• Lighting struck... I was home alone thus because my family had gone a vacation for a whole week. Luckily i was old enough to stay home alone or i would be having to set up some traps for robbers!Walking upstairs, i saw a drip of blood on the floor of my carpet,"No one would be bleeding besides I ,eh?"i asked myself. Then i more and more drips of blood as i stared up and saw a face. I don't usually admit this but I only scream scream my lungs off when i'm freaked out or "went" in my pants. The man had a mask on, a blue shirt with a skull on it. and shorts. I ran upstairs but there he was again(at least i thought that was a he.) He chased me everywhere from the stairs to the bathroom. I locked the door.Suddenly a knife came through the door. When i saw the knife, that's when i realized where the blood came from.
    i put my back against the door, not letting him in. I thought i would die, until i realized my cellphone rang. It was my brother Bill. Right when i picked up the phone , the lights turned off. eek I yelped and answered the phone," What the heck is going on here, I can here your yelp and my cellphone is on low volume!"he said. "Dude, you will not believe this! i was attacked by this guy with a knife!" I said. I heard Bill take a breath in and hung up. I opened the door and that's when i noticed that the odd man was taking off his mask. He was no stranger, he was Bill!!! The lights turned off and he disappeared. I pinche myself but it was hopeless. That was when I noticed one thing, my bro was a murderer.