Little Nightmares

    “ What a day. Next up on the interactive 9 at 9 tonight at number one is special today. Here’s the song and the shout out all by the same person” that’s what I heard on Z-100 when I was packing to go on vacation and talking to my friend on the phone and on the internet. “ Hey New York its me Austin Fires, and I’d like to give a shout out to my girlfriend Jessica Restel. I love you J and I want to dedicate this song to you” I stopped in astonishment. “How did Austin get the number or even know about z-100? He lives all the way in Kentucky?!” I went over to the radio and blasted it. Then told my friend to walk down to my house. So she kept on the phone and walked into my backyard and she had someone with her. I couldn’t quiet make it out with the radio on but then I heard “ tick, thump, smash!” so I ran over to where the radio was opened that window went on to the garage roof and jumped off. That was to have been the worst mistake ever. A really bad mistake.

    Chapter 1
    The Surprise

    As I jumped off the garage roof I remembered that it had just rained and it was all muddy outside. “ oh come on!” I thought to my self. Then just as I was about to reach the ground I felt someone catch me. I opened my eyes. “ Austin?” I said in shock. “ how did you get here?” “ I drove down. You know this reminds me of the time when we were 13 and we had our first set of make believe kids.” I laughed. “ do you even remember the day I told you I was “pregnant” with them?” “ how could I forget? We were in the middle of…… He got cut off by my friend in the back yard. “Were coming” I shouted and then I got mad cause I forgot she was here. Austin put me down and I hugged him then I started walking to my friend who shockingly didn’t think I was with Austin. “ what happened to Conner?” she asked. “ Conner? I thought you came with Austin?” “ no I came with Conner. He said that he had something to take care of over here.” “ but do you not remember what he did?” “ I don’t even want to see him.” I said. “ smart girl.” said a voice coming from inside of the house. “ I thought that you may have forgotten after this year.” And then I did it again three months ago too.” I saw a blond haired boy with brown eyes and glasses coming out from inside the house. “ Conner?” I said startled. “ what are you doing here?” I asked moving back as he moved toward me. “ I came here as Kristina said. To take care of something.” I saw him come at me with a silver shiny thing in his hand. I didn’t realize what it was at first then I realized it was a knife. I felt a cold breeze brush against me. “ umm Kristina I need you and Austin to leave” Kristina and Austin ran out of the backyard in terror. I saw Connor come toward me again. I stepped back onto the old October leaves. I listened to them crunch underneath my converse sneakers. Then I heard a baby cry from my room. “ great. Valarie is crying.” Then I felt a sharp pain in my lower right stomach. I looked down to see my white t-shirt drenched in my dark red blood. Then I saw the knife in my stomach. I stumbled backward losing my balance then took out the knife and threw it on the ground. Then I looked up to see Connor’s face looking down and grinning at the fact I was in pain. “ its yours” I said. “ what do you mean its mine? I thought you said it was his?” “ I thought it was. But its yours. The baby’s yours. I went to the doctor today and its yours.” I said as I watched Connor kneel down and kiss me. I was slightly surprised but not really. I felt his arms go right under me and pick me up and bring me into the house. Then I woke up and realized it was a dream.

