• It was early in the morning as i took my position in the front line with the rest of my unit.
    The captain had just told us we would be leading the main assault force. We were in the middle of talking when the whistle sounded the whole united shuddered and began to get into position.

    "Its time" I thought. the captain told us that it was time to go.
    I counted my blessings then howled at the top of my lung as we assulted the base.

    The war had begun.

    Bullets whizzed past me as I ran, Friends fell to there deathly bite. One of us had to get close to the base, it had to be me.

    As I arrived on the otherside I immedietly dived into the nearest ditch for cover.
    I looked back in horror to see my unit dead of dieing, but i had to go on they wouldnt die in vain.

    I peaked round the corner to see two enemy machine guns entrenched by a bush i quickly dispatched them with a grenade.

    I was exhausted but I couldnt rest I had to hold this side so the rest of the army could get arcoss.
    I held off so many soldiers the whole thing was a blur all I saw was gun flashes and bodies so many bodies.

    After the army arrived I went to my dead friends and mourned them like brothers as they were my Brothers In Arms.