• Chapter One~ Birthday

    Locked inside my bedroom, on the day of mine and my fair sisters birth, I pace restlessly, wall to wall, end to end. My name is Aleta Nitewalker, the second heir to the throne of the vally of darkness. The reason i am here you see is the fault of my mother who, outraged at my "foolishness", became furious with me for attempting to sneak down to the party wearing my black silk dress. mother despises black and banished me to my room for the rest of the evening.

    Moments ago, i heard a loud commotion errupting from the party, which could only have been my elder sister, Alucard. She angers quite easily you see. I noticed mother slip sleeping powder into Alucard's food before the party. I didn't mention it. How foolish of me. Perhaps, upon finding out, that is why Alucard made the commotion. Knowing my mother, she put Alucard to sleep and then dressed her in the white frilly gown she picked for her to wear. White of course is Alucard's least favorite color of all. knowing her she is sulking atop the church bell that rests on the hill overlooking the valley.

    Suddenly i hear the soft sound of a nightingale, Alucard's secret call to me. Our personalities being very morbid and dark, no one would have ever guessed our call to be that of the nightingale. Sweet, and light. Carefully, so as not to make much sound, I slid my claws through a gap in the window. I lifted the lock ever so slightly, and the windows swung open. I lept gracefully out onto the balcony and re-attached the lock. I sprang off onto the rooftop and roped my way down the ivy that grew so carelessly up the wall. Running at full speed, I managed to make it out of the garden and up to the church without making a sound.
    "Greetings, Aleta. I see you escaped without much difficulty."