    Chapter 2
    When I woke up

    I woke up at 11 pm to see Austin’s arms around my waist and him falling asleep. So I rolled over with me now facing him and kissed him gently and softly on the lips. I saw his blue eyes light up and felt him take a firmer and closer hold on me. Then I stopped kissing him. “ hi” I said. He didn’t answer. “ are you ok?” I asked in disbelief. “ Connor stopped by earlier. He said he’s going to stop by later to take care of something.” “ did he say what?” I asked. “ no he just said what I told you” “ well I better get going” I said in a madish kind of way. “ no don’t go I’m sorry J. Please come back.” he said as I walked out of the door way and into the hall. I heard footsteps follow me down the stairs as I went into the kitchen and to the refrigerator. I opened the door to get a water bottle and a piece of food from dinner. I heard heavy breathing. As I turned around to get water I heard someone singing a lullaby. I went to the sink to pick up a glass and fill it with water to bring to Austin before I leave. As I picked up the glass I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around with my half curly and half straight hair in my face. I dropped the glass on the floor and stepped back knocking into the sink. I moved the hair from my face to see Ryan behind me. “ Jeez! You scared the crap out of me!” I said to Ryan. He just kept staring at me. “ you know he’s coming for you. Jessica you need to leave. You life is in danger.” just as I was about to answer Conner came and busted down the door. “ holy crap!” I saw Connor walk toward me with his big brown eyes staring at my foot. It was bleeding. I guess with all the commotion I didn’t notice that I stepped into the shattered glass. Just then I heard footsteps come running down the stairs. “ come on J. pleases don’t go…….” It was Austin. “ I’m in the kitchen” I said as I held a firm grasp on the sink with my sweating hands. “ Austin hurry! Pleases hurry!” I screamed as Connor came toward me with this look in his eyes. “ you know we could have been together.” he said. “ this could have been my house. You could have been all mine…. he stopped in the middle of the sentence and kissed me hardly on the lips. I pushed him off and slapped him hardly across the face. His lip started bleeding. He leaped back with a yelp. He put his hand into his pocket and drew out a knife. I gasped. “ just like the dream” I whispered to my self. Then he turned to Ryan and raised his hands with the knife in them. “ you need to leave now!” yelled Ryan. I ran to where there was suppose to be a door separating the living room and the kitchen. Just then Austin appeared. “ Austin!” I yelled. “ Leave the house now! And take your cell phone!” Austin ran down the rest of the stairs grabbed me by the waist with one of his hand and kissed me on the lips for a long time then hugged me and left for the door. “ I love you Jessie!” he yelled from outside. “ I love you too!” I yelled back. Then I turned my head toward the kitchen. Connor took the knife in his hands an jabbed it into Ryan’s back. “ Ryan!” I screamed. Ryan fell to the floor in a pool of blood. Then Connor took the knife out of Ryan’s motionless body. Then he started walking toward me. “ Connor put the knife down! Pleases I’m begging you! Your going to wake Valarie!” I said. Connor kept walking toward me with the knife in his hand. I stumbled backwards and fell as he raised his hands with the knife in them. I put my arms up to block it. Just then as he was about to stab me the cops came barging in. “ help!” I cried. Austin came running in after them. I wiped the tears away from my face. Then I felt Austin take my other hand and pulled me up. The paramedics rushed in and picked up Ryan. They put him on the bed and rushed him to the ambulance. “ He still has a pulse!” I heard one of the paramedics yell to the other. They turned on the lights and the sirens and took off at full speed. Then I turned my head toward Connor and the knife. The police have taken away the knife and put handcuffs around Connor’s wrists. As they walked toward the door with Connor I felt a tear drop from my face. I ran upstairs and opened the door to the nursery. Valarie was sleeping in her crib. Then I closed the door gently and turned around to see Austin there. “ holy s**t! You scared me!” I said. “ are you ok J?” he asked in a broken voice. “ I’m fine.” then I walked down the stairs. Austin took my hand and grabbed me into a hug. I started to cry. “ its going to be ok… its all ok.” he said as he kissed my forehead. “I have to go.” I pushed him off of me lightly. Then I went to kitchen grabbed my stuff from the table put on my black and white converse sneakers and went out the door.

    Chapter 3
    After I left
