• It was raining, pouring actually.
    Pouring so hard, hitting me skin like daggers,
    painful daggers piercing through my skin.
    Then the rain just stopped, but i could still hear the pitter patter of the rain.
    I looked up and saw strawberries actually, a strawberry print umbrella.
    I couldn't make out who was holding it but i knew it was a man.
    And he said "What are you doing alone in the rain Miss?"
    "Being murdered.” I said.
    The man stared at me with sympathy. He got closer
    And finally saw his face. He’s handsome, Amber eyes, fair skin and dark hair.
    He spoke again “Would you let me save you?”
    I stared at him blankly and reached for his cheek
    “Can you?” I said, now putting my arms around him
    “I can” he said positioning me in a lovers carry.
    I close my eyes and just drifted to sleep
    The next thing my eyes saw was a ceiling
    I massaged my head with both of my hands and turned to my right. I was up in the sky.
    Maybe not in the sky, but a place with that kind of view.
    The clouds so white.
    The sun shining on my face.
    The sky so vast.
    I got off the bed that I was sleeping in just a while ago, and I looked at the clothes I was wearing:
    A dainty pink dress. Someone changed my clothes…
    But who?
    Could it be the man? But that meant he saw me…
    Then I heard a sizzling sound and the scent of bacon filled the air.
    I followed the scent and saw someone cooking. It must be him,
    He’s humming to the tune of a famous Beethoven composition.
    Spring, such a cheerful song he composed
    But that didn’t matter now
    “How long are you going to keep me here?” I said
    “So you’re awake” he turned and gave me a cheerful smile.
    I just ignored it. There was silence but the groaning of my stomach broke it.
    He laughed. I just blushed.
    “Sit down, please”
    So I sat down. He had a kitchen, a high-class one from the looks of it.
    He lay down a plate for me and himself, two glasses, two pairs of knives and forks.
    Bacon and eggs filled both of our plates.
    “apple of orange?” he said.
    “Juice. Apple or orange?”
    I put my black hair to the side of my shoulder and grabbed the fork as he poured me the juice.
    “You still haven’t answered my question.”
    “You can leave anytime you want.”
    “Can I leave now?”
    “Eat breakfast first.”
    “But you said—never mind, I’ll eat.” I scooped up the scrambled egg and ate it.
    “so what’s your name?”
    “Rina, and yours?”
    “Alexander, Rina’s a nice name”
    “Shut up”
    “Aren’t you the mean one. I thought I rescued a cute innocent young lady last night?”
    “Sorry to disappoint” he was grinning a lot at me and I just starred.
    “Rina, can I kiss you?”
    I almost spit out the juice that I was drinking. “wh-what?”
    “You’re cute when you blush. Anyway, of course I want to kiss you.
    When I rescued you from the rain I expected you to sleep with me.”
    His hands caressing my face getting closer to mine.
    His amber eyes so became darker.
    “you have the bluest eyes.” He said as he closed his eyes and rubbed his lips against mine.
    He, with his gentle hands, I had to stop it.
    Will I stop it?
    I pushed him away from me and we fell of the marble floor. A very awkward and unwanted silence filled the air. He stepped up and turned away from me. “I’ve always loved you”
    “wh-when you were alone in the rain, you were there because someone broke your heart.”
    “How did you know that?!”
    “The guy that you liked so much is a friend of mine; remember the one that you met at the party? Did you even notice the guy in the background… the one always glancing at you?”
    “Well of course I didn’t! I concentrated on someone else that night.
    When I found out he was just using me I felt like I just died and went to hell! He said that he loved me. But he just wanted my money and just made my body a toy to him!” I explained. “Why?! Why did he even like me?” I stood up with trembling knees.
    I began to run, run away from his place. From him. From everything. But the way out felt so far away.
    It felt like I was carrying the whole world on my back. Something stopping me from getting away.
    Something grabbed me. I screamed and yelled and kicked, but it won’t let go.
    I was trapped like a fly on a spider web. Tired, and waiting for its death.
    “calm down” he said whispering into my ears.
    Somehow, his voice calmed down. Just like a mother’s lullaby to an infant.
    “I can make all of those painful memories go away...” He paused for a moment
    “…would you like that?” he continued.
    He held me tighter to forget everything. Trust this man to do that.
    My mind went completely blank. I just don’t know what to do…

    to be continued
    ( i hope )