• The Ruined City
    Chapter One: A New Awakening
    A destroyed city that fell from the sky; It couldn't be real, maybe a mere legend passed on for generations... or is there an unspoken truth among the city of the dead? " Rikku, come over here! " yelled a young boy by the name of Synixx. Rikku skipped over cheerfully to Synixx. " What is that you see, brother? " replied Rikku. All excitement among the two children ended, the children's attention was distracted by a glimpse figure, pale skin, rather angelic to look at. The children, using their hands, began to dig around the object's head. " Maybe... maybe theres more then just a head. " thought Synixx. Hours seemed to pass, the children discovered there was more then just a head, they found a torso and slowly discovered the right arm. " This is getting rather boring, brother. " groaned Rikku. Synixx ignored his sisters whining, they continued to uncover the strange figure. Synixx couldnt stop himself, he was eager and curious. The statue seemed to be calling him, as if it was saying, " Synixx... reveal me... " Hour after hour passed, the fingernails of the two children were bleeding and covered in dirt. The digging paid of, the figure was really a statue. " This could be from the wreckage of the city that crashed here, " Rikku said anxiously. " The city was a myth, a legend, and a mere bedtime story, " chuckled Synixx. Synixx was astonished at the sight of the statue, it was a valorous figure, holding a massive lance, and wore the armor of a guardian. It didn't look like a statue to Synixx. It looked like a man frozen in time from generations ago... maybe... maybe an Archangel he thought. Synixx was ignorant, he wouldn't let theories get the best of him.

    Chapter 2- A Journey Home

    Synixx's curiousity soon came to an end. His sister was already running up the mountain on her way home, she yelled " Synixx! Hurry, we have to go home! " Synixx sighed in frustration and turned toward the mountain. Starring at the statue one last time before leaving and mumbled in a soft voice, " I'll discover your secrets...soon. " He took off running to the mountain. " Hurry up slow poke! " yelled his sister, Rikku. As the children reached the top of the mountain they glanced at the ruins of the destroyed city. " It's beautiful, isn't it Synixx? " smiled Rikku. Synixx noded and a fill of joy and happiness stroke him. The children got on their Worg and began their journey back home to their hometown, Silverspring. Eagles soared above them, fellow worgs joined them on their journey back home, it was as if it was a race yet the followers had no clue where they were going. Synixx's feelings of joy began to turn to curiousity once more... " Rikku, what do you think of that statue we saw? " Rikku turned to her brother and sighed, " It's best to leave that thought alone, brother, we'll come back tomorrow, " Synixx noded in agreement. The journey home was long and tiring, without their worg the trip would be impossible for the human legs. The sight of the destroyed city became more difficult for the eye to see. The view soon faded of the city; you could only see the aura of the ruined city. It was a pleasant aura that leaved you wondering if the legend was true. A city... a thousand years ago that flourished with life and prosperity that fell from the sky. It couldnt be real. It seemed more fitting as a legend or dream of the past

    Chapter 3- History of the Ruined City
    The aura seemed to try to communicate with Synixx. As he starred back at the aura he became dazed and his eyes filled with colors, Synixx was seeing the history of the Ruined City... Millions of people lived in the City that existed in the clouds. Ruled by a royal king from a family generation, he was called Vandorian. He had five loyal guardians that were blessed with the powers of holy and divine. They served as the king's protectors and guardians of the city. They were called guardian spirits, or Archangels. One day, an impentrable force swept over the city, unleashing dark magic and powers not seen by the people of the sky. The Archangels fought with all of their strenth. They summoned Valeos to stop the force of darkness. Valeos was the spirit of all five of the guardians. The guardians would sacrifice themselves in order to summon Valeos. Valeos was a Holy Phoenix, he breathed fire of divine and was the only of its kind. As the dark force crippled the city and killed millions, Valeos was the guardian's last resort. Joining hands, the guardians began the summoning. The guardians disappeared into Sprites and formed a magnificent creature of light, known as Valeos. Valeos elegently shot a ray of light into the dark force. The dark force shreiked in pain and began to disappear. Unfortunetly, the damage was to much, the city fell from the sky and Valeos disappeared. The people, the five guardians, and King Vandorian were never seen or found. It is believed that the aura around the Ruined City is the life force of Valeos. Synixx couldn't take it anymore, he fell asleep out of confusion on the journey home. The truth among the Ruined City had been revealed...

    Chapter 4- The Nightmare

    Synixx was in a deep slumber after seeing the cities past. His mind was in a deep transe. " Could it be real? Everything I just saw... what was that? " whispered Synixx. His voice echoed and his voice made his ears cringe. Synixx collapsed to the floor holding his ears trying to stop the noises. " What do you want with me!!!!??!" yelled Synixx in anger. Everything around him was a light wall, as if a prison. The magic walls so collapsed, Synixx soon realized what he was hearing was the collapsing of hundreds of buildings. Synixx couldn't believe it, he was in the peak of the cities downfall. People ran past him screaming in agony. Synixx looked up and saw a black figure, it filled the sky above him. Demonic spawns began to form and started to attack civilians. Synixx realized he couldn't be harmed, he was a dream of the past. Suddenly, an Angelic figure appeared in front of Synixx, the figure shouted, " You shouldn't be here. Disturbing the past could alter the future! " yelled the Angelic figure. Synixx soon began to realize the Angelic figure was one of the five guardians. " What is your name? " said Synixx anxiously. " My name is Vindall, i am a guardian of this city. Vindall stabbed his lance into the chest of a demonic spawn and Synixx watched as the spawn disappeared into black dust. " What....why....Why am i here, Vindall? " said Synixx in a childish coice. Vindall starred at Synixx in a rather serious look, " You are the key to the future...." After that last word.... the dream came to an end. Synixx awoke, his heart racing, his head throbbing. Synixx looked around frantically, " Where am i!?" he yelled. Rikku and an elderly woman glanced over at Synixx with relief.