    After I left the house I heard Austin storm out after me. “ Wait!” he yelled. I turned around and found him running up to me. “ what?” I asked. “ nothing I just wanted you to stay” he came toward me and kissed me again on the lips. “ umm. I really need to go.” I said. “ Are you sure your ok?” he asked. “ Austin! One of my best friends just got stabbed in my boyfriends house by his best friend and my ex lover! Do you honestly think I’m ok?” I said. “ ok. But wait for me” he said. He ran inside the house came out with Valarie in her car seat still sound asleep and his keys in the other hand. I walked up to the porch and picked up Valarie. I kissed her nose. “ hi there. Hi there little guy. Its mommy.” She started to cry. “ its ok baby its ok mommy’s here.” I said to her. I started to rock her in my arms from side to side gently. Then I picked up her car seat and walked to the car. I put her in then closed the door. I walked up to the door and opened it. I ran up to the nursery got her baby bag walked down the stairs closed the door and locked it. “Come on” I said to Austin. As I walked to the car I heard him follow me. Then I saw him walk to the door. “I don’t know how this even happened. I’m only 14 and I have a kid…” I said. “ you got raped by a crazy psycho dude who just got taken away form my house in handcuffs. And I don’t know how I managed to get the most perfect girlfriend in the world and I’m only 15.” Austin replied trying to make me feel happy. But it didn’t work. “I think we need to put Val back in the house with your older brother David.” Austin got out of the car took Valarie and went into the house and put her in the nursery just in time for David to arrive at home. Austin walked out and explained to David what had happened. David was ok with it then I heard form David’s mouth “ ok. I’ll look after Valarie as long as you go and make her happy.” “ ok” said Austin. “ go get her tiger” said David. Then I put my head back on the head rest and closed my eyes. I heard someone get into the car and put the keys in the ignition. I turned my head felt a soft pair of lips on mine kissing me. So I kisses back. “ we’ll be at the hospital in no time.” someone said coming from the drivers side. I opened my eyes to see Austin driving and my best friends Kristina Piovanie and Kimberly Romero in the back seat of the car. “ when did you guys get in?” I asked in a sleepy voice. “ just now” said one of them. I was to tired to tell which one did. “ oh.” I said. “ here we are holy name hospital” Austin said. My friends ran out of the car and to the doors of the hospital. I just sat there in the passenger seat with Austin in the drivers seat. I felt him kiss my lips again. But this time for a longer time. Then I felt him start to play with my hair. I got up and took off the seat belt. and turned toward Austin. “ ready?” I asked. “ as long as you are beautiful” he replied. I leaned over and kisses his lips gently and briefly. Then I opened the door and got out. I stumbled a little. I guess my foot was numb from when I stepped on the glass. Then Austin came around and held my hand as we walked to the hospital doors. Then we walked in to see my friends at the front desk. We walked up to them. They were fighting. “ Hey!” I yelped. “ shut it!” they stopped. “ we would like to see Ryan O’Connell please.” I asked the lady at the front desk. “ room 109” replied the lady. As I walked the halls with Austin holding my hand and my friends far ahead of us but still in sight I started to cry. “ hey there. Don’t cry. When you feel bad I feel bad.” Austin said wiping the tears away from my face. I hugged him. “ that’s so sweet Austin but I’m going to feel bad for a while.” I said. “ then I intend to help you cope and cheer you up!” I chuckled when he said that. Then we continued to walk down the hall. We made a right turn and the went into Ryan’s room. He was awake and surprised to see me. “ your alive?” he asked. “ yeah. And I came to see you. You’re my only fat boy! And I can’t lose you.” I felt a tear run down my face. Then my eyes started to water. I walked over to the bed and gave him a big long hug. Then he told me to go into the closet. So I opened the closet and went inside. “ take the football jacket” he said. The jacket had blood and a cut where he got stabbed. “ you were the only girl I ever fell head over heals with. And the only one that would know how to make me laugh when I needed it. So its yours” Ryan said. You could hear that Ryan was crying. “ it reminds me of the time when we were in 7th grade and I use to like Connor. And the both of yous use to like me. And then you guys got into the stupid fight on who would win. And it turns out Connor cheated. that’s not fair” I said as I turned around. “ but you won this fare and square” I walked over to the bed side and kissed him on the lips for a long time. Then stopped. “ you earned that Ryan and don’t you ever forget it! Connor cheated and it ruined everyone’s life. It ruined mine the most cause now I‘m 14 and I have a kid. Think of how my parents feel.” I said. “Now I have to go. Its getting late and we all need sleep. I kissed him on the forehead and hugged him again before I left. “ see you tomorrow Ryan… or should I say Stich.” we both laughed after I said that. Then we all said goodnight to Ryan and he said goodnight back then nodded off to sleep. After that we headed to the car. Then out of no where Kristina said “ me and Kim are going to take the bus home. I’ll text you later” “ ok” I said. “ well that was strange” I said to Austin as I wiped my eyes. He didn’t say anything. “ what’s wrong Boo?” I asked. “ nothing. Its just that…” he stopped mid sentence grabbed me by the waist and held me then kissed my lips really softly. “ what was that for?” I asked. “ why don’t you take a guess?” he replied. I laughed then kissed him back. “ lets go to the car” I said. So he put his arm around my shoulder and I put my hands in my pockets and we walked to the car. As we approached the car he opened my door. I didn’t go in. I closed the door and pulled him toward me. He put one arm around my waist and the other one on the car to hold us up. Then I put my arms around his neck and I kissed him. And he kissed back. Then I got in the car and so did he. And he drove off and out of the parking lot.

