• Shiya walked through the hallway stepping lightly over the dead bodies that covered most of the ground. She smiled in satisfaction at her work, a smile that would freeze your bones. There was the sound of clapping behind her. She spun around and glared at her partner who was clapping in mock congratulations. "What do you want now?" Shya hissed out, venom in her voice, the woman smirked at her, "we are partners you know, that means that once in a blue moon i do have to talk to you, Master requires your presence at the Mansion, he is not happy with how much blood you have shed."
    "We both know that's he not happy that his health prevents him from joining in on the fun."
    "Perhaps nothing Lyla you know it's the truth, touch none of these bodies they still have to me searched for valuables, valuables that you can not touch."
    Lyla smirked,"so be it, my precious partner", Shiya snarled at the insult knowing Lyla thought her precious because she was able to blame Shiya for Lyla's misfortune in the business.