    Chapter 5- A Helping Hand

    Synixx's heart was racing, his blood pressure must be threw the roof he thought. He slowly began to lift himself off the wooden bed, he collapsed. Rikku and the elderly woman came running over to comfort him. Synixx looked up at the two of them and whispered, " I don't feel good... " Rikku lifted her brother back onto the bed. He was breathing heavily. The elderly woman shook her head, " What happened to him when you were gone? " Rikku looked up at the woman, " I don't know... We found an ancient artifact, perhaps it was a statue, everything was fine.... I don't know... " She began to tear and choke up. " Nothing has been the same since our mother died " cried Rikku. The elderly woman patted Rikku on the shoulder, " You must believe Rikku, everything will get better. The Archangels are at our side. " The elderly woman smiled as she comforted both of the children. Rikku clenched her fist in anger, " None of that is even real! ". The elderly woman shook her head and frowned. " Rikku, I know it's hard for you... I will be there for you and your brother but im coming of old age... I will soon part off into the farplanes. You have to be strong in your emotions, for you and your brother. Rikku smiled, " You're right... I have to be strong... for my brother. " Rikku patted her brother's head and hugged him. Synixx shifted in his sleep, The Nightmare was coming back once again...

    Chapter 6- The Nightmare Revealed

    Synixx opened his eyes. He got up and observed his surroundings. The magic barrier was back. " I must be back in the dream, " he whispered. Synixx turned around quickly after hearing a disturbance. The barrier faded and he was where he was before the dream came to an end. The Archangel starred at Synixx. " Come. We must find you a safer place, " The Archangel held out his hand to Synixx. Synixx took the gesture and instantly the Archangel jumped into the air and his Archangel wings appeared out of his back. Synixx was amazed and frightened at the same time, " So you really are real, huh? " The Archangel laughed. " Of course we are real, we are guardians of the realm. " Synixx was confused but he decided it was best to let everything come naturally to him. The Archangel smiled at Synixx, " You will soon understand the reason for your existence, " on that note, the Archangel flew at a much faster pace. Fire filled the sky, buildings collaped, demonic spawns kept coming, the Darkness was destroying every bit of life in the city. The Archangel avoided the destruction and set Synixx on a ledge. " Find the Sphere of Dreams, take it... and leave, " said the Archangel. Synixx waved and looked up, he noticed all five Archangels join together and realized they were summoning Valeos. Synixx thought, " I better hurry, Im guessing I dont have much tim left... " Synixx ran inside the building. Synixx searched the entire top floor for a sphere. He found nothing that the Archangel described. The building began to shake, Synixx lost his balance, " I have to hurry, " he thought. He raced down the stairs and in the center of the room he saw a pedastool with a sphere wedged on the top. Synixx ran over but the building shook once more and he fell to the other side of the bottom floor. The walls shattered and Synixx saw Valeos firing the ray of light into the Darkness. The dream began to dematerialize, " Everything is disappearing now that Valeos has been summoned, I have to hurry! " racing thoughts filled Synixx's head. He lifted himself up and stumbled to the pedastool. He put his hand over the orb and a strange sensation of light filled his body, his body began to turn crystal blue. Everything disappeared. The Nightmare was over.

    Chapter 7- The Quest

    Synixx jolted upward from the wooden bed. The dream was over... or was it? Synixx looked at the nightstand next to him, there rested the sphere of dreams. Synixx couldn't believe what he saw, " Maybe it wasn't a dream? " Synixx asked himself. " Synixx, what are you mumbling about? I was worried sick about you! " Rikku hugged him tightly with a loving grip on her brother. " What happened? " questioned Rikku. Synixx stared at her and shook his head, then glanced over at the sphere once more. " Oh... yeah... we saw you holding that sphere, guess it was something you picked up on the way home, huh? " Rikku patted her brother on the head. " Get up sleepy, Auntie is making us breakfast, " giggled Rikku. Synixx nodded in agreement. Synixx went into the kitchen and sat down, his stomach growled. The elderly woman known as Auntie came into the room, " Ahh, there you are Synixx. We were worried about you, " smiled Auntie. Auntie brought in a stack of twenty pancakes. Synixx took a handful and chowed down. As Auntie and Rikku were conversing at the table, Synixx ignored them, his mind wandered, " Could the sphere mean something? " He soon came to reality as Auntie took his plate and told the children to fetch a few things for food. Synixx went back to his room and looked at the sphere. The Archangel's image appeared and spoke to him in Synixx's mind, " You know what you must do, take the sphere of dreams, go to the Ruined City and place it back into the pedastool, " whispered the sphere. Synixx nodded and ran outside with the orb snuggled in his messenger pack. Rikku and Synixx began their aunties task. People roamed the streets of Silverspring, kids played and yelled in the streets, people shopped all over town, and Silverspring beamed with life everywhere. It was as if this was the Ruined City but filled with life once more. Life flourished in Silverspring, it was deemed the safest city across Alova. And then it came across Synixx's mind... maybe the same thing that happened to the Ruined City would... no... it couldn't, that was 1000 years ago...