    Chapter 4
    The car

    After we left the hospital Austin drove the car to the beach. We didn’t get up and out. I moved to the back seat and laid down. Then he moved back and laid on top of me. I kissed him and he kissed me. I took his sweater off of him. Then he took Ryan’s jacket off of me. I took off his shirt and he took off mine. Then I took off my sneakers and my jeans. I un-strapped my bra. Then I pulled down my bikini like underwear and he pulled down his red and black boxers and we started kissing. He started going down on me and I started to laugh. Then I leaned toward the front of the car and pick up a jar of peanut butter from the center holder then opened it and stuck my pointer finger in it. I dabbed the peanut butter on the tip of his nose. He looked at me with his big blue eyes surprised at what I did. He was happy but surprised. Then he took the peanut butter off his nose and put it on my forehead. I laughed thin I licked the rest off his finger. “ I’m going to try something new. Tell me if you like it.” he said. I felt a hand slowly move down my back then I felt him start playing with my v****a with his fingers. I started to laugh. “What’s so funny?” Austin asked. “ nothing.” I said all dark and mysterious. Just then I heard a thump. And then I heard it again. I poked my head up and supported the rest of my body with my elbow. “ thump, thump, thump” I heard it again. I told Austin softly to get off. Then I got up put my clothes back on and he put on his. I went to the door. There was nothing there. Then my phone started vibrating. It had an unknown number flashing on the outside screen. I answered it. “ hello?” I said in a confused voice. No one answered. I turned around to see Austin half asleep. I shook his leg. “Wake up!” I said to him. He jumped. “ what was that for?” he asked. “ cause I need you to stay up right now.” I heard heavy breathing on the other end of the phone. I looked out my window. There was a dark figure in the distance walking toward the car. Austin’s phone started ringing. I jumped. He answered the phone. It was David. He sounded frightened and a wreck. “ Austin I need you to come home now!” he said. “ something weird is…..” he got cut off. I turned back around to the window to see the dark figure almost a foot away from the car. I heard clicking on the other end of the phone. Then I hung up. “ Austin. Get in the drivers seat.” I said to him… he didn’t answer. I turned around to see Austin sound asleep. Then I heard a baby crying. “ Valarie?” I said to myself in a whisper. I leaned over Austin then laid down on top of him. He didn’t move. I kissed him gently on his lips. He woke up in a panic. “ what? Where are we what’s going on?” he said. I looked at him confused. “ are you ok?” I asked. “ yeah I’m fine. I just had a dumb a** moment for a sec.” I turned my head toward my window to see the dark figure looming over it. I told Austin to get in the drivers seat and to start driving. But before he could I saw a hand come up and punch the window. I screamed then Austin opened his door and leaped out. I saw him go to the other side of the car. I heard a baby scream and cry. My phone went off again with the same number. I answered it, but before I got to say anything a dark voice that sounded of a man about maybe 16 said “ you wouldn’t want anything to happen to your baby now would you?” I hung up the phone and then I heard a gun shot. I got out of the door and ran around to the other side of the car. There was Austin on the floor with the gun in his hand. He was still alive. His nose was bleeding. I saw him holding something in his jacket with the other arm. I sat him up against the car. He put the gun down. He took his arm out of his jacket and he was holding Valarie. She had blood on her. I screamed and started to cry. She wasn’t moving. I looked back to see a girl on the floor. She was knocked out. I looked back at Austin who was taking care of his nose. “ lets go!” I said in a panic. Austin went into the car got his stuff and they keys and we took of. Just about as we reached a hospital an ambulance rushed by us. I leaped back. Austin’s phone started to ring. It was David’s number on the screen. He answered it. Surprisingly it was a paramedic. He said that we needed to go to the nearest hospital stat. we ran across the street to see them start taking the person out of the ambulance. To our surprise it was David. “ no!” I screamed in a loud voice. A paramedic ran over to us. “ you guys Austin and Jessica?” he asked. “ Yeah” I replied. “ your brother was…. He was in the house and someone broke in. they took the baby then shot him.” I started to cry even more. Austin started to walk off. I looked down at Valarie. She was motionless. Then I felt the paramedics take her out of my arms. They rushed her and David into the hospital. I ran over to Austin who was sitting on the