• The day started out pretty much normally for Robert. He woke up, went on top of the Hokage mansion, and took a nap. Now Robert, as you may or may not have noticed, is not your normal ninja. He is taller than everyone else, about six-and-a-half feet tall, and has medium length, wild hair that is naturally both silver with gold in it (gold being darker than blonde with more of a metallic sheen to it). His right ear is covered with small, black studs and reptilian-style pupils. He is descendent from the Oni Tribe (demon tribe) far to the west of all the Great nations. He has the ability to turn regular stone into diamond and change it into a weapon or tool. His body can take more serious injuries (as demonstrated in the introduction and the first chapter) than the normal person and every wound heals almost immediately.

    Naome, Robert's half-sister (the full breed), is not as tall as Robert and has waist length deep blue hair and a more active, soft-hearted disposition than her younger brother. She can also can turn any stone into steel and lesser gems and turn them into a weapon or toll on the spot. She also has a team of genin that tags along with her everywhere (and I do mean everywhere).

    About noon, Robert caught a familiar scent in the air.

    "It can't be him. It's impossible," he said to himself. "He left almost three years ago."

    So he headed toward the gate, but didn't find the source of the scent there.

    "Alright, where the hell'd you wander off to, now? I wonder if you're any stronger. He."

    About fifteen minutes later, he finally caught up to them.

    "Oi, Sakura," Naruto yelled.

    Better not come out right now. I'll just tail them for the time being, see if he's changed any, he thought to himself.

    "Hey, Naruto. I have a question. Do you think I've changed any," Sakura questioned.

    Better answer the way she is expecting. Chances are I'm the one who'll clean the mess up if you say something-

    "Of course not, Sakura-chan. you haven't changed a bit," Naruto proudly exclaimed.


    Just then, Sakura clobbered him across the street and stood there fuming.

    Yep. Hasn't changed at all. He's still the same, stupid Naruto, he thought himself. I guess he maybe learned of a woman's wrath. I'm gonna go get some ramen at Ichiraku.

    Just as he got his order, Naruto steps in and sits right next to him without recognizing him Then Iruka comes in and says, "Hey Naruto! Long time, no see. His order is on me."

    Robert really didn't want to deal with Naruto's stupidity yet, so he just got up and went to see if Tsunade had any missions for him.

    "Sorry, Robert. I got nothing for you. why don't you just take the day off," said Tsunade. Today has been a slow day."

    "The whole week's been slow! I'm still pissed because of the old man's mission."

    "I understand, but I still have nothing for you."

    "Not even with the anbu?"

    "Look, I know I let you work with the anbu once, but that doesn't mean you can every time you want a mission. I just can't allow you to do that."

    "Then make me an anbu member, I already know who most of them are by their scent."

    "That's the reason I can't let you be a member of the anbu, your too cocky, you are not mature enough mentally to do anything like that. I simply cannot allow it, I'm sorry."

    That had a very sobering effect on him. He had never thought about it that way. He was always on a power trip. He had always talked about Naruto being stupid, but now, he felt lower than Naruto. He had always had that major ego, but Tsunade crushed it in one very blunt conversation.

    "You're right, Tsunade. I'm sorry, I acted as shouldn't have. I now beg for your forgiveness," he said with a low bow.

    "You don't have to apologies, just understand. That's all I want. That's all any mother wants for her son, even if they are not related by blood."

    "Thanks. I'll be on top of Hokage Rock if you need me."

    "What're you gonna do there, Robert?"

    "Dunno. Maybe something'll hit me. You never know what'll happen. I may save a girl in danger."

    Later at Hokage Rock, Robert was taking yet another nap, disregarding the rest of the world until he heard a woman's scream


    Robert jumped to his feet and rushed to where the woman was and jumped between her and her attackers.

    "What's going on here?!"

    No one answered.

    "I said 'What's going here!?!' You on the right, I'll cut you to pieces if you don't answer me now," he said drawing his katana from its scabbard.

    The three men stood there staring in pure rage toward the woman.

    "If you three don't tell me, then I'll ask this woman," he hissed at them. "Alright, then, why don't you tell me what's going on. Why are they chasing you," he asked in a surprisingly gentle tone considering his rage.

    "We are to kill this woman. It's our mission. She is one of the Oni Clan. our village has been hunting her down for years now. we finally found her and are going to complete our mission."

    "Funny, you don't look like this nice young woman. You need to learn who I am, I Am Robert of the Oni Tribe. Learn it and fear the sound of my name, now run away with your tails between your legs."

    The three ninja then started to cower and run away. Robert turned around, sheathing his sword, and tried to introduce himself formally only to be cut off by the girl.

    "You are Robert of the Oni Tribe, the son of Kiah, the leader of the Germanic Branch. My father has a mission for you.," she said.