    Chapter 8- Disaster

    The streets were full of life. Everywhere Rikku and Synixx went crowds of people would be near by. You couldn't escape Silverspring's crowds. The city was most famous for it's Spring of Life. The spring was supposedly the reason for the expanded lifespan of the Silverspring inhabitents. " Get out of my way! " yelled a stranger. A child glared at the salesman, " What do you mean I can't buy a puppy!? " Anger and frustration was almost everywhere. No one could be pleased with Silverspring's prices even with the sales. It was almost as if a punishment or law should be extablished to stop the anger, the pain, and hatred that seperate people. Suddenly... The ground began to shake, the street lights shattered and pieces of glass plunged into the torsos of bypassers. The hearts of Rikku and Synixx stopped, Synixx knew what was happening. The city was going to be destroyed. Millions of lives would be lost. The city would crumble and no one would know what happened. Rikku and Synixx ran as fast as they could to avoid the destruction. A shadowy figure appeared in the plaza of the city, devouring everything in its path. Lightning filled the sky and the voice of terror and agony filled the sky. No one knew what was happening. Rikku and Synixx ran hoping to find the quickest route outside of the city. Demonic spawns began to appear and crys of terror grew louder. " What is happening!? " cried Rikku. Synixx sighed and began to cry, " The City is going to be destroyed... " Rikku looked at Synixx confused, " What are you talking about!? Tell me!? " she collapsed to the ground. Synixx looked up into the Darkness, " We all are going to die, we are going to become memories of time, " said Synixx.

    Chapter 9- The End of Silverspring

    Synixx kneeled next to his sister. It was as if Synixx knew of their fate. They were going to die. Everyone in the city was going to die. No one would know what happened, no one would care. " It couldn't end like this, " Synixx thought as he clenched in fist. Tears ran down the siblings eyes. They hugged eachother as if none of this was real. A voice entered Synixx's mind and whispered, " You wont die my son... " Synixx knew that voice... It was the Archangel... Demonic spawns cornered the children. They were defenseless, they couldn't fight off the demons. The demon lunged at Synixx but an Angelic figure stopped it. A building collapsed infront of them. " You have to get out of here, bring the sphere, take it back to the pedastool. The Archangel plunged his lance into air, but it wasn't air, it was a barrier, he pentrated the barrier and realized it was the other side, the exit. The Archangel vanished like a forgotten memory in time. Synixx jumped through the penetrated opening in the barrier and was free, free of the darkness. Rikku jumped but something grabbed her leg. Synixx grabbed her hand, pulling her with all of his strength to save her. The demon wouldn't let her go, she cried in pain. Synixx lost his grip on her and the barrier closed. Rikku.... was gone. Synixx collspsed to the ground and mourned. He lost his sister to an unknown force, he lost his home and the city that he lived in. He was a defenseless ten year old with nothing left. Ignoring the Archangel's order, he followed the road to Talos, the capitol of Alova. Synixx never forgot that day. He still remembered the Archangels order and the death of his sister.

    Chapter 10- A New Life
    A simple breeze filled the morning air of Talos. Business wasn't active as usual, the noise was peaceful. Synixx lay in his bed snuggled in a warm linen blanket. Birds chirped in the morning and would often lay a few peblets next to Synixx's window. Synixx flipped over and rested his hand on the window. He woke up with a rather squishy object in his hand, " Ahhhhhhhh, s**t, " Synixx groaned as bird droppings were all over his hand. Synixx got up and walked to the bathroom, dipped his hand in the sink and used some soap. He looked in the mirror and realized, " It's been ten years... ten years since the tragedy. I will never forget that day, " said Synixx. " Wake up boy!!!! " yelled the blacksmith. Synixx groaned, grabbed his Onyx Bolster Sword and got ready for work. Synixx was a blacksmith and is now at the age of twenty. Working for Blacksmith Cid was no easy task, it was difficult and you were expected to get your hands dirty. Ever since the Darkness came it has spawned Demonic creatures across all of Alova and the threat grew everyday. It wasn't often that Synixx had to slice a few of the hell spawns. Synixx lived a new life, he had forgotten or has tried to forget his corrupted past.

    Chapter 11- Enlistment
    Slamming a hammer on a burning blade on an anvil everyday grew tiring, but it was Synixx's basic training in becoming a soldier. Practicing on wooden targets with the Onyx Bolster Sword everyday payed off. Synixx noticed a development of upper arm strength, he could grasp even the heaviest blade and manage it with only one hand. After slicing threw a couple of wooden targets, Synixx noticed an enlistment sign, The Soldiers of Alova were recruiting able bodies to fight off the Demonic disturbances in the area. Synixx had to prove himself worthy by slaying the disturbance in the sewer, this would be no easy task. Synixx smirked, " This'll be easy, " Synixx went into the sewers on his break, observed the area around him. " I wonder whats in this dump, " mumbled Synixx. A shadowy figure appeared in Synixx's view, it groaned. Synixx pulled out his Onyx Bolster Sword and got in fighting stance. It turns out the noise was a little rat eatting some rotten cheese, " Damn rat, " whispered Synixx. Out of nowhere a giant reptillian tail slammed Synixx in the chest up against the sewer wall. The giant figure made a reptillian growl and lunged at Synixx. Dodging the attack, Synixx grabbed his sword and blocked the agile attacks of the beast. Jumping onto the tail of the creature, Synixx ran up its back and closed in on its head. Jumping into the air and pulling out his blade, he stabbed the creature in the cranium, blood spewed everywhere. The beast collapsed into the sewer and Synixx landed on the ground, " Piece of cake, " grinned synixx as he flicked his hair out of his eyes. Pleased with the death of the sewer beast, he was enlisted into the Soldiers of Alova. He was given the rank of Private and had his own battle armor, much more durable than his apprentices outfit.