wet floor. I sat down next to him. He had his head in his hands. He was crying. I put my arms around him and hugged him. “ don’t cry. Crying is a sign of weakness. And its not going to get us anywhere.” I said. He looked up at me with big puffy eyes. “ come on.” I said. “ were going into the hospital. Don’t worry.” I stood up and offered my hand. He took it and pulled me in. “ promise me one thing J.” he said. “ promise me you’ll be here. Be here with me forever.” “ I’ll promise as long as you promise the same for me” I replied. “ I promise” he said. Then we walked into the hospital. They were running David and Val into a room. “ I don’t think he going to make it!” said the doctor to the paramedic. I felt Austin get tense. He held a firmer grip on me. I felt a tear drop on my hand. I looked up. He was crying. “ you still want me to be ok after I just heard that? You still want me to pretend that its all going to be ok?” Austin said real mad. Then he let go off of me and stormed off. “ Fine. I’ll be the strong one here even though I was raped and my baby might die!” I yelled at him. He just kept walking down the hall. I ran up to him and took off the necklace he got me. I gave it back to him. “ if your going to be like this I can’t stay. I can’t be the strong one in this relationship all the time.” I said. “ Jessie no one said you had to. My brother might die on me and he’s the only one I have left.” “ nice to know that you don’t think I care. And yeah I know David’s your brother. But Valarie is my daughter. I spent 5 hours in labor cause I got raped by my friends best friend. And then my friend ends up getting stabbed because he was trying to help me!” I said. Then I walked away mad. My phone went off. My eyes were to watery to see who was calling so I just answered it. “ hello” I said. “ Jessie please come back.” “ no” “ fine then at least turn around” I hung up the phone but didn’t turn around. I felt someone put a necklace around my neck the put their arms around my waist. I turned around. “ were in this together and there’s no turning around form this point on.” said Austin. I hugged him and then he pulled me in closer and hugged me tighter. Then a paramedic walked up to us. “ look. Umm.” said the paramedic. “ umm what?” Austin said kinda agitated. “ we need you in the room with your brother and your daughter.” “ well she’s not exactly my daughter.” So we walked to the room. I ran to see them putting Valarie on an iv. I started crying. I looked over to see Austin by his brothers bed side wiping the tears away from his eyes. I put my hands in my pockets. “ well Valarie might not make it” I said trying to act like I was ok. “ they said my brothers going to live” he said. I sat down on his lap and turned my head toward him. “ you don’t have to pretend that your ok you know” he said. “ I know but I don’t want to ruin the moment.” I said back. “ the moment will be ruined if you don’t show your true emotion.” I started to cry.
    Chapter 5
    The doctor

    The doctor called me into the hall. “ do you think your going to be ok?” Austin asked. “ I don’t think so” I replied. “ you want me to come with you?” “ it would be nice.” I stood up so did Austin. I took his hand. Then we walked into the hallway. “ well it looks like your daughter needs surgery. But she might just make it.” said the doctor. I looked at Austin who was surprisingly already looking at me. “ well looks like I’m staying here all night.” I said. “ do you want me to stay with you?” he asked. “ if you want me to.” “ its up to you.” “ fine I’ll stay but I have to go out to get some things.” I put myself on my tip toes and kissed him on the lips. “ get my a coffee please?” “ as you wish my princess.” I laughed. “ fine. But be careful my prince charming.” I kissed him again before he left. I walked back into the room. David was starting to wake up. “ huh? What? What happened? What’s going on? Where am I? when did you get here?” David asked. “ ok….. Lets start this from the beginning. Your in the hospital cause of what happened at the house. And I got here when they brought you out of the back of the ambulance. Val has to get surgery. She might not make it and Austin went to go get a few things.” I said. He leaned over and kissed my cheek. I hugged him. “ oh you poor baby.” he said sarcastically. “ ha ha very funny Mr. I can‘t get a girl!” I said back. Just then my phone rang. It was Kim. “ hey what’s up?” I asked. “ nothing it just that….. That we heard Val might not make it and we wanted to make sure your ok.” “ yeah I’m fine. I’ll be back tomorrow morning.” I hung up the phone then turned on the TV. “ the body on the beach has been identified as none other than Yaely Agularia. She has been on America’s top ten most wanted for more then a month. She will be put into custody after she wakes up.” I looked over to the car. The were taking it to the auto