• “IT HURTS...” HE COULD HEAR THE THOUGHTS SCREAMING OUTfrom the human. Their open mind was so vulnerable and unprotected. Scared and confused. In a few years they were able to gain control, an ending that was predicted, but never thought of. Though they watched from the shadows what human’s did to the earth, it was definitely no surprise they had all ended it. Their entire computer system pointed out that in 2012 there wasn’t going to be anything else left for them.

    It ended just as predicted. Corruption had come by their kind, the inhuman. The humans had enough time to make change in their actions, though their actions came too late and in the process brought destruction upon themselves. The otherworldly kind had brought their knowledge of years and years to come. Though brought up by the devil himself they were allowed to bring their knowledge from hell. Their mind was more complex then the humans’ and that is why they are protected from the natural disasters of the world.

    The divine ones were just on the verge of building their own place filled with technology, though they had revolts with humans causing great wars. Though, the humans stood no chance against the greatness of the divine immortals. The mortals could not bring death upon them, just merely cuts and stabs that were healed with the immortal toxins traveling through their own blood. The inhuman offered immortality to those who have joined them, and they kept their word.

    This girl, whom had been one of many of their guinea pigs, had surrendered and now she was beginning her start of her cold life just like the rest.

    Kade Ashton continued to stare at the blanketed human girl lying on the surgical table; her physical coma was going to last for an eternity if she did not wake up soon. Many surrounded her, watching her as her steady breathing continued. Only Kade could hear the human girls mind screaming in agony as the toxins traveled through every crevice of her veins. He knew that his friend, Lathan Thatcher, could hear the toxins traveling through her just as loud as Kade could.

    “Her body is holding up well.” Commented one of the men.

    “Indeed, our work has been a success, so far.” Commented another.

    Neither Lathan nor Kade took part in this conversation. From the corner of Kade’s eye he could see the uneasiness spreading across Lathan’s face.

    Finally Kade turned towards Lathan, “Dear friend, what is bothering you so?” Lathan merely looked in Kade’s direction and shook his head. It was not worth forcing him out of his mute actions.

    “Please, it hurts! Stop!” Kade winced at the sound of her voice echoing in her own mind. He needed to get out of there soon; it was already a headache for him with the millions of thoughts already buzzing around the room. Though, this girl was truly different from the rest. Still, Kade stood there, waiting. She had kept up her steady rate of breathing for the past 12 hours. Their kind had taken it up a notch to awaken yet another human from their physical slumber. Although only half of what they wanted had worked; if this girl could just wake up then their theories would be a full success and they could awaken the rest of the cultivated humans that were dwelling in their subzero incubations. The toxins still traveling through their body, but never fully stopping their hearts from beating.

    The girl’s scars and imperfections had cleared fully as most patients of the injections do. The color that had once rested on the teenage girl’s body had drained, which was another doing of the toxins relocating in her body. Her system is completely drained of blood, which is saved and compacted, and the replacement is the liquid toxins that are injected after the drainage serving as makeshift lifeblood. It then kills every vein, and working organ in their body besides their brain and their five senses. She was pale and chalky yet, at the same time, her beauty was strengthened ten fold then it was before, but Kade has seen the transformations happen so many times, it was natural to see the beautiful face of his kind.

    Kade stood there, his hands folded behind his back, staring as the other men and women brushed by him to take excessive notes of the progress with this girl.

    “Kade I cannot watch any longer, I’m heading home.” Lathan whispered towards Kade. Kade, on the other hand, merely looked at him and gave Lathan the same mute response as he had given. Without a sound he was out the door for the night.

    “Ashton,” a woman called towards Kade. They thought it was more appropriate to call them by their last names rather then their first.

    “Yes Nevaeh.” Kade on the other hand preferred to call them by their first name. He liked to see them tick; it was the only action that he was allowed to be amused about.

    The woman sighed, “We must stop the injections as well as the notes, it’s another failure.”

    Kade smiled wittily and shook his head, “Continue the injections and the notes, she’ll wake up soon. It’ll be a success.”

    “You’re so stubborn Ashton.” Though she believed differently, Nevaeh obeyed his commands and ordered them on. He was determined to make this girl complete again. As he continued to stare his eyes focused on the small movements beneath the sheets. The girl’s thoughts had quieted for quite awhile now, with him exchanging words with Nevaeh, he had completely forgotten about the poor girl. Kade stepped forward and lifted up the sheets, there, her hand was moving; just the slightest movement but everyone in that room could see it.

    A small movement meaning that their transformation had been a complete success.