    Chapter 12- The Duel
    Synixx quit his job as a blacksmith's apprentice and began his career as a Soldier of Alova. Fighting off demonic spawns in the sewers and around the city was his duty. Sergeant Laurence eyed Synixx in his training, " Your quite gifted with the blade, " he smiled. Synixx ignored the compliment and continued his training. As the sergeant continued to talk, Synixx grew angrier and trained even harder. As all of the training targets were destroyed Synixx angrily replied, " What do you want? " Sergeant Laurence pulled out his blade, " Show me your power, " Laurence laughed and charged at Synixx. Synixx instantly backed away but was to slow, his armor ripped and blood gushed out. Gripping his blade even harder the ignore the pain Synixx became annoyed. " Ignore your pain and fight! You must learn to ignore your pain! " yelled Laurence as he came charging at Synixx once more. Synixx parried the charge and began slashing at Laurence, Laurence ripped and made a deep wound in Synixx's arm. Synixx learned to used his pain to generate his rage and concentration on Laurence. As Laurence missed on the next charge, Synixx turned around and slammed the blade on Laurences back. Laurence collapsed. " You fight well, for a novice, " grinned Laurence. Synixx noticed a tear in Laurence's armor, a strange marking was engraved on his arm. Laurence began to return to the building, " Come to me if you require further training, " and on that note, Laurence disappeared.

    Chapter 13- A Disturbance in the Night
    Synixx resided in the barracks for the night. Thinking over Laurences offer, " what more kind of training could I possibly get? " Synixx whispered to himself. Laying on his back with his head plopped againt a pillow, he rested. It had to be around five in the morning, a constant shaking made Synixx wake up rather frantically. " You seem to be disturbed, is everything alright? " whispered Laurence. Synixx shook his head as an unresponsive respone to the question. " Come with me, we must proceed in your training, " whispered Laurence. Synixx reluctantly got up and sighed, " It's so early, cant this wait? " groaned Synixx. Laurence eyed Synixx and sighed in an annoyed tone, " What awaits you cannot wait, Synixx, " replied Laurence in a sharp tone. Synixx gave in, got ready, and followed Laurence out of the barracks. Laurence turned to Synixx at a random second, " You have your Onyx Bolster Sword, correct? " Synixx starred at Laurence and with a delayed response, " Yes, why do you ask? " Laurence laughed at Synix's confused response, " Your going to need it for what awaits you, " grinned Laurence. Synixx followed Laurence outside into the dim light of the morning. " Were going to have another duel, " said Laurence in a rather loud voice. Synixx groaned, " Again? I already whooped you yesterday, " Laurence smirked at Synixx's ignorance, " This time... it's going to be a real duel. A duel to test your true potential, " Synixx sighed, " Whatever, bring it on old man, " Laurence grinned and began to explain the duels objective to Synixx.

    Chapter 14- The Showdown
    Synixx was ignorant, he didn't care for knowledge, all he wanted was to hack and slash his enemies to bits. Laurence laughed, " Without knowledge... power is nothing, " Laurence put his hand out, strange arcanic signs formed on his palm. A blast of electric shock came out and was aimed directly at Synixx, Synixx dodged but it came back at him, like a boomerang. Synixx fell to his knees. " You cant.... You cant use magic! " yelled Synixx in anger. Laurence laughed and began to cast another spell, " This is your new training, to use and protect yourself from magic, " Laurence fired another electric shock. Synixx ran into it and blocked the spell with his blade. Laurence yelled, " Learn to use that parried magic and channel the energy into your blade! " Synixx obeyed. The blade of the young private turned a static green. Synixx charged at Laurence with full power, slashed at the torso of Laurence. Laurence laughed, " You are hitting a mere mirage, " replied a voice from afar. " You never told me about teleportation! " yelled Synixx. Laurence smirked and began rapidly shooting static waves at Synixx. synixx couldn't block them all, he was soon hit and brought to his knees. The static was to much for the young private, the pain grew, the anger raged throughout his body. Synixx's eyes turned bright green and he unleashed a blast of static power toward Laurence. Laurence smirked and teleported through the blast of static but Synixx was well prepared. Channeling the energy into his blade he hacked Laurence out of the air and onto the ground in defeat. Laurence, covered in blood, grinned wickedly, " So, you are the one... "

    Chapter 15- Becoming a Valor Guard
    Years of practicing with the blade and armed combat has been Synixx's training. He has know began to understand the true power among warriors... knowledge... magic. " It's not about the strength, Synixx. I could easily rid of your life by simple magic. " Synixx groaned and began to accept the teachings Laurence was presenting. " Now, show me what you've learned, cast the shadow shock at me, " yelled Laurence. Synixx noded. Pulling his hand back, he began to channel power and it surged in his right hand and traveled to his palm, leaving a magic engraving. Synixx concentrated the magic and fired the spell at Laurence. Laurence absorbed the energy as if it was nothing. Synixx was shocked. Laurence smiled in a devilish way, " Congratulations, Synixx. You are now a Valor Guard. " Synixx was speechless. Laurence looked up at Synixx, " By the way, your training isn't over. I sense something of you. You would make an excellent assistant. " Synixx didn't reply. Laurence walked off and Synixx was alone. " That magic... it felt wrong... it wasn't what everyday warriors would use.... shadow shock? " Synixx asked himself. Left rather puzzeled, Synixx went to his bed in the barracks. Twisting and turning that night, Synixx thought to himself, what kind of magic is Laurence using? Is there something I don't know about? It felt as if his everything was to much, he was falling into a transe... a disturbance. It's been ten years since another dream like this...

