had to support my mother and I because she worked at a grocery store in Steege, so I sent half my paycheck to her, ad kept the rest for food and school supplies. I’m surprised I never gained a pound of weight, having eaten so many instant ramen cups. If anything, I was off ramen for the rest of my life.

    I had an interview with a famous magazine named, Juice which would pay me well, and since Pepperidge was an elevator school, I’d pursue my dreams of Journalism there. I thought that this summer would be the greatest. My friends who had been with me since I first arrived here planned on taking me to Cuwatti Beach for four months, and my mother said she had saved up enough that it would be fine for me to go. Little did I know that I would meet someone who would change my life forever.

    As I said, I’m a bookworm, and my two best friends, Conner Deleey, and Marina Frostia were the ones who stuck with me even after Conner made it as Captain of the soccer team and Marina became lead cheerleader. They stuck up for the ‘anti-social loser’ and sometimes left me to hit up parties. I had never attended anything except the Winter Formal when we were freshman and I had worn my small town, ‘unfashionable’ red and silver dress. People made fun of me, and some jerk faced ‘accidentally’ ripped it after spilling punch on it. I could never afford to take it to the cleaners, so I hand washed it and mended it myself before sending it to an orphanage.

    The girl who received it said she loved it, and we’ve been pen pals ever since. Her name is Georgie and she should be fourteen now. However, that is not my reason for no longer attending any parties and school functions. I got an A- on the test the next day, and I was depressed for the next few months blaming anything sociable. Conner and Marina haven’t gotten me to attend another party since.

    As of the moment, it’s the day after graduation and my stupid stunt which landed me a headache from hell which I now know is called a ‘hangover’ and I’m on Marina and Conner’s private jet. Did I mention they’re twins? You see, their parents named them, but when they were five, Marina decided to take her mother’s last name and be Marina V. Frostia instead of Marina Vanessa Deleey. She said there was no ring to it, unlike MV Frosty. That’s what she has everyone call her except Conner and me. They call me De De because they said it has a better ring then Kristina Deviant.

    “So where are we staying?” I asked Marina after I felt for certain the painkillers I had taken were in full effect. Marina, who was watching a movie called, ‘The Rescuers Down Under’ turned to face her friend with a smile on her face. “In our summer home. You’re going to love it. We have at least three formal events, and the Merchino’s have few parties of their own. Their sons are complete party boys, but stay away from Nadeem and Malachi.” Marina warned.

    “Why? Do you have a crush on them?” I teased. “No, those are two of the triplets who are just so bad.” Marina said. “Wonderful description sis.” Conner teased as he came back from the pilot area. “So the Merchino’s have four sons. There’s the triplets' Nadeem, Malachi, and Mercutio who are twenty, and then Carlson who is Marina’s off-again on-again boyfriend who’s nineteen. I don’t mind them, but their behavior is questionable. Carlson and Marina are practically inseparable, but they get into a fight whenever Marina even looks at another guy.

    “If we didn’t grow up with them as kid, I would not have let Marina go out with him.” “What do you let?” Marina asked. Ignoring her completely he continued, “Now Mercutio is the only one whom I strike as sane from the triplets. He’s kind of like you, so you would probably get along well. He hates parties too, so if you don’t feel like attending one, you can find the loser in the Library.” “Oh, so now losers are bookworms?” I asked, teasingly.

    “Nah, just him. I mean he’s built for sports. No, their entire family is built for sports. These guys are undeniably tall, handsome, and mysterious.” Conner said. “They have these awesomely tan bodies, green eyes, and oh so sexy brown hair.” Marina said with a wicked grin on her face. “O…k?” I asked uncertainly. “Now, it’s not like we don’t like Nadeem and Malachi it’s just that well, Nadeem is… not as sane as we feel comfortable letting you around. I wouldn’t mind Marina around him because they don’t go after their boys mates as they like to call them.” Conner said.

    “Nadeem is like a sadistic, manipulative, serial killer.” Marina said with a smile. “WHAT?” I exclaimed. My headache was starting to come back, but it wasn’t to the point of me wanting to curl into a ball and pray for death. “When we were kids Nadeem was to one who slaughtered an innocent fox with his bare hands and ripped it’s bones from it body without second thought like it was normal for him. Marina cried for five weeks and hid herself whenever they came over.” Conner said.

    “I think I’ll be avoiding said person.” I said my eyes wide. “He’s not as bad anymore, but he’s also a bit of a manwhore, and can convince any girl to do you know what if he really wanted to.” Marina said. “Did he convince you?” I asked with an elevated brow. “Of course not! They don’t do that to their brothers or anyone’s girlfriend unless she belongs to ‘them,’ as Malachi put it.” Marina said. “Now Malachi is my best man, but I don’t always agree with him.” Conner said.

