• Prolouge

    Have you ever noticed things don't turn out the way you want them to? Boy, oh, boy do I have expeirience there. You see, it seems things take their own course no matter now hard and deperately you try to change it. It stays stuck on that path. Eventually you give up trying. Exhausted you collapse and watch it go in a direction you never intended it to go on. you feel like you faild. However there is a real smart saying. You always succeed from failure. There is always some type of good that comes out of your mistakes. You as a person have to take the iniciative and find out what that good thing is however. I never knew what my parents wanted. They kept warning me. Telling me that they only did what they did because they loved me. I never listened of course thinking they were just being over protective. What they were really doing was preparing me for the real world. I didn't realize it until it was too late. There are days now that I wish I would have listened to them. I wish that I had stopped my ways. You realize after a while that you cannot change an objects directions by force, but that object, that person, has to want to change it also.
    I am probably boring you with this mumbo jumbo about failure and listen to your partents crap. However this is relevant to the story. To my story.

    ChApTeR OnE

    I sped down the highway with 'Rockstar' blaring out of my speakers. I was on my way to a club in the city athat was supposedly jumping.Shelly, my BFF, told me the address and said to meet her up there.So here I am crusing down the highway. There is nothing but a long stretch of road. There are no cars around me and I saw no cop. I put the petal to the metal. I looked at the speedometer and watched the needle as it read past past seventy, eighty, and nintey. Whoop, Whoop.
    :"s**t!" A cop had his lights and sirens going. Thankfully when we pulled over, I got a good look of his face. He was one of the younger ones. Definately not over twenty five. He also was hott as hell! I boosted up my breasts and put on a sexy but secretive smile.
    "M'am, You do know how fast you were going right?" He looked up from his ticket pad and couldn't help is wandering eyes. He traveled up the top of my legs, my stomache and settled on the tops of my breasts. His adams apple and I knew I had him in my clutches. Check and mate.
    "I'm sorry officer...Ted."
    "I'm going to need to see some, uh.." He did one more once over and looked at my eyes.
    "Licence and registration?" I said as sexy as I could. All he was able to do was nod his head. I bent over to the passenger side of my car and took out my regestration. I grabbed my little wallet purse and pulled out the licence as well. When I turned to face him I made sure I was slightly biting my lip and had a sweet innocent smile on my face.
    "I'll just be a moment." He grabbed the papers and jetted off to his squad car. I looked at him through my rear view mirror and saw him taking out some mints and doing a quick check on my stuff. When he started back to my car I made sure that my strap on my dress was haning off my shoulder and my hair pumped up more.
    "Here you go m'am." The papers were shaking as I took them from his hand. I looked at the papers and saw a little sticky note on my licence with a number on it.
    "So do I get a ticket? Or am I free to go officer Ted?" My voice has a seductive tone to it.
    "I need you to take a breathalizer. Just procedure." I could tell he wanted me out of the car to see my full body.
    "Can we not and say we did?" I felt the top of my chest and ran it down my body.
    "Uh, yeah, sure I don't see a problem with that. You're obviously not drunk."
    "Thanks Ted. I juss love a man in uniform." I gave him a wink and started off again. As always I got what I wanted for my body and looks.
    When I arrived at the club, Shelly was waiting at the door for me flirting with the bouncer. That was how she operated. She is one of those busty bottle blondes that every one can't help but fall for. I very rarely talk to ugly people. That was my motto.
    "Thats her!" Shelly bounced up and down and so did her chest. The bouncer couldn't take her eyes off of her and the look on his face made me giggle a bit. When Shelly saw me laughing she looked up at the muscular guy and blushed. That had stopped her right in her tracks.
    "Are you ready? Lets go par-tay!" She started to move her hips and the bouncer fallowed their movement. I fallowed her inside and what I saw was amazing. There were lights flashing every where. The dance floor lit up in geometric patterns. Guys were against the wall scoping out girls. The bar was lit up with various neon lights. Above us were dancers suspended in cages. This club was rockin. I knew just from the few moments of being in there that this was our new party spot. When I turned to tell Shelly how amazing this was, she was gone. I searched the room and found her with a few guys. I smiled and walked away looking for somewhere to sit.
    "How many times do you come here?" I jumped when he started talking. I didn't expect any one to come talk to me right away.
    "Hey buddy, if you think you can just.." I trailed off when I turned around and saw the perfect guy standing right in front of me. He had wavy brown hair, a perfect mouth filled with perfect teeth, buff beyond imagination, and green eyes to go with it. My mouth was agate and I felt like and idiot.
    "Sorry to sneak up on you. I saw you and wondered why i hadn't seen you before." He smiled a heart melting smile that would turn any girl on.
    "I have never been here before. Has any one told you those pick up lines are out dated?" I thought back to my previous self. Some one that plays hard to get with the guys. Stay mysterious and sexy, I thought to myself.
    He laughed and bowed his head slightly to meet my eyes. "I guess no one has informed me of that yet." He did that heart melting smile. "But now I know. Would you like to dance?"
    I smiled and shook my head no, but by the time the words formed in my mouth he was pulling me to the dance floor. He started off dancing some what at a distance. I felt the music surge through me and just like that I was dancing along with him. I cought a jealous look from a few girls, including Shelly. I knew she would do that. I just couldn't help being prettier then her though. I bumped and grinded with him for a few hours. I stopped and touched my throught and he understood. He grabbed my hand and led me through the crowd again. "I need two margaritas." He smiled at me. He payed for the drinks and handed me a glass. For a few moments we stood there sipping out drinks.
    "You are quite a dancer." He said eyeing my body.
    "Thanks. I took dance classes when i was little so I guess they really payed off."
    "I don't think I introduced myself properly. I am Brandon. You are?"
    "Well Jenna. You are beautiful and I would just love to see you more than once a week. If even that."
    "I think that could be arranged."
    As the night wore on I learned that Brandon was a quarter back in his days in high shcool. He hates ugly people and that he is twenty three years old. What Brandon learned of me was that I was a cheer leader and that I too, hate ugly people, and that I am twenty one. Only one of those was a lie. True I may only be eighteen and at the end of senior year but he didn't need to know that much. Besides my body looked twenty one. So did my face. I didn't see the big deal.