    Chapter 16- A Distant Memory of the Past
    The dream was happening. The forehead of Synixx was covered in sweat. The tossing and turning were constant. He was entering a state of transe. The figure appeared once more, it seemed as if ages passed since the encounter with the Archangel. Looking around Synixx knew where he was. " Where... where am i? " whispered Synixx. The figure smiled, " Don't you remember? " Synixx knew where he was. He didn't want to remember. He tried not to remember about his sister and the past. " What do you want with me? " sighed Synixx. The Archangel seemed disappointed, " Deliver the sphere to the ruins and bestow it among the pedastool. Synixx didn't have the sphere, he left it at the Blacksmiths. Synixx shook his head, " Why me? ', " You are the chosen one, Alova's future, you are the one to break the Dimension of Time, " echoed the Archangel. Synixx starred into the souless body of the Archangel, " The Dimension of Time? " The Archangel began to fade. The dream was coming to an end. It always happened like this. A thousand questions still to be answered, but never were and the dream would end. The Archangel's last words were, " All will become clear soon... " Synixx woke up instantly. His heart racing, and blood pumping. It was early dawn.

    Chapter 17- Finding the Sphere
    Synixx knew what he had to do. Get the sphere back. Whatever reason, whatever for, he just knew he had to do it. Something was telling him it was just the right thing to do and Synixx believed it. As he grabbed his sword and headed for the door, a figure grabbed his shoulder, " where are you going, Synixx? ' whispered a shadowy figure. With a quick turn and an eye to eye glance, it was Laurence. Synixx eyed him curiously, " I'm going out, " Laurence grinned wickedly, " Tell me, tell me about the dream, " Synixx ignored Laurence. Pushing him out of the way and into the night he went. Laurence laughed to himself and pulled out his cellphone, " He's leaving now. Get ready, " Synixx went down into the market district. Something wasn't right, no one was around, the buildings were empty, something was wrong. As Synixx neared the Blacksmith he realized something. Someone or something was waiting for him. As a quick reaction, Synixx drew his blade. Two shadowstalkers appeared in the night. Drawing their arrows, they fired at Synixx. Synixx jumped back and avoided the arrows. Jumping from building to building to reach them, Synixx jumped into the air above the shadow stalkers and slashed them down. A mysterious figure came out of the shadows, " Looking for something? " Synixx knew that voice... it was Laurence.

    Chapter 18- Betrayal
    Synixx clenched his fist in anger, " Laurence, what have you done!? " Laurence laughed at the boy's anger. Synixx pulled out his blade, " Tell me! " he yelled. Laurence pushed the hair from his eyes and smiled, " The sphere that you left here. It is what I have been looking for all these years, " Laurence started to burst out laughing hysterically. Synixx questioned Laurence, " What do you want with the Sphere? " Laurence looked up from the Sphere in his palm. " The sphere is called the Sphere of Dreams. It posesses untold power... and now its mine! " he yelled. A helicopter hovered above the two Soldiers of Alova. " Laurence, give me the sphere... " whispered Synixx in a soft voice. Laurence laughed, " What was that? Speak up! " Laurence sent a shadow blast threw his palm and it went to Synixx. Unable to dodge, Synixx took the hit, a surge of shadow energy choked him up and ran up his spine. He couldn't move. He collapsed. Lying on the cold rooftop of the Blacksmiths he lay. Laurence gloated at the boy's misfortune, " Stay out of my way, Synixx. I won't hesitate to claim your life, " Synixx spoke in his last breath, " You... you won't get away with this... " he mumbled. Laurence eyed the defeated soldier. " i already have won, " replied Laurence. Synixx slowly forced himself to stand. It was strange, really. It was as if he was dead, but his body wouldn't allow defeat, he pushed forward, beyond anyone else. Synixx's determination kept him going. Staggering around for a bit to regain his concentration, he pulled out his sword and charged. Laurence was shocked in the soldier's overall being, he grinned, and shot up into the air, drew a gun and fired at the torso of Synixx. Synixx caught the bullet in a split second and sliced it in half with his blade. Jumping into the air to fight Laurence, Synixx hacked and slashed and gave it his all. His attacks were parried and blocked but Laurence's katana was being blocked as well. Synixx remembered Laurence's teachings, use the power and transfer it to the blade, and thats exactly what Synixx did. With a single blow he knocked Laurence out of the sky. Crashing onto the roof went Laurence. Rolling off the roof he fell to the edge and grabbed the flag pole. That was the only thing keeping him from falling to his death. Synixx ran to the flag pole to try and save Laurence, holding out his hand to pull Laurence back up. Laurence yelled in a sharp voice, " I would rather die, " after those words, Laurence let go. Falling fifty feet to his death he went. In a quick second, Laurence pulled out his grapling hook gun and fired at the helicopters ladder. He was saved. Holding on for his life and was carried away into the sky. As Laurence went back up to the Blacksmiths roof he pulled out his gunblade and fired at Synixx; Synixx, unaware, took the shot to the arm. Clenching his arm in pain, he turned around and saw Laurence escaping, " I will find you and get the sphere back! " yelled Synixx. Laurence was to far away and Synixx couldn't make out what he yelled. Synixx fell to his knees, he was badly wounded. The power he channeled and the gunblade's bullet payed a heavy burden on the soldier. He was to weak to move. To weak to call for help. It began to rain and Synixx drifted off to sleep on the cold wet roof of his former home.