body shop. I looked. Where was the gun? Then I realized a guy there in the shot. He wasn’t suppose to be in the shot but mistakenly he was. I took out my phone. I had a text and surprisingly it was Austin. It asked me if I wanted my coffee from 7~11 or Duncan Donuts. I called him and kept my eye on the TV. The guy in the picture didn’t move. Austin answered his phone. “ ello sweet heart” he said. “ where are you” I asked. “ I’m at 7~11. So do you want your coffee from here or Duncan Donuts?” “ since your already at 7~11 I’ll get it from there. And do you mind getting a test?” “ test? Well what kind of test?” “ the test! The special test.” “ oh…. You think maybe?” “ I don’t know. Maybe…. Just get one please?” “ ok…. I’ll get one. But what kind?” “ Austin just get one please?” “ ok ok. I’ll get one. But remember if you are or if your not I still love you.” I laughed. “ I love you too boo.” “ you two make me sick!” said David in the backround. “ no way he’s up?” “ yeah. But he wont be for long. The doctor gave him some morphine to ease the pain. That stuff knocks you out like crazy!” I said. “ ok. I love you and I’ll be there in five minuets. I love you I love you I love you! So much!!!” “ ok ok! I love you too. But I love you more.” “ I’ll text you?” “ ok. Bye.” “ bye.” “ I love you.” “ I love you too.” I hung up the phone. Then the doctor came running in… “ I’m sorry to tell you but your daughter. She…..?” “ she what?” I asked all worried. “ she is out of surgery and is intensive care.” “ oh thank god.” just then Austin walked in. he walked over to me gave me a kiss then handed me my stuff. “ so how is she?” he asked. “ she’s in recovery.” I said. “ so you think you are?” I hit him with the pillow lightly. “ if I didn’t think I was I wouldn’t have not even thought of the test. Now I‘ll be back” I left the room and went to the bathroom across the hall and took the test. Even before the results came in I ran across the hall. “ well? Are you?” “ I don’t know I came over here.” I shut my eyes and handed him the test. “ I can’t look. You do it for me.” I felt him take the test out of my hand. “ are you sure you want me to read it?” “ yeah.” I felt him take my waist and pulled me close to him. Then I felt him kiss my cheek and whisper in my ear. “ yeah. I see a math sign and its has to do with 1.” 1? I thought to my self. 1 was… hmm. I couldn’t figure it out. “ another hint?” “ ok….. It starts with this…” I felt him kiss my lips. Then he whispered yes. I opened my eyes. “ yes?” “ mmmhhhhhmmm.” I hugged him. “ are you serious?” “ no but this test is.” I laughed and I kissed him. “ so you going to get an abortion?” he asked. I looked at him. “ why would I do that?” “ oh… I thought maybe you didn’t want to go through labor again.” “ I never said that. I said I didn’t like the pain.” “ oh. So no abortion?” “ no!” Austin looked at me disappointed. “ did you not want me to be carrying your baby?” “ no. its just that…. I don’t think I can be a dad.” “ what? Your doing fine with Val.” “ yeah. I guess your right but I still don’t think I can.” I pushed him off a little hard. “ how can you even say that?!” I walked out of the room. “ wait no J. that came out wrong.” I turned around with my tear filled eyes and my hair in my face. “ no Austin! You said it and now I get it. Crystal clear!” I stormed off real mad and down the hall I went. As I walked I wiped the tears away from my face and I put up my hair in a ponytail. I brought my test with me and put it in my pocket. On the way down the hall I ran into my friend Nick. “ hey! What’s up? When did you get here?” I asked. “ well I got here yesterday, and I wanted to surprise you.” “ oh.” I said. “ are you crying?” “ yeah. Me and my boyfriend just had a fight…” “ well don’t cry.” “ fine then just leave.” “ fine then I will!” I watched him turn around and walk away. I turned around to find Austin behind me. “ Crap!” I screamed. “ you scared the fricken s**t out of me!” “ I did? Oh I did!” he said. “ ha ha ha. Very funny Coronal Compulsive.” I said in a happily mean kinda way. “ well if you don’t mind I came to get a drink.” “ liar!” “ ok your right I’m lying. I came to apologize. I’m sorry J. you know I’m stupid sometimes. And sometimes I say stupid things I don’t mean. like before. I didn’t mean what I said. Well basically what I’m trying to say is will you forgive me?” “ I looked at him and smiled. “ what do you think Mr. charming?” “ ok but I also have another question for you.” “ ok ask away.” he grabbed my hand and took me out side. “ Austin come on. Its freezing out here!” he took off his sweater and put it around me. Then I saw him get down on one knee. “ Jessie will you marry me?” he asked. I bursted into tears. “ maybe” I said. He looked at me with a surprised. “ yes” I said. “ oh…. I was going to say. You left me hanging there. for a sec….” he got cut off by the surrounding