• Why does love hurt this badly?

    The rain…it makes it seem like the sky is crying. I was in my room reading, nothing very exciting had happened that day. I had been rough housing with Layne and Remus and I was sore and tired, but other than that I was just peachy. I sighed and closed the book, “this is so boring!” I grumbled to myself. Then the phone rang.

    I looked up hopeful, I walked over to the phone and clicked the talk button. “Hello?” “hey Sasuke how you doing?” it was Naruto, I smirked. “I’m doing good, what do you want dobe?” I heard a growl and someone snickering in the back round, “damn teme!” My smirk turned into a smile, “why thank you, I’m deeply honored.” I murmured sarcastically, he grew quiet, “s-Sasuke?” I paused, something was wrong.

    “What is it Naruto?” he paused again, “can I see you in person?” I was stunned, ‘why would he want to see me in person.’ I frowned, “sure, where do you wannna go?” “can we get ramen?” I smiled again, that dobe and his damn ramen. “Of course, I wouldn’t expect any less from a ramen addict.” He laughed…but he sounded nervous, I had a bad feeling about this.

    I looked at the clock, 8:30. “Well? Get over here dobe!” I heard more laughter and a thud, “coming, damn it I’m coming!! And shut the hell up Kyuubi!” Ah Kyuubi, Naruto’s some what over protective older brother, he could be a real pain in the a** sometimes. We said our good-bye’s and hung up, I turned and tossed the phone onto my bed. I was worried, ‘what the hell is going on here?! This is so unlike Naruto…’ I mused will I paced across my room.

    A knock at the door jostled me out of my thoughts. I ran over to the door and slipped my shoes on, I threw it open and a startled Naruto stepped back. “Jeez Sasuke, what got into you?” I smiled sheepishly “sorry, you surprised me, I wasn’t sure how long you’d been waiting here.” he smirked and dragged me away “come on, I want ramen!” I smiled but I could tell something was bugging him and it irritated me to no end.

    We arrived at the ramen shop and Naruto jumped up onto a seat. I sat next to him and he immediately ordered three bowels of ramen. I grimaced at the sight, god I hated ramen, Naruto saw this and started laughing. “Poor Sasuke, here for you” he pulled out a pack of rice ball’s and handed them to me. I smiled warmly “thanks” he winked “no problem.” We sat awhile, just eating, a couple coughs here and there.

    I couldn’t take it any more, I turned to Naruto and I frowned . “Naruto, what’s wrong? I could tell something was bothering you on the phone and I know its still bothering you, please tell me.” I murmured softly, Naruto was looking down at his bowl, he slowly looked up and sighed. “Follow me and I’ll tell you everything.” We thanked the owner and his daughter and walked away, I looked back to see them watching us, concerned painted their faces.

    We arrived at an old play ground, the slides were covered in moss all the equipment was rusted. ‘Like it hasn’t been used in years’ I thought sadly, Naruto sat on one of the swings and I took the one next to him. He pushed off and we swung in silence for a while. Naruto stopped abruptly, “Sasuke…” he murmured , I froze, something was very wrong and it frightened me. “I’m dying” I felt sick all of the sudden, my stomach did a flip and I suddenly felt cold.

    “W-what? Your….dying?” Naruto smiled sadly “the doctors said it was the city, and that I needed to move. This was my last chance to seen you” he started trembling. I jumped of my swing and sank down in front of him “Naruto, I need to tell you something.” he slid of the seat and I caught him, “no” he shook his head “me first, Sasuke Uchiha…I love you!” Naruto started sobbing, I was shocked but I quickly recovered.

    I buried my face in his hair and sobbed quietly “Naruto, I love you to!” He looked up, and with out any warning…he kissed me. I kissed back, we broke apart after a couple minutes, both our faces flushed. We sat sobbing for hours, till a thunder storm had started up and we were drenched to the bone. “Why does love hurt this badly?” I whispered, Naruto cupped my face “I promise I’ll get better, I’ll come back for you.” I kissed him again, “I’m holding you to that, your promise is sealed with a kiss.” but can a person avoid death?is a bond really that strong?