• Chapter 1: An Assassin's Atonement

    June 15th, 1950 10:25 p.m.
    Village of Yumi

    The night was dark, moonless and foreboding. The sky looked as though a garb of the darkest ebon had been draped across it. Yet, even in this darkness, something stirred. Skipping swift and sure-footed across the rooftops, a figure clad head to toe in black made his way to complete his mission. My mission was to capture a cleric by the name of Lena.

    Flashback to June 10. 4:23 A.M.
    Organization of the Iron Fist

    A small greedy looking white man with pudgy fingers sat in a leather swivel chair. He was dressed in an expensive looking gray suit with white stripes. It was obviously custom ordered, I could see the Iron Fist Insignia on his lapel. On either side of him were 2 large men with faces that seemed to come from a low-budget horror movie. Typical Bodyguards, I thought to myself, Big, Strong and best of all, Dumb as rocks.

    In one hand the small man held a contract, in the other a list I require all my clients to have, a name of the person who referred me to him and a secrecy vow. Their leader spoke, "Let us begin. My name is Wyrst, and I am the Leader of the Syndicate of the Iron Fist. And you are?" Wyrst notioned to me. So I spoke, "My name is Kyo Star. I’m sure you've heard of me."

    The man looked through his reports, found a folder, flipped through it, and said, "Ah, yes. Here we are. Kyo Star, Professional Assassin. The man without emotion takes any job, no matter the target or objective, without question." I spoke, "You are correct. As you must also know, my company is rather expensive. My rate depends on your job, however for every day that this takes me, I tack on 20 Grand extra." The man looked to his adviser, then said, "Very well, your mission is to capture a cleric from the nearby village."

    Let me take this time to tell you a little about myself. My name is Kyo. I am currently employed as a mercenary-for-hire. I studied the discipline of thunder under my sensei, Tsukasa. Afterwards, I was to train with Death himself, as all assassins are required. I take any and all job requests, so I’m not very proud of my reputation. However, my reputation is all that's left to me besides Kagami, my spiritual companion, and lifelong friend. All ties to anyone else in relation to me have been severed. I am........alone. However, my life will be forever changed after this mission.

    10:50 P.M.
    Crystal Palace

    The palace was quitter than normal. It seems like more and more jobs take place in this small village, home of my youth. I snuck through the palace. My disguise was working well so far. I saw a girl. She had long red hair, and was wrapped in a brown cloak. She looked cold, as she looked towards the moon. I didn't want to continue the job. For the first time ever, I actually thought of abandoning the mission. But I couldn't abandon the mission. My reputation was at stake. It was all that was left.

    I approached the girl. This girl is just like me, I thought, her eyes have the same look of loneliness, as my eyes had, before I began my ruthless career. Now, however, my stare was cold and void of emotion. She looked to be about 15, however, I've heard that she was a prodigy of some sort. I spoke to her, "Young Miss, this castle is in danger. I must take you to a safe place." I winced as I lied to this girl. Usually I would knock the target unconscious, however I had mercy for this girl, Lena. She said nothing but followed. So we went back to Wyrst, however, tonight will be a night for him to remember, if he survives it.

    June 16th, 12:23 A.M.
    Organization of the Iron Fist.

    Wyrst was still in his swivel chair when I appeared. "Welcome back, Mr. Star. It appears I was told true, you don't care who your target is." I responded, "Don't call me Mr. Star. It makes my blood boil. Either call me Kyo or Star. What was the reason for me to capture this girl? There is more to her than meets the eye." Wyrst grinned, "That's quite the eye you have, Mr. Star. Too bad a shadow mercenary of your caliber won't be around much longer. GUARDS, BAR THE DOORS!!!!". I looked around, and saw large iron-wrought bars closing all exits. We were truly trapped. And I sprung the trap.

    Wyrst looked very satisfied. “Neither you nor the girl will leave alive. However before your demise, I will dignify you with a few answers, Mr. Star. Concerning the girl, yes there is more to her. Not only is she a skilled cleric, she is a mage princess. The reason for eliminating her is to get rid of that wretched village so I may build a business there. Getting rid of you is a nice bonus. Now Mr. Kyo Star. DIE!!!!!!!!!".

    He lunged at me with an ornate rapier. I tried to dodge, but I made the wound worse. The slender blade pierced my heart. I knew I would be dead soon. The best I can do to atone would be to save Lena. I had to act fast. As soon as Wyrst withdrew his blade, I immediately jabbed my thumb into the wound, and drew a fish-like shape on the floor with my blood. A strike of lightning threw me against the wall. The lightning shaped itself into a large Whale-like fish with a tail of lightning. The physical manifestation of my spiritual guardian, Kagami. Kyorei.

    I spoke with more anger than ever before, "Leader of the Iron Fist, Wyrst, you have used me for your own greedy agenda and furthermore you have ensured my death. However I shall not leave this world alone. You, Wyrst, shall accompany me. And Lena will leave to her home. Kyorei, Do as you wish to the Iron Fist, but protect the girl for me. I'm sorry I could not avenge your death. Forgive me Kagami." And with that, I slipped unconscious.

    River Styx, River to Death

    So this is the path I've sent so many down. The river of death. I see nothing. But I hear a little boy. WAIT! THAT’S MY VOICE! "KAGAMI! ARE YOU OK?!? HOW COULD YOU AIDEN? KAGAMI WAS OUR FRIEND!" I heard my voice. I remember this. This was when my friend Aiden betrayed me and Kagami. When Kagami was brutally murdered in front of my eyes. "Now remember this Kyo. The only person one can trust is himself. You and Kagami trusted me too much. Now look what happened." Aiden said. Young Kyo responded," Aiden, I don't care how long it takes. I will kill you and avenge Kagami."

    But now I'll never fulfill that goal. I heard the voice of Death, my recent sensei. "Kyo, why have you come back without letting me know, I have taught you all I have to teach. Or have you finally avenged Kagami? I also trained Aiden. Like, you he was a good student. But in any case it is good to see you again. Your work has greatly helped me. Those people who abused their power, who were brought to me by you, Death's Apprentice." I looked up, and spoke, "No, Death. I have failed Kagami. Wyrst killed me. But I have a question. Is Lena safe?" Death only said three words, "Open your eyes."

    June 18th 1950
    Kyo's Hideout

    I opened my eyes. I was at my hideout. My body was heavily bandaged. I looked to my side. Sure enough I saw Lena .She was sitting in my chair, the only other furniture I had, other than the pallet on the floor where I slept. She looked tired. She spoke, "Are you.....OK?". Her voice sounded so soft. Once I heard her voice all the emotions I suppressed long ago come rushing back. I felt an enormous weight of guilt. But the most extraordinary thing was, for the first time since the death of Kagami, a tear left my eye.

    "Why did you save me?" I asked. She responded, "Because you did the same for me. Um.... there isn't much time. I shall freeze us in ice and thaw us out when the time comes." I spoke again, "Your name.... It was Lena? Correct?" She nodded. "Then from now, till I finally meet my Master, Death, I shall use my shadowy craft to protect you. You need protection and when the time comes....." We froze.

    June 18, 2025 10:20 A.M.
    Kyo's Abandoned Hideout.

    "I will protect you" We unfroze.

    Chapter End

    Next chapter: When Kyo wakes up from a horrible memory Lena gets mad at Kyo because of his Lone Wolf attitude. See what led up to why Kyo doesn't trust people. Next Time: Suppressed Memories.