• ***Continued***

    Ally stood and Trey smiled. he brushed her off as she stuffed the things back in the bag.
    "see, good as new. now just smile some. please?" Trey asked.
    "haha, thanks," Ally muttered.
    the Tangie girl was still staring at her so Ally looked down. Trey looked at the girl and glared, and to Ally's surprise, she looked away quickly.
    "can we go inside?'"
    "oh! yeah, sure," Trey said, cupping her elbow, pulling her inside the school.


    Ally stood at her locker, a few down from Trey's and frowned.
    "wow, i really need to bring in some stuff like posters and things to make it less...bleak."
    "yeah," Trey nodded. "m'locker's filled with posters of linkin park, blink-182, nirvana, and bullet for my valentine." he mumbled.
    "they're all good bands," Ally said, hanging her bag on one of the hooks.
    at that point a blond girl wearing a short skirt and tank top walked up to Trey. she looked at Ally in disdain and scoffed.
    "Trey," she giggled as she pulled her to him.
    Ally looked away, embarrased as the girl kissed him then bit his lip gently. Trey unhooked his arms around his neck and scooted away.
    "Sammi, we are in public..." he muttered.
    his eyes darted back and forth to the two girls. Ally looked down as Sammi looked her over with disgust.
    "how do you hang out with people like her?" Sammi smirked, still glaring at Ally.
    Ally blushed then slammed her locker shut and started to walk away.
    "duh, Sammi. i'm one of 'them'," Trey air-quoted angrily.
    Sammi scoffed and Trey grabbed Ally's arm just before she was out of reach. Sammi sent one more death glare at Ally then walked away in the other direction.