• Boo was a small little dog that had two big amber eyes that were under

    a pair of fuzzy, white ears. His ovalish body had a light gray-blue tint and

    shinned in the moonlight. His snow white, and furry tail was wagging around

    on the ground like a mop. Boo's right, front paw was jet black as if it had been

    scorched by fire.

    "Crack!" went the stick that Boo had jsut stepped on. "Where am I, " Boo

    thought in horror. The forest was covering the sky like a blanket of snow.

    "OH, no. What if I never find my way back?" The white

    little dog thought with panic swelling up in him. He took off running the way

    he had came and cane to a stop a few yards from where he had run from.

    There was a rustle, then another... Boo's eyes started to grow wider when he

    saw something fly out.

    "Whew.. It's just a bird... Now what, " Boo questioned

    when he looked up. The sky could be seen now and it was dark.

    " What do I do now? I can't find my way out of this forest in the dark.."

    muttered Boo darkly. He slumped down onto his belly and closed his eyes.

    Right when that happened, the white pup fell asleep on the hard and cold

    forest floor.