noise. But I didn’t care I just grabbed him by his arm put my arms around his neck and kissed him. I felt him put his arms around my waist. I stopped kissing him but he grabbed me to quick. I felt him kiss me. I held on to him so tight I didn’t think he could breathe. So when I stopped I let go and stopped kissing him he asked why. “well cause I didn’t think you could breathe.” “ I didn’t say I didn’t like it.” I felt him grab my waist. So I kissed him. I felt him move his hands down to my butt. He put one hand in my pocket and took out the test. He stopped kissing me. “ and I’m especially happy since we have our own little person.” I laughed then grabbed him and hugged him. “ so do you still want to stay at the hospital tonight?” I asked. “ if you want to.” “ I do but I don’t want to stay either.” “ how about we stay in the hotel next door?” “ sure” “ master suite?” “ you got it!” I went back inside and apologized to my friend. He understood. Then I told David goodnight then went to see Valarie. I looked at her. She just laid there all still and kinda stiff. I kissed her. Then went outside. I came to find Austin ready to go. “ ready beautiful?” he asked. “ lets go. I’m ready.” “ ok”

    Chapter 6
    The hotel

    As we walked into the hotel I played with the ring. I put my arms his sweater and he put his around my waist from behind. I looked up at him. “ so. What’s up?” I asked. “ the ceiling.” he replied. I laughed. As we approached the elevators the cold October wind gushed in from the front door. When we got to the elevators he pushed the up button. The doors opened and we stepped in. he pressed the button for floor 20. It was the highest number of the floors. Pent house? I thought. I turned to Austin. “ so are you happy now?” he didn’t answer. “ are you ok?” I asked “ I’m fine” he replied in an erasable way. “ someone’s tired.” “ I’m not tired I’m just cranky.” “ cranky with me?” “ no with something else.” “ well what?” “ the fact that we never finished what we started in the car.” “ oh. Well we could later… like when we get to the room? Or maybe when you get happy that I’m carrying your child!” “ hey. Its your child to you know!” “ I know. I never said it wasn’t” he smiled in a not so nice way. “ ok you can get off of me now.” I said. The elevator had reached the floor and opened the door. I stepped out not caring if Austin did or not. At that point I would have slept on the floor I was so mad. “ wait.” he said. “ wait for what?” I asked. “ me!” “ what if I don’t want to wait for you? What if I just want to go to the room? What if I want to go to the room without you?” “ someone’s moody.” “ I’m not moody I’m mad.” “ at me?” “ no Austin I’m mad at a monkey. What do you think?” “ I’m sorry. What did I do?” “ gee. I don’t know!” I said sarcastically. “ well sorry!” he said all stupid like. It wanted to make me laugh but I didn’t. “ are you happy now J?” “ no. come make me happy.” I said. I heard him come running up. He grabbed my waist from behind and picked me up. My arms and legs were dangling in the air. I started to laugh. “ put me down!” I said as I continued laughing. “ not until you say your happy!” “ I’m happy I’m happy! Now put me down and be quiet were going to wake up all the other people on the floor!” “ I rented the pent house. There is no one else on the floor!” I laughed at that. Then I felt him twist me so that he was carrying me in his arms. “ you know pregnant girls shouldn’t walk on there bare feet.” he said looking into my eyes. I laughed. “ who said I wasn’t wearing shoes?” I asked. “ no one. But I took them off.” I lifted my feet and tilted my head then looked. I still had my sneakers on. “ ha ha! Made you look!” he said. I looked up at him pretending to be mad. “ oh I’m sorry! Please don’t get mad at me?!” I laughed. “ and I just got you back for that! Ha ha!” “ why you sneaky little girl” I laughed. He put me down and started tickling me. I started laughing harder. Then I started tickling him back. We were both laughing at this time. “ ok ok I think we can stop now.” I said. We stopped. I looked at him while trying to catch my breath. “ you ok?” he asked. “ I’m fine.” I said. Then I ran to the room. “ THUMP!” I stopped running and turned around. I turned around to find Austin on the floor not moving. I ran back over to him and started shaking him. He wasn’t moving. I started to lean over to give cpr and I noticed he opened one eye on purpose. He was faking. “ Austin! You faker!” he laughed. “ you almost gave me a heart attack!” I said. “ well you seem fine to me. He said. I started to laugh. Then I stopped. We looked into each others eyes and I moved closer to him. I almost fell then I started laughing again. “ what’s so funny?” he asked. “ I almost fell.” then I got up and helped him to his feet. We walked down the hall holding hands and making jokes and little funny comments. Then we came