    Chapter 19- Secrets of the Dream
    Synixx, deep in slumber... was motionless. He breathed softly and his heart would beat once every few seconds. He was hurt, badly. Could he be dying? No. He couldn't be. His body wouldn't let him go to the Farplanes... not yet. The dream was coming back, the realm of the living turned blank, the barrier appeared, and Synixx got up. It was as if the pain had completely vanished. The Archangel stood before the soldier. It's shining armor and beautiful crown gleamed in an aura of holy light. Wings fluttered even when not in use. It was a magnificent sight that calmed the hearts of the wickedest of people. It was truly amazing. It said that the wings of Archangels can calm the hearts of thousands. Synixx held out his hand and asked, " Tell me... what am I? What is my destiny? " The Archangel took his time to respond, " Synixx... you are the only one left of our dreams. You are apart of the disaster that happened years and years ago. You... you died by the demonic spawns when the city crashed to this planet, " Synixx interupted, " So... I'm not real? " The Archangel spoke softly, " You were real years ago, you were killed, you are all that remains of the history of the Ruined City. You have been brought back by the memories of the fallen to restore peace to the Destroyed City. You must return the Sphere of Dreams so we may rest in eternal slumber, " Synixx was confused he only understood one part, that he wasn't real, or atleast not anymore. Synixx questioned, " Once i fufill that task... what will become of me? " The Archangel whispered as if only Synixx could hear him, " You will vanish. The memories that recreated you will leave and you will be brought to rest after all of these years. Your sister, mother, and father await your return, " Synixx began to understand the meaning of life and his destiny, we are created to fufill something in our life, no matter what it is. Synixx's destiny... was to restore peace to his home that was destroyed years ago.

    Chapter 20- The Angel of Death
    A dream was happening. Someone was entering a transe, entering the Realm of Dreams, but who? It couldn't be Synixx. A figure slowly lifted himself up and whispered, " I have the sphere of which you desire, " A shadowy figure, it looked exactly like the Archangel but surrounded by darkness and seemed to be a shade of the image of the Archangel. His heart was filled with darkness. His eyes bright red. He carried a massive two handed blade, perhaps the Blade of Death? There was a rummored twin of the Archangel. The Angel of Death. The Archangels would summon memories of the past to serve them, to restore peace or to create havoc upon the world. The servant of the Angel of Death was Laurence. Laurence pledged to serve the Angel of Death. He swore to bring the Sphere of Dreams to the Darkness. Inside the Darkness awaits the Angel of Death. As a reward... Laurence would become immortal as well as the powers of an Archangel. It was laurence's dream to become an Archangel. As a little boy he was fascinated by the myths of Archangels. He became obsessed. He studied the magic in the ancient tomes from a thousand years ago that were used by the Archangels. He learned the minor forms of their spells like shadow powers. Laurence had an enemy though, a rival, Synixx. Laurence on the other hand, was a memory of Prince Xaon, an evil prince who nearly destroyed the world while serving the Angel of Death. Laurence never was real, he is, as well as the other followers, a disciple of Xaon. The memories of his power, his hatred, and his reign never left the mortal realm. They remain in the Darkness. Every thousand years those memories are channeled and create a new disciple. Each disciple is to live in the dreams of Prince Xaon. Xaon, was the son of the Angel of Death. Once Laurence brings the sphere into the Darkness, the memories of Xaon consume him. Laurence will disappear and Xaon will be brought back into the realm of the living. With Prince Xaon, The Angel of Death can be summoned into the realm of the living and bond with Xaon to create total destruction upon the world. Laurence's journey begins here...

    Chapter 21- Beginning the Journey
    Synixx awoke. He was unaware that he slept on a cold, damp, wet roof. He began climbing from the roof to the streets. He strectched when he reached the bottom. His memory was coming back to him, he couldn't believe Laurence would betray him and steal the Sphere of Dreams. He decided it was time, time to fufill his role in the realm of the living. He wanted to rest with his family and bring peace to his destroyed city. Little did he know of Laurence's destiny...Synixx decided he would leave unoticed. All he needed was his sword anyways. He would find food on the way. After an hour he reached the City's exit. A strange lady was being cornered by some Soldiers of Alova, she looked like a Corsair, a sea pirate. Synixx walked up and said, " What's the problem here? " the soldiers looked to Synixx. Synixx was a well respected soldier and one of them questioned to Synixx, " What should we do with her? " Synixx replied sharply, " Let her go, " The soldiers began to explain how she stole food from the market, Synixx insisted though, the soldiers backed off. The corsair laughed, she bowed to Synixx. Thanks, I'm Captain Rikku, of the Dawn Brigade. Synixx thought to himself about his sister, Rikku. He tred to ignore the thought. The captain, Rikku, seemed young, Synixx's age probably. He shook her hand and told her he was going to fight the Darkness. She laughed in his face rudely, " Your'e going to need a lot of help for fighting the Darkness, lad, " she replied enthusiastically. He nodded and he knew what he was up against. She agreed to company him though. Synixx was confused, he was sure she would say no. The more help the better, Synixx thought. They began to leave the city. The city walls will no longer protect them from the Darkness's wrath.

