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    "I'll be back..." I was bored, I felt like flying.
    "It's only for a glide...so I think these will be fine." I lifted up my wings -still in normal form- and started flapping, making loud noises, but they were very good for gliding. I looked below me, looked at the rooftops of the school and saw Kimi on the roof. I started spinning around, and I closed my eyes. "Peaceful isn't it?" The demon said in a scaring voice.
    "Ahh!" I felt down a bit, but got in control again.
    "It was." I replied.
    "Did I ruin it for you?"
    "Kinda, but I was thinking about something else."
    "Like what?" I suddenly saw a black figure beside me, on his back, gliding.
    "Like Johnny..." I said, with sadness in my heart.
    "Who's that?"
    "It doesn't matter..." I said, silent tears dripping down my face.
    "It does to me," he said, reassuringly. "You matter to me more than you think."
    "You just want to use me so you can get your way..." Tears streamed even more.
    "No I don't....There's just things I need to know before I tell you your name."
    "Go away..." I said, Closing myself in my angel wings, falling head first.
    If you can't live...I can't live without you...

    "Hina!" Was the last thing I heard before I hit the ground, landing with a crash a meteor would probably make. Was I still alive? Was I still breathing? I can't open this coffin of wings...
    "D-d-d-..." I couldn't talk, so I tried not to. More tears came.
    Help me...
    Won't someone help me...?

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    Death Came Upon Gilded Wings