• Painful screams echo the large hospital. As if It were haunted by hundreds of ghouls. A nurse rushed over and around all the staff and patients, ducking and weaving though the cluttered pathways and rushes into an o.r. There she hands a strange tool with the tip reflecting light off its pointed and cleanly sharpened edge. The doctor then proceeded to insert it into a figure behind light blue tarp. Screams and cries are heard thought the floor as thought it were some sort of torcher. The doctor turns to the nurse and tells her to hand him the arm. She opens a steel suitcase with expensive looking padding and pulls out a mechanical arm that resembled a humans.

    "Now all thats left is to connect the nerve endings."

    He leans into the figure and and begins meticulously working small wiring into the figures body. The mechanical arm then begins to twitch and turn on its own as if it had just come to life and as quickly as it began moving its stopped dead. The doctor paused and took a deep breath.

    "Looks like he fell unconscious. Perhaps its best for him."

    Delsus awoke in his bed and looked at the door. Waiting for someone he knows to come in and rescue him from this place. He leaned to the right and felt a sharp pain in his chest. he turned and looked down to see his skin and what seemed to be a metal plate. He followed it over to his left shoulder. His eyes widened in disbelief as he saw the mechanical arm laying where his real left arm should be. Delsus looked at the steel framework and compared it to his right arm. He couldn't believe how closely it resembles his real arm. But Delsus frowned and considered himself a freak and unwanted.He turned his head to the right again and laid it down. He sighed heavily and hoped that his father would show up.

    Days passed and Delsus underwent training on how to use his new arm. Quite and to himself he spent his time in bed reading and moving his new arm about tying to find a new position to sleep in. He spent several days trying to get used to the smell of oil and metal and was cleaned only to the middle of his chest, his left torso was washed with a special liquid which burned his wounds. Alison knocked gently on his door and walked in with a gift. Delsus was sitting up and wasn't paying attention to her. Alison clutched the gift in her hands which crinkled the wrapping, Delsus immidately looked in her direction and smiled faintly.

    "Hey there little guy. How are you feeling?" said Alison as she made her way to his bed.

    Delsus kept quite and shifted his eyes away from her.

    "Hey now, is that anyway to say thanks for getting you something." She smiled big and handed him his gift."You might know what it is."

    He unwrapped his gift with his right hand, His left hand tried to keep up with the pace but couldn't move as fast.

    He smiled and tears rolled down his cheek. He finally found his alchemy book. The only thing he has left. He looked at her and hugged her gently.

    "T-thank you." He said quietly and in a raspy voice.

    She smiled and rubbed his head messing up his already untamed hair.

    "How would you like it if I took you home with me?"

    His smile faded and turned his face away holding his book close to his chest.

    "Papa's gonna be here soon. He'll take me home."

    Alison frowned knowing the truth.

    "He knows me. Y-your dad says to stay with me." She said reluctantly.

    "No..." He shook his head and curled himself against the wall.

    She leaned closer to him and curled some of his hair in her index finger.

    "Do you want to leave here, and go to school?"

    Delsus released his grip on his book a bit and nodded lightly.

    "Do you?" She asked again.

    He nodded fully. She stood up and smiled.

    "I'll get you signed out. We'll leave tonight."

    She turned around and closed the door softly unaware that Delsus was quietly crying to himself.

    She returned a few minutes later and took Delsus' hand.

    "C'mon cutie. Lets go."