    Chapter 22- A bump in the Road
    The heat was unbearable. Rikku and Synixx both were dripping in sweat. It wasn't usually this hot though. Something had to be causing the immense heat. Synixx stopped and searched his surroundings. The Corsair removed her jacket and unzipped her glong boots. Synixx was amazed at the sight. Rikku looked like a mere thief now, no longer a corsair. Tucked in her belt was her gunblade and rapier. She had stealthblades hidden under her arms. She wore a black bandana and her boots were still somewhat above her knees. She winked at Synixx. Synixx gulped, " Behind you! " yelled Rikku. Synixx turned around and saw a carniverous plant that was just about to swallow him whole, he rolled out of the way just in time. The plant slammed down onto the ground, just missing Synixx. The battle had begun. Synixx pulled out his blade and Rikku aimed her gun at the plant. Synixx charged head on at the plant's head while Rikku fired her gunblade. Acidic blood dropped from the plant's wounds. Synixx groaned; the acidic blood burned through the sleeve of his armor. Synixx decided to put some fun into the fight, He yelled for Rikku to jump, she jumped onto his blade and Synixx spun it around and then launched Rikku into the air. She was going straight up and then down onto the plant's head. Her stealthblades appeared and she was going down at full speed. The blades pierced through the plant's head and acidic blood poured out. It was over. The plant roared in pain and collapsed in defeat. Amazed by their teamwork, they decided to call that unique strategy, Slam Dunk.

    Chapter 23- Soothing Music in the Inn
    The journey came to a hault. A town was blocking the path. Synixx and Rikku entered the town and it was full of life. People were everywhere, laughter, conversations were in every sight, Synixx took a deap breath and sighed. Silverspring was full of life, he thought. Rikku noticed the strange behavior of Synixx, she finally questioned him and he told her the basics, he figured she wouldn't believe him. She just nodded and didn't really seem to care. They came to an Inn and decided to rest for the night. As they swung open the door, a rhythmic melody was brewing in the air. It was relaxing to the soul, Synixx's worries seemed to disappear. The melody was addicting, it buzzed in his head like a bee that wouldn't go away. But he didnt want the melody to go away, it was soothing to hear. The source of the music was coming from a man in red, a red hat, red jacket, red pants, red gloves and red boots. He was clearly a bard, master of music. The bard attracted a rather large crowd of people. He was obviously well known in the Inn. People cheered him and shouted his name, " Lucian! Lucian! " shouted a girl. Lucian, Lucian was probably the name of the bard. Synixx and Rikku walked up to the bard. Before Synixx could speak, Rikku interupted, " Hello, are you Lucian? " The bard raised his hat and stopped the soothing music. " Why yes, yes i am, " he smiled and looked at Rikku. Rikku blushed and her cheeks turned bright red.

    Chapter 24- A New Ally
    The bard seemed to be misplaced. Everyone in the inn was a civilian, he didn't seem to belong in that environment. Rikku and Synixx talked to Lucian about their journey. Lucian nodded and conversed with them, he seemed to understand. After a few hours of chatting away the bard knelt down on his harp, " I would be honored to join you, Rikku and Synixx, " he took off his hat and bowed. The three adventurers took rest in the Inn. Something was bothering Synixx. It was as if he was in a dream, but he wasn't. It wasn't a dream at all, it was a nightmare. A shadowy figure laughed, " We have a similar goal, Synixx, " Synixx knew that voice, it was the voice of Laurence. Laurence laughed, " The Archangel won't win this time, " Synixx was confused he pondered the situation and question Laurence, Laurence ignored the question and rambled on. " The Angel of Death... the destroyer of worlds. He has chosen me, Synixx. I will not let you get in my wat! " Laurence pulled out his gunblade and shot Synixx multiple times through the chest. Synixx collapsed, his heart began to stop, blood was spewing out of him, he couldn't breathe. He was dying. Laurence just gloated over the dying soldier. Synixx soon realized he wasn't dying... he was disappearing. An aura formed around Synixx and he started to become transparent. Synixx didn't understand what was happening. He knew he was a dream, a dream of memories... nut what was going on? " The world... the power... Is all mine! " yelled laurence. " Farewell, Synixx, "crackeled Laurence. It was six in the morning. Synixx jolted upward. The nightmare was over but Synixx's mind was racing. What had happened that night? Who was the Angel of Darkness he thought.

    Chapter 24- The Time Traveler
    The bells rang. It couldn't be the church, the church isn't even open. It was the mansion. The mansion east of the Inn. A dimensional rift opened up, a tall elven figure came out of the rift with his two guardians. The elven figure laughed, " So this is the only world that hasn't been consumed yet by the Darkness? " he questioned to his guardians. The guardians nodded, " It is best if we find the Sphere master, and bring it to our own time before the Darkness destroys our time period. The elven figure agreed and searched the mansion that clearly wasn't his. " The past is so dull, " groaned the elven man. The guardians called the elf by the name of Vandorian. Vandorian searched the room and found a book on teleportation, " This time period is so behind, " he whined. Vandorian summoned a strange type of magic, arcanic panels began to float around him, it seemed as if they were telling him something that he needed to know. And they were. " Ahhh, so Laurence has the sphere, " grinned Vandorian. " I was hoping Prince Xaon wouldn't have the sphere... no matter... the shades are easy to defeat anyways, " he laughed. Vandorian began to read the panels once again. " Laurence is in Draega castle, just north of this town, " said Vandorian in a hushed voice. The elf and his people began to head out in search for Laurence. Synixx, Lucian, and Rikku were on there way as well...

