• Ally rolled over in bed and groaned.... "no, school!!!" finally, after about 20 minutes of her mom struggling with her, Ally finally got up and got ready. on the way out the door, she grabbed her iPhone, black Fox messenger bag and an old, faded hoodie.
    "you'll be fine. i hear this school is really nice," her mom murmured as she pulled up her Mercedes-Benz to the crub.
    "that's what you'll think until i return home dead," Ally muttered grumpily, gripping her bag.
    "bye, honey."


    Ally walked up the school's steps and glanced around her. girls and guys were staring at her, both kindly and rudely. one of the girls in particular said,"we have ANOTHER one of them!?"
    "shut up, Tangie." a couple of the girls said, knocking her shoulder lightly. the girl snickered then turned away.
    Ally's whole body burned so she quickly started to run up the steps. but, her Converse tripped her and she fell... books, supplies, and bag flying in every direction. laughter filled the tiny courtyard, mocking Ally even more. tears filled her eyes as she stayed looking down.
    shoes suddenly blocked her vision. they were black Vans with writing scribbled in a slanted, hurried writing.
    "are you alright?" a voice asked, causing Ally to look up.
    "uh, sure, um...." Ally mumbled, embarrased. the voice belonged to an emo boy like her. he was beautiful. he had pitch black hair and his eyes were the lightest color of blue.
    "here's your things, miss---"
    "Ally, m'name's Ally. what's your's?"
    "Trey. nice to meet you, Ally. i'm taking your new..."
    "it's that easy to tell?" Ally moaned, earning a smile from Trey.
    "course not. i just know all the emo people here and your definitely not in my area of knowledge so i knew you were new."