• "Momma?!Mom!!!"I yelled but cried at the same time,i was lost,couldnt find my way.
    "Where are you!?!"i cried out helplessly,no answer came,i looked around,hopeing that i would just catch a glimpse of her.
    "Hi there,are you ok?"i heard a voice call to me,"Come here its ok i help you."
    "W-who are you?"i asked,while taking the strangers hand.
    "My name is Mick,"his voice was so soothing,"just follow me i know where she is."
    he sounded so confident,my brain wasnt working so i followed him as i said "ok"
    It seemed like we walked for hours,untill we finnaly reached a dark area,
    "What are we doing here?" i asked
    "Dont worry this wont hurt a bit...."
    There was no time to react,i felt his lips on my neck,and befor i knew it he was drinking my blood.
    He told me to drink his blood so i did,we did that two more times............

    "Zoey,wake up.Zoey you need to get up.Come on"
    I woke up screaming.Ilooked around for Mick.
    "Mick?Where are you?"i asked.
    "Dont worry im right here baby,dont worry im right here,you had that dream again didnt you?"
    "Yeah,but this time some parts where missing.Mick im thirsty"
    "I know,come on lets go." He helped me up,then he kissed me lightly and went to our freinds house,who always had donators,so we could feed.
    Being a vampire was the best thing,i wanted to be one since i was 10 years old.
    Well now im 19, well in human years i am,im vampire years im 100 years old,yup thats right
    i've been a vampire for a hundred years old.Yeah you could im old but watever,i love bering a vamp.I feel so powerfull.

    "Ahh,Zoey,Mick how are yall?Come on in.Let me guess,thristy?"
    "Yup you know us to well,we just might have to find someone else to help us"i said joking around.