    Chapter 25- Leaving Town
    Synixx, Rikku, and Lucian left the Inn. As they began to find the exit, they stumbled across a bike shop. A new technology introduced to this time period, the Hydro Bikes. Powered by water and could travel at speeds of one hundred miles per hour. They were on sale for a reasonable price, they could afford two in total. Synixx and Rikku shared a bike and Lucian rode seperately. The bikes saved the adventurers alot of walking. Fast traveling was the way to go, especially the mounted combat. As they approached the exit the guards began to aim their guns at the trio. Alarmed at the reaction, Synixx pulled out his blade, the guards began to fire. They were soldiers of Alova! This was a crime to attack another soldier. What was going on? Synixx parried the bullets and yelled for Rikku and Lucian to speed up their Hydrobikes. Riding as fast as they could, they escaped the firing. Confused and puzzeled, no one talked about it. Everything seemed to be going wrong. He was betrayed by his commrade and now the Soldiers of Alova? Synixx didn't care anymore. He ripped his soldier badge off and threw it as far as he could. He was no longer a soldier, he was his own hero. He didn't need a represented organization to save the world or anybody. He knew what he had to do, stop the Darkness. Lucian and Rikku were just as confused, but they ignored the confusion, it was for the best. The horizon was red, red as the sea of blood that was fought on the lands of Alova one hundred years ago. It was as if the soldiers were guarding the land, protecting over it. It was a beautiful sight to see. Synixx starred into the abbyss. He wondered about his past, his sister, everything. He wanted to find what happened to him, what became of his home one thousand years ago...

    Chapter 25- Vandorian's Conquest
    Synixx's trio made the clearing castle Draega, where Laurence resided. Synixx came across a tall man, pointed ears, and strange long red hair. The pointed eared man turned to Synixx, " A hydrobike I assume? " the pointed eared man stated. Synixx noded. " Allow me to introduce myself, I am Prince Vandorian, these are my guardians, " Synixx, Rikku, and Lucian introduced themselves. " What brings you here? " questioned Vandorian. Synixx replied in a rather high pitch voice, " We are looking for Laurence, he has stolen a sphere from me and we need it back, " Vandorian stopped talking. He hesitated and sighed, " You see, Synixx, I am looking for that sphere as well... " Synixx gasped, " Who are you? " he deamanded. Vandorian laughed, " I come from the future, our sphere was destroyed and we seek a new one, we have come for you Sphere of Dreams, " Synixx shouted, " You can't have it, we need it to stop the Darkness, " Synixx demanded. Vandorian was getting annoyed, " As do i, " Vandorian hesitated irritably. He knew he was looking at the dream of the Archangels chosen one, he whispered in an unknown language to his guardians, " Kelo gem, ' he whispered. The guardians drew their guns and fired at the trio. Synixx was speechless. He was shot in the torso with three bullets. Rikku fell to her knees and Lucian fell on his back. Vandorian laughed wickedly, " I'm sorry it had to end like this, I truly am. That sphere is the key to my people's future, you will not take it from me, " Vandorian began to leave the dying adventurers. Synixx reached out his arm to cast a spell but his vision went blank. Synixx didn't know what was going on. He thought to himself, " Am I dead? " no one replied but the echo of his thought. He was alone, in his own world, alone. He wondere if this was death. He would lay for hours in darkness, thinking to himself, but never could answer his thoughts. Synixx didn't understand though, techniqually, he was already dead. If he was already dead, then what was this? A second death?

    Chapter 26- Death, The Eternal Freedom
    The worries, the pain, and the suffering all came to a hault. Synixx was free of life's troubles, as were Rikku and Lucian. Death was an endless cycle among the living. It relieved the pain and soothed the soul. Synixx began to see his friend's, they lifted their lifeless bodies from the ground. Synixx held out his hand to help them up, his hand went through them, he was transparent. Synixx thought to himself, " This couldn't be the end, we have come to far to die, " he thought. It couldn't end this way, not like this. Synixx forced himself up and began to look at his surroundings. Darkness. Darkness was around every corner of the eye. Rikku and Lucian got up, dazed and confused they were. Synixx wandered around in hope of finding an exit or a clue, a clue to the mortal realm. He found a pattern, a glyph on the wall, he put his palm to the center of the glowing white glyph that represented a cross, his body began to enlighten. Synixx called for the others and they joined hands. A strange unknown force began to uplift their bodies. They let the force take them, they gave in. This had to lead somewhere they all thought. Faster and faster they went into the darkness, suddenly, a shattering sound crackeled. They penetrated through the darkness and entered a new room. Everything seemed transparent. No one knew what was going on. Death had a tight grip on the trio... could they escape the realm of the dead?

    Chapter 27- The Reaper of Souls
    The room was silent, silent as a realm without noise. Life was motionless, the trio still had no clue where they were. The exit had to be somewhere. As Synixx began to search the room, he noticed a purple glyph in the center of the room. It glowed radiantly and filled the hearts of the living with sorrow and hatred. It reaked of death. Synixx began to put his hand over the glyph. The glyph began to glow, the room shook and the the ground rumbled. Something was coming... something big. (IN PROGRESS)