upon the door. He opened it. I walked in and he walked in behind me and closed the door and locked it. I walked in a little further to see a full dining room, kitchen, and living room. It was all there. And there were doors to bedrooms. One door had a letters going across from left to right saying MASTER BEDROOM on it. I opened the door. I felt Austin sneak up behind me and slip his arms around my waist. The room was all candle lit with rose petals on the bed and a bowl of melted chocolate on the night table that was next to the bed. I looked over to see our suitcases there. Mine was blue and I had written all over it. I took Austin’s arms off of me and walked over to it. I laid it down on the floor and opened it. I picked out a little night gown the didn’t even go to me knee. It was shorter. Then I picked out a cute bra and went into the bathroom. Meanwhile Austin was in the room watching TV. I came out with high heal shoes that laced up to me knee. I walked to the doorway. At this time he was changed into his pajama pants with no shirt which is the way he slept when it was to hot for him. He was sitting up against the wall with the covers covering half of his body. He looked up real quick then looked back down. “ hi sweet heart.” he said when he looked back down. Then he looked back up again real quick but didn’t look back down. “ sweet mother of god.” he said. I took of the shoes and walked to the bed. Then I crawled into the bed with him. I put the back of my head on his chest and looked up at him. I stared at his shinny blue eyes. “ may I help you?” I asked. “ no its just that I thought… never mind…” he said. “ I’m just playing with you I know what you want.” I rolled over so we were face to face. “ so are we going to?” he asked. “ maybe” I said with a big smile on my face in the fact that I was torturing him. I kissed him the rubbed his buzz cut hair. He shut his eyes then opened them again. It was really getting to him. So I kissed his lips real soft and gentle. I felt him put his arms around me. I glanced over at the clock. It was about 2 in the morning. I looked back at him. “ well are we going to?” he asked. “ well…” I replied. We stopped talking and looked at each other in the eyes. We moved closer and closer till there was no more room. He leaned his head toward me and kissed me gently. I kissed him back then put my arms around his neck. He looked at me again. “ ok.” I said. I felt him slide his hands down my back slowly. I looked at him. “ not that I meant ok as in lets go to sleep.” I told him. “ oh. Ok” he said. I kissed him again. “ goodnight boo.” I said. I went to go turn around but I couldn’t move. He kissed me. “ goodnight J” he said. I felt him take his hand and take the strap off my shoulder. Then the other shoulder. I looked at him. “ well ok.” I said. He slid my pj’s off.
    Chapter 7
    That night

    I felt him move on top of me. I giggled. I kissed him then I took the chocolate and put it on his face. He laughed. Then took it off and put it on my face. We were doing that for a good hour. Then he got off and held me from my waist and we went to sleep. I woke up and glanced at the clock. It was 7 in the morning. I turned my head. Austin was sound asleep. I went to go get up to take a shower but I couldn’t. every time I tried to move he pulled me in a little closer. So I slowly turned so I was facing him. I kissed him for a long and slow time. While I did this I took his hands and slid them off. He didn’t wake up. I went to go get up when I looked back over to see someone standing at the door. It was a dark figure. I shut my eyes real tight the opened them again. It was my imagination. I looked at Austin. He moved a little but still slept soundly. I got up picked up my pj’s and my towels then walked into the bathroom. I took off all my jewelry and turned on the hot water. I took in soap, shampoo, and my razor. I walked into the shower with my face covered in chocolate. I took the shampoo and washed my hair. Then I washed my body with the soap. I took my razor and started to shave my legs and then I shaved my underarms. When I was done I got out of the shower dried off I wrapped my hair in a towel I got dressed then took out my hair. I walked out of the bathroom and back into the bedroom. I put my stuff in my suitcase and picked up my brush and walked to the bed. I sat down on the edge of the bed and started to detangle my hair. While brushing my hair I glanced over at the clock. It was about 7:30. I looked over at Austin. He was still sleeping with chocolate on his face and a bit of chocolate on his chest. I giggled to myself. After I finished brushing my hair I went to my suitcase. I took out my hairdryer and my flat iron. I went out of the bedroom and shut the door quietly and gently so that I didn’t wake him. I went over to the next bedroom. I plugged in my hairdryer and turned it on.