• One day at the akatsuki hideout, Pein assigned Deidara and Itachi to go to the village hidden in the forest to complete a mission. "why did Pein assign me to go with you, un?" Deidara said, his arms crossed. "It doesn't matter. We just complete the mission and then we go back to the hideout." Itachi replied. The two were currently walking through the forest thinking nothing Else could go wrong. They were wrong. Out of nowhere a masked leaf village ninja appeared and used a strange jutsu on the two akatsuki members. Oddly nothing physically happened to them so they killed the ninja and went on with the mission.

    Later that day, Deidara and Itachi made their way back to the hideout feeling odd. They just ignored it and went to bed. The next day, they were afraid at what happened because their hands transformed. Itachi's turned into weasel paws and Deidara's turned into hooves. The two of them tried hiding it from the others but it got worse as they changed even more. They grew tails and snouts. They're eyesight changed and they could barely see in color. They went to bed hoping it would be all gone in the morning.

    The next day, they woke up as animals. Itachi had turned into a weasel and Deidara turned into a small taurus. They two escaped the hideout not wanting the others to see them. The next thing they hadn't expected was to see a red fox in their path. They knew who it was and didn't want to say anything else the familiar fox might kill them there.
    To be continued...