• Anatol was running low on gold so he worked a night at the butcher.He was paid 250 gold that night because of how much work he done and because he only had 150 gold.That night Anatol built a shelter made of wood,vines,sticks,newspapers,and leaves under a small bridge.Looking up east,Anatol saw a dark cloud swirling around Aagard's Downtown.Anatol tried falling asleep but all Anatol could do is think of Elizabeth all night.Wishing he could hold her,Anatol fell asleep.
    Later tha night,Anatol heard a fire around the bridge.He got up from the shelter and packed up his equipment.Anatol found two of the stores that fell apart.Anatol went in an empty shop and picked up a bow,a tent,and a few arrows.Anatol found the smashed,burning butcher shop and tried to enter it.He found a few peices of meat.He then heard a small voice sayin "Moonlight is waiting for daylight".
    Anatol turned around to find a shadow of a thug.Anatol asked the thug "What has happened?".The thug shook his head in shame and replied"Moonlight's Nightmare,Moonlight has these terrible dreams of his family and it's dark energy travels the earth until it goes to a certain place where his past memories were and it destroys the town.Anatol asked the thug What bad happened here about him?".The thug terribly shook and took the form of a shadow and said "My fiance died here,and...she was pregnant".Anatol stood in shock as the man was Moonlight himself.
    When Anatol stood in shock,he mumbled the words "Elizabeth...where are you?".Moonlight said "I must use her energy,but it is too late for you,she is crossed over to darkness".Moolight attacked and stunned Anatol and said "Your Elizabeth is no longer who you know".The dark cloud swirled around until the whole town was covered in a black mist.
    Anatol tried to gain back feeling in himself but instead he just listened to the fires and watchin nothing but the darkness of the night.Later on Anatol gained feeling in him.He got up,lighted a fire on a stick,and traveled until he found an abandoned shop.
    He fixed up his tent,built a fire,and scavengered for meat.Moonlight stood in a pile of leaves.Anatol silently drew his sword and tried to stab Moonlight but he was so quick,Moonlight appeared behind him and took him to his hidden fort in the dark clouds.Anatol was locked in a dungeon.All of a sudden,Anatol heard a voice sayin "I love you".Anatol looked in shock to the sight of his dear Elizabeth.