• I walked down the hall of the Autobot headquarters, or at least the Autobot headquarters on Earth. I'm Sigourney Prime, second in command of the Autobots. You probably wouldn't know me, of course. Optimus insists that I stay at base since I can't blend in with the humans. See, instead of turning into what you organics call a car or a truck, I turn into... what's it called? A puma, that's it. I tried a few car and truck modes that Optimus scanned, none of them worked. I couldn't understand why, and neither could the rest of the Autobots.

    It's been a long day, I'm just idly walking down the hall, and have been for several cycles now, or as you humans say, minutes. On earth, it's nighttime. Most of the Autobots are just resting.

    "Hey, Sigourney, come in here." A voice said behind me, it was Optimus. I turned around, he was looking at me from the doorway of another room. "What is it?" I asked. He motioned me to come in, so I did. Much like you humans when you live with others of your kind, we each had a room, Optimus and I of course didn't mind sharing a room. We actually enjoyed it. Besides, Optimus said he wouldn't want to kick me out of a room like ours, we had a window and could see most of the forest outside. We offered the room to Prowl, since he seemed so fascinated with the Earth, but he wanted the one with a tree.

    "Since you can pretty much tell when there's a Decepticon attack going on by your performance in the war on Cybertron, do you feel anything?" He asked. I walked to his side and looked closely at the city. "I don't." I said. He nodded. "Just wondering." He said. "I just got a feeling..."

    "What feeling?" I asked. He shook his head. "Nevermind." He said. I looked at him and stepped a bit closer to him. "What?" I asked again. I slipped my servo, or hand, as you organics say, around his pelvis. "Come on Optimus, what is it?" I asked one last time. "It's nothing Sigourney." He said again. I sighed and moved my hand. "If you insist." I said.

    He looked at me for a brief moment, then back outside. "Where do you suppose Megatron is hiding?" I asked. "He could be hiding anywhere, and we have to find out." He said. I nodded in agreement. I decided to pull a little joke, and lowered one of my wings, and poked him in a crack in his armour near his side. He jumped in surprise. I wasn't expecting that.

    "Sigourney, don't do that." He said. "Why Optimus?" I said, then did a mock gasp, "wait a minute..." I stepped a little closer, my face near his. "Is the almighty Optimus Prime...." I held up my hand in a fist, which was replaced by a claw, "as the humans say, ticklish?!"

    He backed up a bit. "No, I'm not!" He said quickly. I clenched my other hand, and my other claw appeared. I pounced on him much like Prowl did for Bumblebee and held him down. "Are you sure?" I asked with a devious grin. He clutched his abdomen with his arms while I had him pinned to the ground. "Sigourney, get off me!" He said, a bit jumpy-like. I couldn't resist the temptation, I slipped my hands under his arms and tickled him. He laughed, I mean he laughed HARD. "Sigourney! Ahhahaha, stop!" He laughed.

    "Never!" I growled playfully and kept it him. I guess you could say, as you humans would say, we were playfighting. I kept tickling him, I never had this much fun in my life. I even kept myself in a position so he couldn't transform. Then he outsmarted me; he grabbed me by the arms and pinned me to the ground.

    "Who's the smart one now?" He asked. I growled and struggled. "Not funny Optimus!" I growled. I managed to break free and pinned him to the ground and pushed him against the wall. I sat between his legs, he couldn't move, or transform. I smirked. "I win." I said. I held his arms against the wall in a way he couldn't grab me. He struggled. "Don't bother, you can't move." I said. "Oh yes I can, you may be able to hold my arms down but..." He took a deep break, then force his body on me and pinned me to the ground. "I don't need them." He said, he smirked, uh oh....

    "Now, I will return the favor." He said. He started doing the same to me. I couldn't help but laugh. "Optimus, that isn't funny!" I said through laughter. "Then why are you laughing?!" He asked. He paused for a moment so he could move and sat on me and continued. I laughed harder. I struggled with no luck. Optimus' back was faced to the door. I could hardly see it, but then the door opened.

    "Optimus, stop! We aren't alone in the room!" I said through laughter again. "Oh really? Who's in here?!" He asked while laughing as well. Only the rest of the Autobots!

    "Optimus, what in the name of Cybertron are you two doing?!" Rachet barked. Optimus stopped and looked behind him. I was still laughing. I took a deep breath and managed to stop laughing and huffed. Now I was a little embarrassed. I was laying on the ground and Optimus was sitting on me, that's not exactly flattering, as you humans say.

    "Nothing!" We both said in unison. Optimus got off me. He wasn't that lightweight. "Well it certainly looks like something." Prowl remarked rather calmly. I looked at Bumblebee, who was on the ground laughing. "Yeah, I mean, Optimus, you were sitting on Sigourney, what are you doing?!" Bumblebee remarked through laughter.

    "Nothing you guys need to worry about." I said quickly. Ratchet crossed his arms and glared at me. "Oh really?" He said. Optimus stood and helped me up. "Yes, really." He said. I glared at Bumblebee. The Autobot looked at me noticing the glare and stood back up straight, and rather stiffly. "Uh, guys, how about we leave boss bot and Sigourney alone eh?" He said, I sensed a bit of nervousness in him. Prowl sighed deeply and left. Ratchet glared at us one last time, and left. After taking a last glace, Bumblebee ran after the others and shut the door behind him.

    I looked at Optimus. "never do that again." He said. I nodded. "Don't worry, I don't think I will any time soon."