• The air of the city stood still as the red moon lurked high in the sky. As though fearful to move under it's sight. Its gaze all seeing across the cityscape. But, the people did not fear. They walked below as though it was nothing, ignoring it's power. Even those in their cars simply ignored it's bloody sight. Filling the air with black smoke. there were some though who took it as a blessing though. It's raising in to the sky being a dark blessing instead of an omen. These monsters prowled the city shadows, darklings. They stood from 4-5 feet tall. All of them Lanky in appearance with whip like arms. With eyes as blue as the sky they lured people into their world and feasted on them. They were but one of the many devil's refused int he world. Others more monstrous and merciless.

    Under the sidewalk one walked with its head up at the cement, Dragging it's arms in the sewer water. It's black smooth face slid across the rough flat rock. Suddenly it stopped and looked straight up. It took a great big whiff and felt it, negativity. Self loathing and doubt. The soul was burled tight, cold and lonely. Most of all it was a women. The Darklings cole skin shivered and it let out a small sound almost like a moan. As it felt her moving it followed. The cement seemed to dissipate in it's vision and the world above became visible. It looked at the women and stuck out a tongue. She was pale and thin. As though food deprived and waiting to fall out of dehydration. Slowly it slid it's tongue under each foot trying to taste it. Leaving a trail of clear drool. After a long walk down the block she turned into her apartment complex. Still under ground the darkling watched through blue eyes, as though in love. But, it was a love of hunger. It's tongue was now lapping it's lipless mouth.

    Tired the women slumped into her chair kicking off her shoes tiredly. "Way to go Angelia. Lost another client" she said to her self. For a moment she just sat and sulked trying to find a spark of hope in her day. There was none though. She searched miles of her mind and came to no outcome that would classify as good. Reaching down in her pocket she took out a cell phone and tossed it across the room. Suddenly a loud crash sounded across in the kitchen. she jumped and looked over. It was followed by a loud gurgle. she swallowed what spit she had in her mouth and took deep breaths. Her heart pounded at the sounds. Standing up she walked slowly into the kitchen and peek around the corner. Nothing. she let out a sigh of relief and rounded the corner completely. When she flicked on the light a large black blob crashed to the floor. she scream and backed out. The blob shook and shivered before reforming into the darkling's top half. It let out a loud scream and Angelia stopped to cover her ears. She reached for the door painfully. She couldn't make it. The high pitched scream got her and she fell out. Fully formed the Darkling hunched out of the kitchen and took heavy breaths. Seeing the women helpless it drooled again with its tongue hanging out. Slowly it walked towards her as though making sure it was safe. Once it was close he leaned close and hunched over her waiting. If sniffed and let it's tongue slide across her skin. She tasted of salt, fear, pain, doubt and self loathing. The Darkling wanted it now. It opened its mouth revealing a large groove of fangs. It lunged down and dug it's teeth into her arm. As it began to rip at her flesh something happened. Her body began to dissolve and the blood turned to sand. The darkling jumped back and hunched low ready for attack. A loud crash came from behind it and Sharon came charging out of the back room. The Darkling switched positions and whipped its tongue out at her. She took hold of it, stopping in her tracks. Unable to get away the darkling went wild jumping to the walls and yanking its head back. It Growled and stared at her.

    "you're not getting away from this" Sharon said with a fact tone. She tightened her grip and cracked her neck to loosen up. Nostrals flaring she steadied her breath, preparing for the fight the darkling would no doubt put up. Narrowing it's eyes the Darkling bit down through it's tongue and yanked it's head once more. It's fell back and the tongue dropped to the rug. the Darkling howled as it ran over and jumped through the glass and over the balcony. "s**t", she said as she ran after him. She leap out the hole in the glass and with a wide leap flew over the balcony. Falling, she chanted in an ancient language. Her body slowed to a hault as she reached the balcony below. the air had changed to be more gel like, holdin gher up. She stood airborn and watched the Darkling run down the street, manic. Tense she leaned forward and began to follow it.

    The darkling cut down a path ending at a park. It looked around trying to find a way out. Sniffed the air around, the ground next to it exploded in a mix of dirt and energy. It leaped up onto the Monkey bars. Looking at the flying Sharon it Took a deep breath and let out a crushing screech. It shook the trees and the park. Sharon covered her ears and fell to the ground in pain. It shook her to the core. Seeing she was down the darkling went after her. It's jaws opening wide once again. Quickly, she reached up shouting "Reflect!". Before her a thin white glass appeared and stopped the darkling. Quickly she stood, wobbling. The Darkling rolled over across the wood chips. Briefly they caught eyes. The darkling jumped at her and she pulled out a small dagger. It had been stashed away in her back pocket. Swiping it she cut the darkling as it came to her. Though chest cut open with a quick and deep swipe, it still came. Before it could get a grip she pushed it back off. The darkling landed on all fours and stared at her angrily. With a sudden glint in her eyes Sharon spoke to herself. The small dagger grew into a long sword as she held it out towards the darkling. the small blade igniting in flames. It ran at her and she lifted the sword to slash down. Before the impact the darkling jumped right. The blade slammed into the ground and went in deeply. Seeing her bent over with the swing the darkling took its arm and swung harshly into her face. A loud crack filled the air after the impact. She lost sight for a second, but came back swinging once again. The pain was great and almost too much to bare. She had felt worse though and worked through it. whiping the sword wildly about she tried to hit anywhere she saw the beast. Uncontrolled the darkling easily over powered her and blocked the third swing. Taking hold of handle it lifted her arm high yanking it out of the socket and flung her to the side.
    "******** this" Sharon said and dropped the sword. she sparwled to her feet and ignored the aching pain throughout her body. The darkling climbed the slide before she could reach it. Taking aim with her left hand she let out a blast of energy. The slide blew apart with plastic bits flying in every direction. The darkling wasn't hit though. It had made its way to the top before the blast and jumped to the wooden cross connecting it to the swings. She clutched her hands tightly into a fist and the bits of plastic stopped mid air. she swing towards the darkling and they plunged into it's back. Pained, it fell and rolled around on the ground. Approaching Sharon began to chant again. Using it's long arm the darkling swiped under her as she got close and knocked her down. It crawled over and laid on top of her and biting deep into her arm. As it began to gnaw and twist its head the black skin started to crack with white lines. It looked up and opened its mouth to let out another scream, this time nothing. Only light. It burst out of it's mouth in a blinding fashion. The light grew and widened until it took over the whole darkling. Soon it was done and the darkling was gone. Sharon looked on holding her bitten arm. A smirk lined the curves of her mouth. she took a cell phone from out her pocket and dialed it. Her dialing hand was too numb to dial so she used the left one. Her thumb smearing blood across the pad.

    After 3 rings Ian picked up and sounded exhausted.

    "I got my target. did you get yours?" she said words slewed by blood and loose joints.

    "DO I sound like I got my target?" he said out of breath and a bit aggressive.

    "Don't get an attitude. My hunt wasn't easy you know. It bit the ******** out of me."

    "This one shot me"

    the line went silent of all but breathing. "ok" he said, "let's meet back up at Mikaru's with our info."

    "ok sure" she said and hung up . She looked around and starred at the ruined park I hate darklings, she thought to herself.