    “I’m not sure I really want to meet these guys.” I said, hoping I would be able to get out of learning about this one’s personality. “Nah, they’ll love you, and won’t touch you for any reason.” Marina said. I bit my lower lip before turning to face Conner. “Malachi is your typical badass. You know smoker, drinker, and is a part of a gang Nadeem started few years back. He loves violence, but he’s generally cool unless he’s ticked off. “ Conner said. “Yeah, I’ll be spending break in my room and the Library.” I decided.

    “Don’t sweat it, Dest-in-ee.” Conner enunciated, the way he always did. He loved calling me Destiny or Shortie. Of course the Shortie bit was not of my favorites but after few years, I just let it go and now Conner’s the only one who can call me that. “I’m regretting not getting started on that new job of mine…” I muttered under my breath. “Excuse me Ms. Marina, Mr. Conner, and Ms. Deviant, but the plane should be landing soon, and you should please remain seated and fasten your seatbelts.” A kind stewardess said.

    She was blonde with interesting green eyes. Marina and Conner caught me looking. “That’s Odessa Merchino. She’s one of Carl’s cousins and she visits them every summer for a week and then she’s gone. She enjoys working on planes so whenever she’s in town, she comes to pick us up. She’s like thirty-three now, and married to this one guy.” Marina said. “Oh well, she’s real pretty.” I said.

    Conner nodded in agreement. The rest of the ride was spent watching Marina’s movie and Marina and I attempting to throw popcorn into Conner’s mouth. When we arrived at the airport, a man named Herbert, who happened to be their driver, quickly dropped us off at the lovely Summer Home. Well maybe mansion would be a better description, but Marina said it’s too tiny to be considered one.

    The apricot house had five bedrooms, four bathrooms, a kitchen, dining room, living room, game room, and a ballroom. “Because the Merchino boys usually come over a lot, we gave them the two guest rooms permanently, so you’ll be bunking with me.” Marina said, as she led me, who was awestruck, to her room.

    “Conner’s next door, and my parent’s room is also on the third floor. The guest rooms are on the second floor along with the game room. There are two bathrooms up here, and the ballroom, kitchen, living room, and dining room are down stairs. The basement is more like a movie room, so it’s like a movie theater down there. You’ll love it, oh and the Library is next to my dad’s study on the second floor. There’s a bathroom on the first floor and second in-between the two guest rooms.” Marina said.

    “So I’ll be living on the second floor and the basement, got it.” I said. “No silly. Okay, don’t freak out when you see my room. Carl got tired of all the pinkness, and this was when I was ten, so it’s all zoo themed. Conner’s is worse. It’s a crossbreed between racers and sports. My closet’s the only other door and Conner and I share a bathroom which is across the hall.” Marina finished, as she began to open the door to her… room?

    She wasn’t lying when she said it was zoo themed. In the corned was practically a stuffed animal zoo, and her bed was a giant Panda Bear. Her carpet had three tiger and lion teddy bear rugs, and her wall was painted like a babies room with grass, the sky, and animals everywhere. “You are way too rich.” I muttered under my breath.

    Marina smirked. “Don’t be jealous hater. You just wish you could have a room like this.” “I don’t think anyone does.” Conner muttered as he walked into Marina’s bedroom. “This is all the excitement I think I can stand. I’m scared to see Conner’s room now.” I said before tripping onto the floor. Conner and Marina laughed at me before helping me up. “The Merchino’s live just next door, although it’s a pretty long walk.” Marina said as she took me to the basement.

    “Will they be coming over?” I asked, a hint of fear in my voice. “They’ll definitely drop by either today or tomorrow, but until then, your hanging out with us and forbidden from the Library. I can’t stand being with this dork alone.” Marina teased her brother as they continued their walk to the basement. Conner smirked and then tackled his sister onto one of the couches in the basement.

    The twins weren’t lying when they said it looked like a mini movie theater. There was a popcorn machine, a glass filled candy case, and see through fridge carrying drinks in the corner, then three sofas pushed together in a semi circle in the middle of the room. The floor was a soft, yet grey carpet, and there was a giant TV that took up an entire wall in front of the sofa with red curtains around the sides. The lighting system was off the hook.

