• Once upon a time there was a lad named Avul. Now, Avul was a very friendly lad, and enjoyed others company, but unfortunately, he could never be around people for very long. You see, Avul had a secret. Deep within him lived a monster. A monster that enjoyed only one thing, and that was killing. Avul tried as hard as he could to keep this monster suppressed, but occasionally, when Avul got hurt or someone around him did, the monster would escape.
    Because of this, Avul had to stay away from people and live alone. He didn’t mind, because he knew that as long as he was away from people, the monster could never hurt them. He lived most of his life this way, quite content with his loneliness, until the day he saw her…
    She was a traveler, and the most beautiful women Avul had ever seen. At that moment, Avul suddenly felt all the years of his loneliness press down on him all at once, and knew he could not live another day without this women by his side.
    The women too loved Avul, and soon they were together, living in a small cottage by the sea. But the monster was growing restless. It wanted out. Avul tried with all his might to keep it suppressed, but it was of no use. One day, while building a fire, Avul burned his arm. The shock from the pain was all it took, and the monster escaped, taking control or Avul’s body and heading instantly towards the smell of the women’s flesh. It burst into the house, and as soon as it saw the women…

    It stopped.

    It suddenly found itself incapable of killing the women, the only thing it couldn’t kill. The monster did not understand why this was, it couldn’t. It wouldn’t. So, frustrated by this failure, it returned to its nest within Avul.
    Several times the monster escaped in the many years Avul and the women lived together, but each time it could not kill her. The monsters rage continued to grow, but it could do nothing. So it remained inside, waiting for its chance to kill again…which would soon come on the wings of white sails…
    One day, during midday, it happened.
    An invasion.
    The armies of a foreign land landed on the shores, there numbers many, and all strong. They set strait towards the house on the shore, hoping to find extra food and provisions. What they found was even better.
    Avul tried to defend the women against the foreign attacker, but it was no use. It took only one archer to take him down, an arrow pierced through his body. He lay on the ground and could only watch helplessly as the cruel men came forward to claim there prize. It was then that Avul wished to kill, to kill like the monster did, and to wipe the scum from the face of the earth. The monster was all too happy to oblige.
    Set free willingly by Avul, the monster took control. The pain it felt meant nothing, for only one thought coursed through it, and that was to kill the invaders.
    Seeing the dying man stand, the captain of the foreign army panicked. “Monster!” he screamed, and charged at it with his sword. The women, seeing Avul in danger, jumped in to save him, piercing herself on the man’s sword. This moment of hesitation from the captain was all the monster needed. Ripping the women from the blade and throwing her to the ground, the monster took the sword out of the startled man’s hands and decapitated him in one blow. This was the moment the monster had been waiting for. All those year of being sealed away, unable to kill, now free. The monster let loose all it fury and rage, mixed with that of Avul’s, upon the invading forces. They stood no chance against the monster, for no matter how many times their blades pierced it’s flesh, it continued to come at them.
    The remaining men panicked and quickly retreated towards there ships, but the monster wasn’t done yet. As it turned to follow, it heard a small cry. Turning around, it spotted the dying women, who reached towards him, calling him to be by her side so that she may not die alone. Deep inside, the monster felt compelled to aid her, but Avul’s fury had not yet died, and it was that fury that made the monster turn it’s back on the dying women and give chase towards the retreating men.
    It wasn’t until after every man was dead that Avul finally regained control of his body. Returning to the house by the shore, he found the women, dead. She had died alone, without him there to comfort her. Realizing this, Avul went into madness. He had left her. He had let her die alone. It was his fault.
    It was at that moment that Avul let go. He let go of everything, and let the monster out one last time. He didn’t care what it did, or who it hurt, it didn’t matter anymore. And so, Avul sealed himself away, forever in the darkness which was now his soul…