• Chapter 4: Bring you girlfriend to work day
    I sleeping and then woke up up to a phone ring, it was Megan.

    "Hello" I said.

    "Hey uh....this may sound weird but....well I kept thinking how you saved me and I was wanting to know if I could come to "'Work'" with you."

    "Really....well sure".

    "It wont be dangerous will it?"

    "People may chase us but if I got away from killing the mayor and then made sure you stayed out of danger in that hostage situattion there won't be a problem now having to assassinate a highly trained marine."

    Then later that day we were on a balcony waiting and she wasn't scared. Then our target showed up and on time. And a new part of my plan came into my head when a porche parked under our balcony. Here it came he was on a stand about to give a speech and perfect shot.

    Megan freaked out and thought we need to leave now, but I corrected her that if they all are running up stairs then how are they going to get us on the ground and she shook her head and I grabbed her and said "take off". I held her close so she wouldn't get hurt then we busted threw the porche and drove to the bridge.

    "Okay now the rest of the plan is that we drive at this speed with cruise control and when we get to that bridge I grab you jump out on to a boat and close the door with my foot making the car still go and making them think I'm still in the car."

    Here we go, the bridge lifted up and i pulled the door open and jumped out with her close landing on very soft dead fish, and I shut the door by kicking the door with my foot and it kept going.

    Finally we got colse and swam home and after I dropped her off I walked home and I wish I hadn't. As I walked threw my door I was head in the head with a lead pipe and woke up tied to a chair.

    End of Chapter 4