    “Is the pauper in awe?” Conner teased as he threw me over his shoulder. “Don’t be a jerk, Conner.” I said with a mock glare. I was comfortable with myself, and never took any insults seriously, so they could tease me. However, when someone else said something mean to or about me, it took a rhino tranquilizer just to cool him down. “So what shall we watch Mr. and Mrs. Gingerbread Macchiato with Whipped cream and Peppermint and White Chocolate Chips Sprinkled on Top?” Marina teased.

    She always thought that Conner and I would be a cute couple because we like a lot of the same things, and apparently look adorable together, but both Conner and I know that we are not meant for each other. “Oo, why don’t you buzz Ginger and ask her to whip us up some?” Conner asked Marina. Their cook, Ginger Marconi, was amazing. And if anything, they really wanted to spoil me for my hard work.

    It didn’t take too long before they popped in ‘Air Force One’ with Harrison Ford at my begging. If anyone was a Harrison Ford’s biggest fan, it was me, but then again, if they showed me their Christian Bale collection… Once the movie was over, we began clean up, and once we finished, we headed up stairs. I was at the back of the line, shoving Conner up the stairs because he was being mean, when Marina gasped.

    “When did you idiots arrive!” she squealed in what sounded like utter joy. “Just right now.” Came a male voice. I heard the sound of someone running, probably Marina, before said person stopped. “Whoa tiger, did you miss me that much?” came the same guy’s voice. Not seeing the steps, I tripped which in turn caused me to push Conner to hard, and we both fell up the steps. Trust me that takes utter skill.

    “Jesus! If you wanted me that bad, all you had to do was say Shortie.” Conner teased me, who just happened to be on top of him. “Your ego never ceases to amaze me.” I snorted forgetting that there was more then Marina and an Conner in the house. “Want to see it?” Conner teased. I turned the shade of a tomato. “NO! I changed my mind, I am going back to start working.” I said quickly getting off Conner.

    “I was kidding!” Conner said snagging me by the waist. “I know, gosh you’re such a dork.” “Conner’s girlfriend?” a brown haired boy next to Marina asked. Marina snorted. “I wish. Don’t they look so cute together?” she asked the four guys behind her. Exiting their argument, I turned to face Marina and the four strangers I assumed were the Merchino’s I had been hoping to avoid.

    “Hey guys, what’s up?” Conner said, letting go of me to say hi to his friends. “Hey Conner, who’s this?” one of the guys asked. I wasn’t going to deny that the four guys before me were hot, but the one asking about me, creeped me out in more then one way. I mean all of them released some sort of dangerous feeling that left me fearful.

    “Nadeem, do not touch Destiny.” Conner said to the guy who asked about me. “I wasn’t planning on it.” Nadeem said. “Dude, she’s not my girl, but still don’t touch her.” Conner warned. “Shortie, come meet the gang.” Conner said turning to face me. Glaring at Conner, she took three steps leaving me a fair distance away from the guys, but not suspiciously far.

    “Kristina, this is Nadeem,” Conner said pointing to the one I automatically deemed I’d stay away from. Nadeem wore a shirt saying ‘Once You Stop Eating Red Meat, You’ve Lost the Right to Complain About Flavor’ t-shirt and ripped jeans. His hair was spiky too. “Malachi” he said pointing to the guy next to Nadeem, who seemed to be watching me ceaselessly. I will not deny that I was a little drawn to him, but remembering what I had heard on the plane, I decided I’d stay away from him too.

    He wore a leather jacket, ripped jeans, and a white t-shirt. “Mercutio,” I decided I wouldn’t mind this one because he looked nice and friendly, and wasn’t staring at me like a piece of meat. He was wearing some glasses and had a book tucked underneath his arm. He smiled at me before offering his hand to shake. I couldn’t help but to smile back and shook his hand. I failed to notice the dark look Malachi gave me when I made contact with his brother and smiled at him.

    “And finally, this is Carlson.” Marina said giving her boyfriend’s hand a squeeze. Carl smiled at me and I smiled back. Marina didn’t give me any reason to fear this guy, so he didn’t bother me either. “Kay De De, dinner’s in an hour and I know how much you wanted to see the Library.” Marina said, unlacing her hand with Carlson, who furrowed his eyebrows a little, and then glared at me once Marina laced her hands with mine.

    I didn’t notice because I was too excited once Marina said the word Library. “But I wanted to show her.” Conner whined. “You can come too.” Marina said. “You guys make yourselves at home, we’ll be down soon to hang out.” Marina said. Conner grabbed my other hand before they both hurried to lead me up the stairs and then return to their other friends.

    They didn’t want to exclude me, but they didn’t want me mixed up with the Merchino’s either until the boys signed in blood that they wouldn’t mess with me at all.