• At the center of oursystem is the molten sun,
    A star that burns hot, Fahrenheit two billion and one.
    But the sun, He ain't alone in the heavenly sphere,
    He got nine homies in the orbit,
    Some far, And some near.
    Old Mercury's crowding in 'bout as close as he can,
    Yo, Merc's a tiny planet who loves a tan.
    Venus is next, She's a real hot planet,
    Shrounded by clouds hot enough to melt granite.
    Earth is the trird planet from the sun just enough heat and light to make the living fun.
    Then comes mars a planet funky and red,
    Covered with sand the place is pretty dead.
    Jupiter's huge! The largest planet of all.
    Saturns big too, But Uranus is small.
    So far away the place is almost forgotten,
    Neptune's view of earth is pretty rotten.
    And last but not least pluto's in the fog,
    Far away and named after Mickey's home dog.
    Yo, Thht's all the planets orbiting o ur sun,
    But milky way galaxy is far from done!